IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-07-29

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replaceafillhey th1a_17:30
th1a_hi replaceafill.17:31
th1a_How you doing?17:31
replaceafillok, i finished the receipt number functionality17:32
replaceafillFran made me realized i forgot the evolve script to include the "Other" string in the reasons for leaving demographics17:32
replaceafillsorry about that...17:32
replaceafilli could swear i added that...17:32
replaceafillanyway it's an easy fix17:33
replaceafillshe wasn't able to get the traceback for the edit fees view17:33
th1a_Yeah, basically now that we've calmed down I'm going to send her an email probably on Monday just reminding her about lead time -- which I think will reduce these issues.17:33
replaceafillso i guess i'll just package what i have now17:34
replaceafilli was expecting for the traceback to do a full update17:34
th1a_Well, if we can't reproduce, we can't reproduce.17:34
replaceafillon the canvas front i was able to update my user17:34
replaceafilland another person i created through the canvas UI17:34
th1a_OK, so you can PUT but are still having trouble POST-ing?17:35
th1a_Or vice versa?17:35
replaceafillno, PUT/GET work, POST not17:35
replaceafilli'll check the permission docs17:36
replaceafillbut i don't think it is that17:36
th1a_Well, a question that specific is maybe solvable by an email.17:36
replaceafillso, what's the plan with proximity at this point?17:36
replaceafilli was thinking the same17:36
th1a_Keep moving on it.17:36
replaceafill"hey everything works except creating persons"17:36
replaceafillother thing we could probably try is SIS imports17:37
th1a_Have you been banging your head on POST for a few hours?17:37
replaceafillnot so much tbh17:37
th1a_OK, that's good actually.17:37
th1a_It is probably some little thing.17:37
replaceafillyeah, that's why i want to double check the docs17:37
th1a_Go back through that, and then basically we need to figure out what else we might need to give them a time estimate.17:38
replaceafillwhat's the full story again?17:38
th1a_If you feel like there are any big unknowns.17:38
replaceafillso, they add a "student" in ST17:38
replaceafillperson is created in Canvas17:38
replaceafillwhat about the course/section information?17:38
replaceafilli'm not clear on that part i gues17:39
th1a_Generally it is one course per person.17:39
th1a_So it is all in one row.17:39
th1a_They're creating course/sections in Canvas, so we need to pull those and have the ID's straight.17:39
replaceafillone row in the importer xls?17:39
replaceafillcan you explain the ID "issue" between ST and Canvas Myken was referring to?17:40
th1a_They have to match up.17:41
th1a_you mean for persons?17:41
th1a_It is nothing.17:41
th1a_Put it out of your mind.17:41
replaceafillwe'll need some mapping between course ids?17:41
th1a_Just a crazy workaround they thought was necessary but isn't.17:41
replaceafill"Also, if you could let us know what you would need form us as a unique identifier to connect the canvas course with the correct users we would be class to help."17:42
th1a_tbh, I guess we can just pull those directly from Canvas.17:42
th1a_We don't need (or want) them to literally make us a list.17:43
replaceafillso, they create courses and sections in Canvas17:43
replaceafillin the importer they specify those canvas ids17:43
replaceafilland we just import through ST and then to Canvas17:43
replaceafillusing the API17:43
replaceafillis that correct?17:43
replaceafill(sorry if i'm just repeating stuff...)17:44
replaceafillok, got it17:45
th1a_We might need to do something like:17:45
th1a_* try to add student to section;17:45
th1a_* if it doesn't exist, check to see if it has been added;17:45
th1a_Since we won't have new sections pushed to us.17:45
th1a_We also may need to make certain assumptions, like assuming there is only one section per course per year.17:46
th1a_Or not.17:46
th1a_We'll cover that when we get to it.17:46
th1a_Just keep in mind we'll clear these things up as we go.17:46
th1a_As necessary.17:46
replaceafilloh, last thing from me17:47
replaceafilli answered Glenda's email17:47
th1a_Yes, thanks for picking up a couple queries.17:48
replaceafillshe seems... annoyed?17:48
replaceafillshe mentioned a need for a tweak17:48
th1a_She should be annoyed that they haven't paid us.17:48
th1a_She doesn't have any control over that.17:48
th1a_I've made it clear that we love her but are very busy with paid work right now.17:49
replaceafillah ok17:49
th1a_It just puts her in a pinch.17:49
replaceafillthe verso skills script is still running btw...17:50
th1a_Ah.  ;-)17:50
replaceafillit needs a few improvements17:50
replaceafillfrom time to time it loses connection, etc17:50
th1a_Well, yes, that's why they need a service contract.17:50
replaceafillshe wants it to be python3 compatible :S17:50
th1a_Yeah, well, enough people have to complain to someone at VA CTE for us to get paid.17:51
th1a_Or Henrico County.17:51
replaceafilltypical burocratic stuff i guess17:51
replaceafillok, that's it from me17:52
th1a_Yeah... the funny thing is we've had way less problems with that than I expected in general.17:53
th1a_Although mostly because we've not been working with governments and public schools.17:53
th1a_You think of it more as a problem in Burundi than the US, but that's not the case.17:53
th1a_Anyhow, I have a skype chat tomorrow morning with the SA montessori school.17:54
replaceafillah cool17:54
th1a_She sent me some screenshots from a Montessori-based system they're currently using, which thb I don't think we can compete with for the price.17:54
replaceafillwe should invest some time in those simple reports people are requesting17:54
th1a_(basically $24/yr per classroom).17:55
replaceafillcan you share the screenshots?17:55
th1a_We could get them in for 3.0.17:55
replaceafill(just curious)17:55
replaceafill"(Coming Soon) School Overview"17:56
th1a_Yeah, there is that.17:56
th1a_Also, it is weird because it seems like Montessori has a more "data-driven" side now than I was aware of.17:57
th1a_So, we'll see.17:58
th1a_In a sense it depends on if she actually has some kind of backing and thus a real budget.17:58
th1a_Well, ultimately everything depends on how much money you want to spend.17:59
th1a_Of course it is possible, it's software!17:59
th1a_Turing complete!17:59
th1a_Any computable problem can be solved.17:59
th1a_OK. I have one more story to write.18:00
th1a_I should knock that out and clear my head for SchoolTool.18:00
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.18:00
replaceafillok, thanks th1a_18:01
replaceafillth1a_, got the canvas user creation straighted :)20:32
th1a_What was the problem?20:33
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replaceafillthe name of the request parameters20:33
replaceafillthey include brackets20:33
replaceafillall of them have brackets20:34
replaceafilland the brackets were being encoded incorrectly20:34
th1a_Only in the POST's.20:35
replaceafillyeah, because i took the PUT out of the zope views20:35
replaceafilli just tried plain curl calls20:36
replaceafillanyway, we're good20:36
replaceafilli'll now check the course/section part of canva20:37
th1a_I figured you'd get it quicker than we'd be able to arrange a meeting.20:37
replaceafilland see how people get enrolled20:37
replaceafillthat seems like the next stop20:38
replaceafillkk, going to go get my daughter20:38
replaceafilllater th1a_20:39
th1a_Ah, yes.  There are probably some follow up questions necessary once you get into the grades.20:39
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