IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2015-10-19

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th1ahi Galel.20:21
Galelanybody know how to authenticate schooltool to an M$ active Directory?20:21
Galeli have 2.8.420:21
Galelwith ubuntu 14.0420:22
th1aWere you asking about this on Launchpad?20:22
Galelnop yet20:23
th1aThat just came up last week.20:23
Galelyou can point me to any solution please?20:24
th1aOur LDAP documentation is here
th1aHowever, another person trying to do this had a problem -- basically people could log in with a blank password.20:24
th1aWhich doesn't seem to be an issue when we test it against an open LDAP implementation on Ubuntu.20:25
th1aSo... perhaps you could try it and see if that happens for you.20:25
th1aWe don't have access to Active Directory.20:25
Galeli will trie20:25
Galeli understand that we have to create users in AD and the schooltool too right?20:26
th1aSchoolTool should create the users after they are validated by AD.20:27
th1aWhen they log in.20:27
Galelwhat string should be in "User DN queries"20:29
Galeland "Group DN queries"20:29
th1aI guess the LDAP queries necessary to get a list of users or groups.20:31
Galelmy bind dn is =CN=Users,CN=schooladmin,DC=escuela,DC=org20:31
Galelmy bind dn is CN=Users,CN=schooladmin,DC=escuela,DC=org20:31
th1aYou probably know more about it than we do.20:33
th1a(at this point, the developer who did this part is no longer on the project)20:33
Galelok.. i understand20:33
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replaceafillhey th1a21:43
th1ahi replaceafill.21:43
replaceafillwhat time are you picking up your daughters?21:44
th1aI have a half hour.21:44
th1aSchool's out in 45 minutes.21:44
replaceafillah ok, we probably should talk after you get back21:45
replaceafilli'm starving21:45
replaceafilli'll go get lunch now21:45
replaceafilland i'll go through Fran's emails21:45
th1aOK, yeah.21:45
th1aI'm not sure how much time is involved in all these little issues.21:45
th1aMostly we need to ask if she wants all those things addressed first or the API.21:46
replaceafillah ok21:46
replaceafillok, see you in 1 hour? 1:30?21:47
th1aWell, I have to go grocery shopping then.21:48
th1aSo maybe this evening?21:48
th1aLike, 7:00 my time?21:48
replaceafillok, sure21:49
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.21:50
replaceafillthanks th1a21:50
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TheHingehi can ST do degrees or diplomas?  In other words, can you create a degree program with lots of classes under it?  I've install ST but I don't see how/if I can do that.22:26
th1aHi TheHinge.22:27
th1aNo, not at this point.22:27
TheHingeIs that a module kind of thing or a core?22:27
th1aWe could add it.22:28
TheHingeIf I wanted to add it, would that be a core change?22:28
th1aIf we wrote it for someone I would expect to incorporate it into the core.22:28
th1aOr if you wrote it.22:28
th1aIt would touch several different parts of SchoolTool so it wouldn't be a particularly easy place to start for a new developer.22:29
th1aBut yes, it is something we would be interested in.22:29
th1aI have to go pick up my daughters at school.  Be back in 20 minutes or so.22:29
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