IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2016-01-08

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:55
replaceafillhey th1a16:55
replaceafillskype today, right?16:55
th1aI'd rather hang out if it works for Fran.16:55
th1aSeemed fine on her new Mac.16:56
replaceafillah ok16:56
replaceafillgoing to gmail then16:56
th1aI should look at this new email!16:56
replaceafilli'm going through it16:57
th1aI'm confused... are there new comments or just colors?16:57
replaceafillcolumn c is comments16:58
th1aAh, I see.16:58
replaceafillcolor coding means she understands the feature or not16:58
replaceafillit looks like she's expecting graduation to remove students from groups16:59
replaceafillpromotion/graduation only affect level membership at this point16:59
replaceafill(from row 17)16:59
th1aBut if you do it first they shouldn't show up when you make the new year.17:00
th1aYou might need to make it remove graduated students from the following year if it has been created, if you didn't do that already.17:00
replaceafillno, we didn't do that17:00
th1aOK, we probably should do that.17:01
th1aAlso, when we roll over the groups, does it only move active students?17:01
replaceafillwhen adding the new year? yes17:02
th1a23 - 26 I think she just needs another demo?17:02
replaceafillas in me doing it?17:02
replaceafillor another demo instance?17:03
th1aShe just seems to have forgotten.17:03
th1aOr... regardless, it is explanation, not bug.17:03
th1aLet's start.17:03
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?20:53
replaceafillth1a, yeah20:53
th1aWell, I should just look at the blueprints before I ask this question...20:53
th1aIt makes me a bit crazy to try to remember all the things we've done for ARK at this point.20:55
replaceafillwhat about Fran's spreadsheet for 3.0?20:55
replaceafillisn't it there?20:55
th1aOh yeah!20:55
* th1a rolls his eyes.20:56
th1aKnew I've done this before...20:56
th1aThank you replaceafill.20:56
th1aFrom the perspective of an announcement to our users the breakdown is different, but this is still helpful!21:00
replaceafillat least you have the list of features we've done21:01
th1aI looked through the invoices.21:01
replaceafilleven for the ones we didn't use blueprints for21:01
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replaceafillkk, thanks th1a23:01
replaceafillit was a minor thing23:01
replaceafilli just demo'ed the fix :)23:02
th1aHere's what I was talking about: "The findings from these pilot programmes will help inform a business plan to scale up the use of SIS by establishing a sustainable international data venture promoting and supporting the use of SIS for school improvement purposes in developing countries."23:02
replaceafillnice finding23:03
th1aI mean, I basically understood that, but hadn't seen it written down as such.23:04
replaceafill"Despite ongoing challenges with internet and power"23:04
replaceafillinternet, power and developer23:04
th1aYou're not the problem replaceafill!23:04
* th1a sighs.23:04
replaceafillnicely written23:04
th1aOK, I'm going to go deliver some papers.23:04
replaceafillthanks th1a23:05
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