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replaceafillhey th1a18:03
th1ahi replaceafill.18:04
replaceafillmy lousy diagram of the journey app data model:18:05
replaceafilli guess i just wanted to record it somewhere18:06
th1aSure.  Fran says Study Group == Stream, btw.18:06
replaceafilli'm still having trouble picturing that18:07
replaceafilli mean, under this model18:07
th1aWhat's the relationship between a register and a check in.18:07
replaceafillrelationship as in data model relationship? none18:07
th1aWhat is a register then?18:07
replaceafilli guess i'm getting to a point where i should look at the UI18:07
replaceafillregister is the date part of the attendance record i think18:08
replaceafillkind of the period18:08
replaceafillfor us18:08
th1aOh, is the Check In just when the teacher arrives?18:09
th1aOK, gotcha.18:10
replaceafillhey my diagram works!18:10
replaceafillotherwise you would have to read the docs :P18:10
th1aDo we even need to know the study group?18:10
th1aThis is for ARK am/pm attendance, not section attendance, correct?18:10
replaceafillit's the link to the school18:11
replaceafill(or venue)18:11
replaceafillthe ST instance for us18:11
th1aYeah, but it isn't directly that important for us.18:11
replaceafillwell, yeah18:11
replaceafilland yes18:11
replaceafillit's the am/pm model18:11
replaceafillthat's why i think in this context doesn't match a stream directly18:13
th1aSo realistically, at the end of the day we're fetching the attendance records for the day for all the kids in a venue.18:13
th1aAnd if we're sending a record to Journey, we should have the relevant meta data, although we may need to record some Journey ID's.18:14
replaceafillok, a couple of questions from me18:16
replaceafilli guess english is betraying me18:16
replaceafillbut from Fran's comment yesterday in the blueprint18:16
replaceafill"let's say that changes can only be made from school tool, not the app"18:16
replaceafilldoes that mean ST pushes?18:17
th1aI think what she means is:18:17
replaceafilli mean, we're not pulling anything from Canvas (except probably the ids)18:17
th1a1) teachers use the app during the day to enter attendance;18:17
th1a2) We pull the day's data;18:17
th1a3) Any "changes" after that point are done in SchoolTool.18:18
th1a4) And pushed to Journey.18:18
replaceafillah ok18:19
replaceafillso this will be based in specific times18:20
replaceafillwe pull data from journey to ST at say, 9 am18:20
replaceafilland push data to journey at the end of the day, say, 10 pm18:21
replaceafillis that correct_18:21
th1aI don't see any reason to batch pushing to Journey.18:22
th1aOur side can be event driven.18:22
replaceafilli was thinking connectivity18:23
replaceafillbut ok18:23
replaceafillwe should update the blueprint18:24
replaceafillto reflect the new requirement18:24
th1aThe simpler requirement.18:26
replaceafillone question i have for Fran is about teacher attendance18:26
replaceafillit would be possible to record that from the Check ins18:26
replaceafillwell, kind of18:27
replaceafillbut i'm not sure if she needs that18:27
replaceafillthis is where i'd like to see either real data or the app UI18:27
replaceafillbecause maybe everything is recorded at the same time18:28
replaceafilland it would be possible to relate the register with the check ins somehow18:28
replaceafilli doubt it though18:28
th1aWe really need to make an estimate here.18:29
th1aWe can't wait until we've completely solved the problem to estimate the amount of time.18:29
th1a1 week?18:30
replaceafilli don't plan to do an estimate without looking at real data sorry18:30
th1aI don't want to spend two more days on it before we start talking about cost.18:30
replaceafilli do18:30
th1aHow long do you think the actual development will take?18:31
replaceafillis there anything else pressuring us?18:31
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replaceafillsorry th1a got disconnected20:25
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