IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-11-19

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replaceafillhey th1a17:30
th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
th1aHow are you feeling?17:31
replaceafillbetter, didn't go running today17:32
replaceafilli'll rest until next week17:32
replaceafilland wait to hear from the doctor17:32
th1aHopefully it was just from not eating.17:33
replaceafilli have my appointment at 10 am (your time) tomorrow btw17:33
replaceafillok, so two things for me today17:33
replaceafillschooltool_id attributes in journey's staging server17:34
replaceafilland the report card fixes17:34
th1aSo does SchoolTool automatically set those when you set this up?17:35
th1aSet the schooltool_id?17:35
replaceafillit's the username for persons17:35
replaceafilland a special id for things like study groups17:35
replaceafillusername also for users (in journey)17:36
replaceafillbut we need the schooltool_ids filled for the existing journey objects17:37
replaceafillso ST knows what to update17:37
replaceafilland what to pull17:37
replaceafilli've also found some inconsistencies on the data17:38
replaceafillST data vs journey data17:38
replaceafilllike "firstname, middlename" usage in journey17:38
th1aI mean, I know we need the id's.17:38
replaceafillthat's it from me i guess17:39
th1aOK.  David Ally continues to have problems (on gchat).17:41
th1aHe just tried to start with too large a data set (e.g., putting in past years data).17:42
replaceafilli saw he hit the 64k xls limit issue17:42
th1aSomeone else did the same day (I think it was someone else).17:43
replaceafillwe should make the importer able to sniff several "Persons" sheets, etc17:44
replaceafillPersons, Persons-1, ...17:44
replaceafillsomeday... :(17:44
th1aYes, and the exporter create them.17:45
th1aThat's pretty necessary.17:45
th1aWe're going to *have to* spend several days on some pretty basic import/export improvements.17:46
th1aIt isn't rocket science.17:46
replaceafilllike headers17:47
replaceafillin different orders17:47
replaceafillfor the importer17:47
replaceafillTeena just exported the data from production and imported it in staging :O18:15
replaceafillth1a, first "surprise"20:12
replaceafillthe teacher is not set on the student attendance register :S20:12
replaceafillonly the "user" (of the device) is recorded20:13
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th1areplaceafill: ah.21:06
th1areplaceafill:  Could you do me a favor and occasionally chop the bottom off you email exchanges with Fran -- it gets hard to read on my phone email client.21:07
replaceafilli was about to do it21:07
replaceafillbut decided "that's Fran's way" :S21:07
replaceafilli will21:07
replaceafilli hate when we mix top-posting with inline comments21:08
replaceafillso, now that i have access to the app21:08
replaceafilli can see some holes21:08
replaceafillfrom the data it looks like the app has been iterated21:09
replaceafillcodes changed in time, codes that don't exist anymore, etc21:09
replaceafillthe other thing i didn't expect was that sessions for study groups is optional21:11
replaceafillso we need some logic to map to AM/PM and ask Steph (rising) what to do when that's not set21:12
replaceafilli'm writing down all of this btw21:12
th1aWe'll have to ask for real data up front next time we do something like this.21:13
replaceafilli think we only needed the app synced with real data21:14
replaceafillhaving real data spread through a lot of model objects and good documentation was not enough21:15
replaceafilleven if you understand the data model21:15
replaceafillthen the app doen't set TEACHER ON AN ATTENDANCE REGISTER!!!21:15
replaceafillanyway, i was probably too optimistic about having a full demo ready this week21:17
replaceafilli'll send emails to Teena (with a couple of app questions) and Steph (rising) tonight21:17
th1aOK.  This is not unexpected as far as I'm concerned -- and partly why I didn't want to end up delaying this step for a day or two.21:19

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