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replaceafillhey th1a17:52
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:52
th1ahi replaceafill.17:52
replaceafillwent to enroll Camila for the new year17:53
replaceafilldid you see Sunesh emails?17:54
th1aAbout repozo?17:54
replaceafilli'm not sure if his last email means "problem solved"...17:54
th1aI don't have the error.17:55
th1aIs it either "problem solved" or "Fran is running the wrong command entirely?"17:55
replaceafillthey didn't cc you in the first email17:55
th1aThey know who really answers the question.17:56
th1aS we don't know what command she ran.17:56
replaceafillbut from the code17:57
replaceafillwe can tell17:57
th1aYou're just going to have to ask some kind of followup.17:58
replaceafillmy english fails here:17:59
replaceafill"It is when trying to run the backup"17:59
replaceafillhow do you run a backup...?17:59
th1aI wouldn't count on a definitive interpretation.18:00
th1a(of that phrase)18:00
th1aIt isn't clear.18:00
replaceafillso it's not just me :D18:00
replaceafilli'll just ask him if they were able to solve the problem18:00
th1aAnd if not, what command did she run exactly?18:01
replaceafillSunesh is their IT support, right?18:03
th1aMore or less.18:03
replaceafillor is he part of the educational side?18:03
replaceafillthey were able to run the backup... :/18:03
replaceafillah ok18:04
replaceafillmissing -f it was18:04
replaceafillok, back to API work for me18:04
th1aok, cool.18:04
th1aYep.  Can we have a demo tomorrow morning?18:05
replaceafilli'll send an update to rising after i compare the db i have vs what's in the journey production18:05
replaceafillto set schooltool_id's on journey18:05
replaceafillyeah, i'll try18:05
replaceafilli didn't do any cleaning on dev18:05
replaceafilli'm thinking we should just use www or europe/africa for this18:06
th1aThat's fine.18:06
replaceafilli have to suck it i guess18:06
replaceafilli don't want dev libraries in those servers18:06
replaceafillanyway, i'll deal with it today18:06
replaceafillthere's no other urgent issue left i guess18:07
replaceafilli added the school info to the report card that Fran needed18:07
* replaceafill done18:07
th1aOK.  Cool.18:07
th1aI'm getting rolling on the paper so it'll be done before the holiday next Wednesday.18:08
replaceafillnext week is thanksgiving week?18:08
th1aYeah, driving to Maine Thursday morning.18:09
replaceafillok, so you'll be off Thu-Fri, right?18:09
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:11
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a18:11
replaceafillth1a, you around?20:15
replaceafilli'm comparing journey data to rising ST data20:15
replaceafillto set the schooltool_id attributes20:15
replaceafillso far so good20:15
replaceafillthere's just a couple of people mising in the ST data20:16
replaceafilli'm going to ask Steph about them20:16
replaceafillbut i was thinking20:16
replaceafillwe need to ask the journey guys if it's possible to set the app pointing to staging20:16
replaceafilli haven't checked in the app if that's possible20:16
replaceafillbut i wouldn't think so20:16
th1aAs opposed to testing?20:17
replaceafillwhat do you mean by testing?20:17
th1aAre there testing/staging/production servers?20:17
replaceafillthere are...?20:18
replaceafilllet me check the mails20:18
th1aWell, I was thinking.20:18
replaceafillwherever :)20:18
replaceafillthe dummy data one20:18
th1aPointing the app or your API calls.20:18
th1aI'm a little confused.20:18
replaceafillok, let's say it's testing20:19
replaceafillST api calls point to journey testing20:19
replaceafilljourney app points to journey testing too20:19
replaceafillso we can change stuff in the app and see if our testing ST catches it20:20
replaceafillbasically, i'm trying to say, we need to test the full scenario right?20:20
replaceafillincluding the app usage20:20
th1aI'm thinking that involves the Journey people.20:21
replaceafillno, never mind20:22
replaceafillit's not worth to come up just with a simulation...20:22
th1aWe want to get to:20:22
th1a1) this works on our simple "testing" tests;20:22
replaceafillif we're going to request that to joureny20:22
th1a2) can we run this on staging as if it is the real thing?20:22
replaceafilli'd like to ask them to put the production data into testing too20:22
replaceafillso i don't have to do it20:23
th1aThat's fine.20:23
th1aI mean.20:23
th1aAs far as I'm concerned, just simple stubby tests working on testing is enough to ask them to set up staging.20:23
th1aThat would seem to be how they use them.20:24
th1aWe don't need to do staging testing on testing before moving on to staging testing on staging.20:24
th1aIf you follow me.  ;-)20:24
replaceafillsure, but that's more related to their development cycles20:25
replaceafillnot much about data20:25
th1aI mean, whatever.20:25
replaceafilli'm mostly concern about data: copying from production to testing20:25
th1aHere is what I want:20:25
replaceafillfully using the app pointing to testing (after the data copying)20:25
th1aI would like to send them an email saying: 1) we think this works,20:26
th1a2) we would like you to do X so we can test further.20:26
th1aI don't want to send an email saying "We're stuck until you do X."20:26
replaceafillmaybe for 1)20:26
replaceafilli can just set it up20:26
replaceafilland simulate the process myself20:27
replaceafillusing dev tools20:27
replaceafilldirect api calls, etc20:27
replaceafillsee if ST reacts20:27
replaceafilli mean, not involving rising users yet20:27
replaceafilljust us20:27
replaceafillif that works, then we contact journey20:28
replaceafilli could do whatever i want with the data in testing...20:28
th1aYes, I would say that's the point20:28
replaceafillok, to sum up (hopefully)20:29
replaceafill1. i set up the ST instance pointing to journey testing using Steph Data.fs20:29
replaceafill2. copy myself the data from production to testing (so don't bother journey guys)20:30
replaceafill3. ask Steph for the missing usernames and then set the schooltool_id's20:30
replaceafill(in testing)20:30
th1aWhy are they missing?20:31
replaceafill4. simulate app usage in testing through journey api calls20:31
replaceafill5. see if ST reacts20:31
replaceafill6. make changes in ST20:31
th1aCould you just assign them usernames in the process of moving the data?20:31
replaceafill7. simulate app usage in testing through journey api calls to see if data was pushed form ST20:32
replaceafilli'm not sure why they're missing20:32
replaceafillST data is probably more up to date than journey's20:32
replaceafillsome of the update_at attributes in journey say May 201520:33
th1aidk why you aren't just doing some simple tests on testing and telling her to set up the staging server.20:33
th1aI mean, I don't care.20:33
replaceafilltelling her?20:33
th1aThey have a role in this process.20:34
replaceafilli'm now confused... didn't you ask for a demo tomorrow?20:35
replaceafilla demo of what?20:35
th1aAll we have to say is "We have something that works on simple tests -- can you set up the staging server."20:36
th1aShe's five hours ahead, so then we should be able to try it on staging.20:36
replaceafillok, i think you're talking: her=*Teena*20:36
replaceafillTeena = journey20:37
th1aOh, sorry.20:37
replaceafillSteph = rising20:37
replaceafilli was like "wtf?"20:37
th1aNo, this is totally a technical issue still.20:37
replaceafillah cool20:37
replaceafillok, i *think* we're in the same page20:37
th1aBy "demo" I meant, essentially, testing it.20:37
replaceafill"idk why you aren't just doing some simple tests on testing and telling her to set up the staging server."20:38
replaceafillreads very weird if you think her = Steph (rising)20:38
replaceafillok, i think we're ok20:38
th1aThanks replaceafill.20:38
th1aWe just want TEENA to have an email in her inbox in the morning telling her what we want/need.20:38
replaceafillth1a, oh, the title for the QR codes says "Enrollment Details for 'Rising Academy - Staging' app"20:48
replaceafillso we're actually checking staging from our apps20:48
th1aOh, ok.20:49

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