IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-07-28

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th1a_hi replaceafill.17:32
replaceafillhey th1a_17:32
th1a_How's it coming?17:33
replaceafilli added automatic receipt numbers for credits17:33
replaceafillasked Fran about the formatting17:33
replaceafillsince i was just generating numbers and they seemed strange...17:34
replaceafillso now i'll use 6 digits, 000001, etc17:34
replaceafilli'm still waiting for some traceback for the edit fees error17:35
replaceafilli haven't been able to reproduce any error on my sandbox17:35
replaceafilland that's it17:36
replaceafilldidn't work on canvas yesterday17:36
replaceafilli'll get back to it today17:36
* replaceafill done17:36
th1a_OK.  I'm making good progress on the paper...17:37
th1a_It is taking less time every month.17:37
th1a_As I'd expected.17:37
th1a_I've gotten better at finding some online sources that I can get articles from -- advocacy groups that are happy to have their blog posts, etc. reprinted.17:38
th1a_So that fills things in a bit without me writing 8 articles.17:38
replaceafilljust copy/paste?17:39
th1a_Well, yeah.17:39
th1a_I mean, I know if I shoot them an email they'll ok it.17:39
th1a_OK, for example,
th1a_I can't really improve on that.17:40
th1a_And they're an advocacy group just trying to get the word out, not trying to sell pageviews.17:40
replaceafillah, got it17:41
th1a_Today is crunch day, and just proof-reading, etc. the rest of the week.17:42
th1a_Got a query this morning from some Montessori schools in South Africa, so I'll follow up with that.17:43
replaceafillah ok17:43
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.17:52
replaceafillthanks th1a_17:53
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