IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-11-18

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:32
replaceafillhey th1a17:32
replaceafillth1a, you need to find a new developer17:33
replaceafilla *healthy* one...17:33
replaceafilli faded? (when you get very dizzy) during my run today17:33
replaceafillnot sure what happened :(17:34
replaceafilli sent everybody emails17:34
th1aOK.  Well, I was thinking (hoping) you were over the hump today.17:34
replaceafilltesting was ok17:35
th1aDid you eat?17:35
th1aThat's usually blood sugar, btw.17:35
replaceafilli usually don't17:35
replaceafillyeah probably17:35
th1a"bonking" in English jargon.17:35
th1aHappened to me a few times on long bike rides.17:35
replaceafilli think i'll schedule an appointment for friday17:36
replaceafillit's been a while since i don't go to the doctor17:36
th1aWe still haven't scheduled your vacation either.17:36
replaceafilli was thinking on finishing the api work and fix the rising/isli bugs17:36
replaceafillno more new features17:37
replaceafillok, so i dummy tested the integration17:37
replaceafilland messed around a bit with journey's web back-end17:38
replaceafillthe app seems broken now that my table upgraded to android 617:39
replaceafilli reinstalled but it fails to start17:39
replaceafilloh sorry17:39
replaceafilltablet :)17:39
th1aLost me there for a second.17:39
replaceafillfortunately i can create phone users now :)17:39
replaceafillfrom journey's web back-end17:39
replaceafilland i sent Teena (journey) the email requesting data replication17:41
replaceafilli tried to phrase the email the way you told me...17:42
replaceafilllike "i tested already, i want to go to the next step"17:42
th1aOK.  ;-)17:43
replaceafillthat's it i guess17:43
th1aOK.  Take it easy!17:44
th1aI'm afraid it is quiet for me because we don't need more work right now17:44
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:45
replaceafilland you have other things to do anyway (your paper)17:45
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a17:45
th1aYes... our new test scores came out yesterday too.17:45
replaceafillbad news?17:45
th1aOh, apparently the publisher got lots of good feedback about the bilingual story.17:46
th1aSo now I need to find a regular translator/transcriber...17:46
replaceafillah! congrats!17:46
th1aMaking my job more difficult...17:46
replaceafillwhat's the hourly rate?17:46
th1alol.  I'll let you know.  ;-)17:46
th1aYou need more deadlines.17:47
replaceafillok, i'll go take a shower17:47
replaceafillbb in ~3017:47
replaceafillth1a, just had a chat with Fran18:45
replaceafilli needed her to explain me a couple of things18:45
replaceafilli misinterpreted one of her comments (although is not that clear imho)18:45
replaceafilland she came up with a hack for the table headers :S18:46
replaceafillthe report now becomes a by-level report18:46
replaceafillwe're going to remove the "All" value for levels18:47
replaceafillshe said she can wait until Friday for it18:48
th1aOh, ok.18:54
th1areplaceafill:  How much of a change is it?  Should we add hours for this?18:55
replaceafillhopefully it'll be just a couple of hours18:57
replaceafillthe calculation is centralized18:57
replaceafillthe rest is just formatting18:57
replaceafillthe english course hack :S18:57
replaceafillthat may take a while18:58
* replaceafill and my "but this could go wrong if..." feelings19:15
replaceafillread the email i just sent19:15
replaceafilli forgot this is not ISLI!!!19:16
replaceafillwe should have the different functionalities written somewhere...19:16
replaceafillPEAS courses don't have assessment information19:16
replaceafillISLI courses do19:16
replaceafillif we detect from the students things *could* go wrong19:17
replaceafillif some student has been misplaced19:18
th1atbh I can't track the BOT/MOT/EOT discussions.19:18
replaceafillyou're the project manager!19:18
replaceafilli'm going to die soon!19:18
replaceafill(based on today's run) :)19:18
replaceafillshe initially suggested what i described19:19
replaceafilli just told her the tricky part is just detecting the sheets enabled in each school19:19
th1aI'll take your word for it.19:21
replaceafillthe launchpad guys are getting rid of buildout  and moving to tox :(19:21
replaceafilli wonder why people don't like buildout anymore19:22
th1aThere are some areas where getting me inbetween you and Fran would only make things worse.19:22
replaceafillviceversa is true19:22
th1aYeah, feel free to point those out to me.  ;-)19:24
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