IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-10-20

th1ahi replaceafill.02:00
replaceafillhey th1a02:02
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replaceafillhey th1a18:04
th1ahi replaceafill.18:04
replaceafilli think my main laptop is slowly dying :(18:05
th1aThey all do.18:05
th1aGet a desktop.18:05
replaceafilli've been having so much trouble powering on these past couple of days18:05
th1aThey are immortal -- just swap out parts.18:05
th1aMine still has instructions for dialup taped to the inside.18:05
replaceafillmaybe i will18:05
th1aAdmittedly, only the *case* is immortal.18:06
th1aThey're so cheap.18:06
th1aTrack down a nice M1 keyboard...18:06
th1aclack! clack!18:06
replaceafillthe noisy one?18:07
replaceafilli just got a new keyboard for my laptop18:07
replaceafillit's so silent18:07
replaceafillok, i fixed the attendance report18:08
th1aCool.  We've not heard from Fran today yet.18:08
replaceafilladded the full school section Fran requested18:08
replaceafillso, i'll move to the filters issue18:09
replaceafilli guess that's it from me18:10
th1aOK, let me go through the basics here on the API issue quickly, see if this makes sense.18:10
th1a1) We need to pull all student records from the API and check for updates to enrollment and demographics.18:10
th1a0) In all situations where data between the two conflicts, most recent change wins.18:11
th1a1a) Ideally this is sheduled via the web interface.  If it is too bandwidth hungry to do daily, then weekly, etc.18:12
th1a2) Changes to people in SchoolTool should be pushed at time of change.18:13
th1a1b) If SchoolTool has the more recent change, push it to Journey.18:13
th1a(sorry I'm going out of sequence here)18:13
th1a2a) I don't think we should bother marking these as successfully synced or not, because I think we'll just have to run big sync checks pretty regularly either way.18:14
th1aBut that's a bit of an implementation detail.18:14
th1a3) SchoolTool attendance changes should be pushed at the time of change to Journey.18:15
th1a4) We will periodically pull daily (hourly?) changes from Journey, exactly how to do this depends on the API.18:16
th1a(4 refers to attendance)18:16
th1aAgain, if ST has the more recent data then, we'll try to push.18:17
th1aThat's... it?18:17
replaceafillso, we need a task that repeats itself18:19
replaceafillinstead of having the user scheduleding it18:19
th1aI meant scheduling a repeating task.18:20
th1aJustas used to say this was possible with our sync machinery.18:20
th1aI can't remember if you've done it.18:20
replaceafilli don't think so18:21
th1aThat's not necessarily a hard core requirement.18:21
replaceafillin proximity, there's a sync button18:21
th1aWe could start with cron.18:21
th1aDon't get too hung up on that point.18:23
th1aDon't get palpitations over it.18:23
th1aWe could certainly fully test against their server with a cron version and then add through the web scheduling.18:24
th1aThe first task in this project is trying to estimate it.18:25
replaceafillwhat about the mapping between our data and their data?18:26
replaceafillcould you take a look at that too?18:26
th1aYeah, where can I see their data?18:26
replaceafilli sent you the login details some time ago18:26
replaceafillwant me to fwd it again?18:27
th1aHow do we query for attendance records?18:29
replaceafillstudent instance18:29
th1aOh, it is all per student?18:31
replaceafillno, there's a student attendance record18:31
replaceafillit's like a meeting i guess18:31
th1aWell, you end up with something like this: John_2015-08-25_Afternoon_✔ Present18:33
th1aI guess you can probably query by study group, and by completed or edited date.18:34
th1aVenues are schools, right, so they'd be different instances.18:35
th1aI don't remember how we map study groups.18:36
th1aThat's not necessarily a blocking questions though.18:36
replaceafilli wonder if we should access the production data to get a better feeling of this18:37
th1aIt would help to be able to view it.18:37
th1aBut I don't think there is that much to it if you can get a sense of how to structure a query through the api.18:38
th1aIf we can say "Give me all the student attendance records for this study group completed or edited on this date," everything else is implementation detail.18:39
th1aEasy peasy.  ;-)18:39
replaceafilllike /objects/student_instance?query[register_id]=995c576b-8159-4712-bebd-8226295c510118:41
replaceafilli *think* we'll need a couple of queries at the same time18:42
replaceafillor, we can annotate stuff18:42
th1aWhat's the whole url there?18:43
replaceafilllike sections with their journey id counterpart18:43
th1aYeah.  I guess neither of us took enough notes when we discussed the structure of the Journey app.18:45
replaceafilli don't have any notes on journey at this point18:45
th1aYeah, we discussed it but that was a while ago.18:46
th1aBasically, if you can get some queries and maybe simple adds going on the staging server, we should be able to estimate this and get some questions answered.18:48
replaceafillth1a, that's not an issue for me18:49
replaceafillmy issue is the same as day 118:49
replaceafillwhat's what on what side18:49
replaceafilli see a User model in journey18:49
replaceafillafaik that's the person who enters data18:50
replaceafilli mean, in the app18:50
replaceafilli guess that matches with our "evaluator" for attendance data in ST18:50
th1aI guess, yes.18:51
replaceafillthat looks like a school18:52
replaceafillok, what's that for us?18:52
replaceafilldifferent ST instances?18:52
th1aYes, I think.18:52
replaceafillso, we need each ST instance to have a journey id annotation18:53
replaceafillto save that18:53
th1aOK, yes.18:53
replaceafillok, i guess i need to write this down18:55
replaceafilli'll use the blueprint18:55
replaceafillok, today i poke, take notes etc18:56
replaceafilland tomorrow we try to estimate18:56
replaceafilldoes that make sense?18:56
th1aJust keep in mind that the exact mapping isn't so much an issue compared to just knowing how the queries work and adding records works.18:57
replaceafilli know how to do that!18:58
replaceafillquerying and adding stuff18:58
replaceafill(i guess)18:58
replaceafillyour issues and my issues are different i guess :)18:59
th1aOK, poke around.18:59
replaceafilloh, i do have notes on journey :O18:59
replaceafillwhich are basically the start of this discussion18:59
replaceafillwhat's what...18:59
replaceafillwhat relates to what on journey19:00
replaceafilli'll try to convert to readable sentences19:00
th1aYeah, that should be all we need.19:00
th1aI rely on you to take notes.  ;-)19:01
replaceafillwe're doomed19:01
replaceafillanything else th1a19:02
replaceafilli need to assembly my latop back19:02
replaceafilli have screws all over :(19:02
th1aI'll add my notes to the blueprint.19:02
th1aThanks replaceafill.19:03
replaceafillthanks th1a19:03
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replaceafillth1a, oh my22:37
replaceafillso good timing with the ldap bugs22:37
replaceafilli noticed (both i think) them last week22:38
replaceafilland Richard seems to know a lot about the topic22:38
th1aI'm not sure I grasp the significance, replaceafill.22:59
replaceafillhey th1a23:14
replaceafilli mean23:14
replaceafillyou know how easy is to try some software, test it, notice that it's broken and say "fuck it, i'll look for something else"23:15
replaceafillyou can see even our docs are misleading23:15
replaceafill(on the topic)23:15
th1aRegarding LDAP.23:15
replaceafilli spent like 30 minutes fighting the same problem23:15
replaceafilluntil i realized the doc was incorrect23:16
replaceafill(and probably isn't)23:16
replaceafillit's the implementation (probably)23:16
replaceafillunfortunately i have no idea23:16

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