IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2016-01-06

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th1aGood morning replaceafill.17:32
replaceafillhey th1a17:32
th1aI finally got your money wired this morning.17:33
th1aThe bank was busy the last two afternoons.17:34
replaceafillah cool17:34
th1aHow are things coming?17:35
replaceafilli fixed the level subtitle in the person page17:36
replaceafillto display the "current" one17:36
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replaceafilli also tried your suggestion on the pending state + enrolled17:37
replaceafillbut haven't finished it yet17:37
replaceafillso i'm still not sure it'll work17:37
th1aAh, right.17:37
replaceafilland i reviewed the section creation idea17:37
replaceafillcan we discuss it again?17:37
replaceafilli just want to be sure i'm on the right track17:38
replaceafillwhat did we agree yesterday?17:38
replaceafillare we going to create sections from the streams17:38
replaceafillor from the courses?17:38
replaceafilli remember Fran saying both...?17:38
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th1aWe're doing it from streams because then we can just give them a row for each course on the form.17:39
th1aAll they fill in is the teacher from a drop-down.17:39
th1aSo it will be like:17:39
th1aCourse | Instructor | Terms17:40
th1aEnglish | [no section] | [x] term17:40
th1aWhere [no section] is the default for the teacher drop down17:41
th1aand [x] term is the only term pre-selected by default.17:41
th1aSo if they don't select a teacher, no section is created for the course.17:41
replaceafillwhat if there are multiple terms?17:42
replaceafillmultiple checkboxes?17:42
replaceafillwhy not star/end term columns?17:42
th1aOr, that.17:42
replaceafilli mean, similar to the section creation form17:42
th1aThat's fine.17:42
replaceafilland a title column, for the section?17:43
replaceafillark is using section titles smartly17:43
replaceafillto identify terms, etc17:43
th1aWould that be editable?17:45
replaceafilloh sorry, not to identify terms, to identify levels i meant17:45
replaceafillthat's from an isli db17:45
th1aCould we get the level from the stream?17:46
replaceafillwe *could*17:46
replaceafillbut it's not accurate17:46
replaceafilli mean, from the students enrolled17:46
replaceafilli think just a text field for the title would be enough17:47
th1aCould we pre-populate that to an extent?17:47
th1aI mean, we *can*.17:47
th1aMaybe leave it blank for now.17:48
th1aSee if Fran has anything she'd want to pre-populate it.17:48
replaceafillmakes sense17:48
replaceafillit seems straightforward17:49
replaceafillhow do you get to that page?17:49
replaceafilli mean, what link titles and where? :)17:50
th1aFrom the stream.17:50
replaceafillunder Actions?17:50
th1aAdd: Sections17:50
replaceafillah ok17:50
th1aI guess if they've been created already the form should reflect that.17:51
replaceafilldo we need a "What is this?" right sidebar?17:51
th1a(effectively also be an edit form)17:51
th1aWell, Fran doesn't need it.17:51
th1aWe may need to tweak it a bit for the general release (filter by course level, or something like that), and can deal with that isssue then.17:51
replaceafilledit form...17:51
th1aYou're going to be able to go back to it, which would be confusing if it doesn't reflect the current state.17:52
th1aMaybe it should be under17:52
replaceafillin order to be an edit form we'd need to track the stream-sections relationship17:52
th1aOK, so let's not do that then.17:53
replaceafillmaybe just display the existing sections for the course somehow?17:53
th1aThat would get a little hairy.17:53
replaceafilllet's keep it just for creating for now17:54
th1aThis is the drawback of doing it from streams rather than courses, I guess.17:54
replaceafillwhat about effective/enrollment dates for the new sections?17:55
replaceafillbeginning of term?17:55
replaceafillyou can set that, i mean from the members page in the section17:56
th1aYes... in general we should start using pre-enrolled statuses.17:56
th1aAs well.17:56
th1aJust as a standard practice.17:56
replaceafillagain, currently if you enroll someone with some state in a multi term section17:57
replaceafillthe following section enrollments just use the same date17:57
replaceafillso you'll see someone as enrolled in Term 2 beginning in january17:58
replaceafillwhere term 2 starts in august17:58
replaceafillall of this should be smarter probably17:58
replaceafillusing pre-enrolled + dates, etc17:59
th1aWell, it is probably more correct to do them from the beginning of the term, IF we use pre-enrollment states.17:59
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th1aI would support doing it that way.17:59
replaceafillmy point is, if we make *this* view smart17:59
replaceafillit'll be different to the usual process17:59
replaceafilli guess that's ok17:59
th1aI think it would be a good thing to clean up for 3.0.18:00
th1aAlso, we could make the counts on the school page include currently pre-enrolled students18:00
th1aIt is a pretty serious bug to not see the people you just added to a section.18:00
th1aWe just kind of spaced out on that issue.18:00
replaceafillthe "future" bug :(18:00
th1aAnd it should not be a big deal to fix.18:01
th1aI knew temporal relationships would take a while to get fully sorted...18:01
replaceafillproblem is, and i have to confirm this, that pre-enrolled means INACTIVE18:01
replaceafillto the relationship machinery18:01
replaceafilli think we need explicit pre (and maybe post) codes18:01
replaceafillto look for in those situations18:02
replaceafillbut yeah18:02
replaceafilli agree18:02
th1aI thought it had a special status.18:02
replaceafillGRADUATED is a special case18:02
replaceafillmy point is that we just don't have to depend on the "code"18:02
replaceafillbecause users can modify that18:03
replaceafillmaybe ark won't18:03
replaceafilland same as we force the relationship states to have an ACTIVE and INACTIVE state18:03
replaceafillwe'd have to force some relationsihps to have PRE states18:03
replaceafillit's all doable of course :)18:04
replaceafillgoing back to the story...18:04
replaceafilllet me see...18:04
replaceafilli guess that's all i need for now18:05
th1aAt least for student enrollment there is a Pre-enrolled "meaning."18:05
th1aBut not for sections?18:05
th1aMy local instance broke again...18:06
replaceafilloh right, pre-enrolled is already there18:07
replaceafillnot used in groups though18:07
replaceafillor sections18:07
replaceafilljust the student group and student levels18:07
replaceafilli'll work on that today18:09
th1aOK.  I got started on the report yesterday.  I think the paper has made me better on procrastinating about writing.  ;-)18:10
replaceafilljson th1a json :P18:12
th1aNibbling away.18:12
replaceafill[18, 6, 18, 3, 4, null, 2, 3]18:12
replaceafill{propulsion_a: 18, propulsion_b: 20, etc}18:12
th1aWhat should it be?18:12
th1aThat's more typing!18:12
th1aI have to type those!18:12
replaceafilli know18:12
replaceafilland you have the comment right above, right?18:13
replaceafillthe comment with the description ;)18:13
replaceafilleverything is fine18:13
th1aMaybe I can at least take some of the javascript off your hands...18:14
replaceafillthat'd be nice18:14
th1aI'm enjoying using the (discontinued, of course) Chrome Dev Editor.18:14
th1aIt is hilarious how javascript has slowly taken over the world.18:15
replaceafillthe ubiquitous language :)18:17
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.  No morning meeting tomorrow.18:18
replaceafillthanks th1a18:18
th1aCan we demo this Friday or should we push to Monday?18:18
th1aOr later...18:18
th1aSounds like Fran wants to write docs.18:19
replaceafillwe're demoing the sections creation, right?18:19
replaceafillit's tight but let's keep Friday18:19
th1aAnd I assume letting her kick the tires on a live instance for the whole thing.18:19
replaceafillshe'll have to start from scratch though18:20
th1aOK, I'll say yes and there may be some loose ends but enough for her to do the work.18:20
replaceafilli mean18:20
replaceafillwe can't combine the dbs18:20
replaceafillsince she mentioned rising18:21
replaceafill(writing the docs for them)18:21
replaceafillthat's probably what we should set up18:21
replaceafillonly problem with rising is that they don't have levels yet18:21
replaceafillbut they do have streams18:21
th1aBy the way, we're *only* not charging here for fixing promotion.18:22
th1aSection creation, porting streams, etc. is all billable.18:22
th1aWe'll want to tally that up before the meeting.18:22
th1aAnyhow, I'm not entirely sure what you mean about combine the dbs.18:23
replaceafilljust that one project uses some features and the other project other features18:23
replaceafilland for demoing this correctly, you need all features in place18:23
th1aI think Rising is the one that needs these now anyhow.18:23
th1aOK, Just set that up then.18:24
th1aOh, I see what you mean.18:24
th1aThey don't have levels just in the sense that they haven't added them.18:24
replaceafillthey just have one18:24
th1aNot an coding issue on our side.18:24
th1aOK, just do rising, yes.18:24
th1aShe can add the levels no problem.18:25
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:25
replaceafillthanks th1a18:25
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