IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2016-01-07

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replaceafillhi th1a20:20
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th1ahi replaceafill.21:01
replaceafilleating... :)21:01
replaceafillbb in ~3021:01
replaceafillback th1a21:15
th1ahi replaceafill.21:15
replaceafillgive me a moment, i'll open my router21:16
replaceafillso you can see the view21:16
replaceafilllet me know when you're in21:19
replaceafilli created the 2016 year and terms according to Fran dates21:20
th1aI'm in.21:20
th1aDownloading porn...21:20
replaceafilland just populated the streams the same way as last year21:20
th1aAmazing what you can cram in a student id photo...21:20
th1aOK, so Streams,21:21
th1aOh, right.21:21
th1aeach stream,21:21
th1aAdd Sections21:21
th1aOh, they use titles, not ID's.21:22
th1aI got them confused when we were talking yesterday?21:22
replaceafillwe didn't mention IDs yesterday21:22
replaceafilldid you mean IDs at some point?21:23
th1aI think I was thinking IDs, but it doesn't matter.21:23
replaceafillyou can check 2015 sections21:23
replaceafillto see how they code the title21:23
replaceafillit's usually "stream_title + course title"21:23
replaceafilli was even thinking of doing that automatically21:23
replaceafilli mean, pre-populating the title column21:23
replaceafillbut it sounds "fran specific"21:23
th1aWell, it is a reasonable default for anyone.21:24
th1aI'd go ahead and do that.21:24
th1aLooks nice and straightforward.21:24
replaceafillonly problem right now is the future bug21:25
replaceafilli used a couple of .all() hacks21:25
replaceafillsince the year starts in 1 week21:25
replaceafillthe stream importer present the same issue21:28
replaceafillyou can create a stream with dates in the future21:28
replaceafilli mean, memberships in the future21:28
replaceafilland until then you won't see them listed anywhere21:28
th1aSo we really need to add pre-enrolled "meanings" to all the relationship types21:30
replaceafillyeah, and modify views to react21:30
replaceafillthat'll take some time21:31
th1aCan we review and update the pre-paid ARK hours?21:32
th1aCan you open the google doc?21:32
replaceafillimplemented means packaged, right?21:34
replaceafillall these terms :D21:34
th1aYes, sorry.21:35
th1aWell, means approved, really.21:35
th1aMeans "done."21:35
replaceafillin the google doc?21:35
replaceafillare you going to add rows for the new blueprints?21:36
th1atbh I'm slightly at sea about which matches with which at this moment.21:37
th1aThe current batch of blueprints don't actually have times, right?21:38
replaceafillwe never estimated them21:38
th1aOK.  So, let's see, looking at the blueprints.21:39
th1aPromotion is one, but that's not going in.21:39
replaceafill stream-section-form21:40
replaceafilli wrote the hours that each took so far21:41
th1aOK.  Anything else missing from that then?21:42
replaceafillhold on, i'm doing hours math :)21:42
replaceafillok, we're good21:42
replaceafillno, i think that's it21:42
th1aOK, cool.21:43
replaceafillthe big blueprint was promotion21:43
th1aSo one more week on this then.21:43
th1aYeah, unfortunately.21:43
replaceafillfwiw promotion took ~14 hours21:43
th1aThe timing worked out pretty well, insofar as we're not going to run out of money before we're done with this round.21:44
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