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th1a_hi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a_17:31
th1a_How was your weekend?17:31
replaceafillgood, went to run17:32
replaceafilli also got some progress on the canvas/celery front17:32
replaceafilli'm now able to schedule tasks when students are added17:33
th1a_Ah, cool.17:33
replaceafillbad news is that when i try to create a user in canvas, i get an 500 error17:33
th1a_Is that a refreshing change of pace at this point?17:33
replaceafillbut that even happens when i try to do it through the postman extension in chrome17:34
th1a_OK, well, bear in mind that Proximity is paying for Canvas support.17:34
replaceafilli was thinking about what Andrew said17:34
th1a_So don't disappear into a hole on these.17:35
replaceafillabout putting us in contact with the canvas guys17:35
replaceafillit's just that this is the first api endpoint i try with "post"17:35
th1a_So you can read from canvas but not write at this point.17:35
replaceafillall the "get" ones have worked fine17:35
th1a_OK, so maybe a few more hours to try to figure it out.17:36
th1a_You can't be the only person to have done this now.17:36
replaceafillif by today i don't get it we should ask for help i think17:36
replaceafilli googled for the error17:36
th1a_500 error doesn't give you much.17:36
replaceafilland there were not so many results17:36
replaceafillthe only one similar to mine17:36
replaceafillsaid it was an encoding problem17:36
replaceafill500 errors are a bit confusing17:37
replaceafillcode: 50017:37
replaceafillcause: server error17:37
replaceafillor something like that17:37
replaceafilland there's a ticket code or something attached to the error17:37
replaceafilli wonder if one can ask the canvas staff about it17:38
replaceafillor some way to get them17:38
replaceafillanyway, i'll try to "update" an existing person17:38
replaceafillthat uses "put" instead of post17:38
replaceafillbut i was glad i was even able to set the task17:39
replaceafilli mean there's much to it17:39
replaceafillbut the basics work17:39
replaceafilltaking into account that current remote tasks are mostly developed around report/downloads17:39
th1a_Is there a separate error if it is just permissions?17:40
replaceafillyeah, you get forbidden17:40
replaceafillyou mean in canvas, right?17:40
replaceafillyeah, i forgot to set the access token and i got a 40117:40
replaceafilli also have the configuration part done17:41
replaceafillthe one that allows you to set <canvas> in schooltool.conf17:41
th1a_Ah, ok.17:41
replaceafilli used:17:41
replaceafillserver https:....17:41
replaceafillacces_token ....17:41
replaceafillaccount ....17:41
replaceafilli'm not sure if account_id is needed17:41
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replaceafillbut some api endpoints use them17:41
replaceafilli mean, use the account_id17:42
replaceafillaccount_id is the id for the account of the user accessing the api17:42
replaceafill(in this case my sielibre mail account)17:42
replaceafillso i'll leave it there until i figure everything out17:43
replaceafillaccess_token is also a per account value17:43
replaceafillmy access_token will be different to yours, etc17:43
replaceafillso i guess we're ok on that front17:45
replaceafillMyken sent some dates17:45
replaceafilltwo weeks from now iirc17:45
th1a_I mean, given that we can always sync up what they've already got in Canvas, there isn't a true drop-dead date here.17:46
th1a_And tbh, whether or not you can figure out this little 500 error gives a good indication of whether or not we want to push for a short deadline.17:47
th1a_If we're going to repeatedly have to debug things with Canvas people, it is pretty much open ended.17:47
th1a_Also, please, please log all these hours.17:47
replaceafillah sure17:47
replaceafilli did17:47
replaceafillit wasn't much to be honest17:47
th1a_Because we really don't know how we're even going to bill proximity.17:47
th1a_That's fine.17:47
replaceafilljust like 3 hours at my mom's :)17:48
replaceafillor 4 at most17:48
replaceafillnah 317:48
th1a_We may be able to have more open ended billing with them.17:48
th1a_OK, anyhow.17:48
replaceafillah cool17:48
th1a_We have a couple Fran bugs.17:48
replaceafillmoving on17:48
replaceafillthe automatic receipt17:48
replaceafilli completely forgot she requested that17:49
replaceafilli just added the field, the importer17:49
replaceafilland i thought it was done17:49
replaceafillsorry about that17:49
replaceafillso i think we need some kind of counter at the app level17:49
replaceafillto track the number of receipts17:49
replaceafilland just generate them in sequence17:50
replaceafillunless you have another idea?17:50
th1a_No, I don't know what else you'd do.17:50
replaceafilldo you think we should make the field required?17:51
replaceafilli think it is17:51
replaceafillso we'll need to evolve the current credits to have the field17:52
replaceafilli don't think it'll take too much17:52
replaceafillfor the other error, i'll ask her about the logs17:52
replaceafillbecause that view works for me17:52
replaceafilland i remember she tested it (briefly...)17:53
replaceafillso maybe some condition17:53
replaceafillok, that's it from me17:54
th1a_OK.  The next two days are crunch time writing wise for me.17:55
th1a_Oh, I did realize I hadn't closely read the Macedonia thing -- the complicated way they're using the Journal.17:55
th1a_I got some screenshots so we should be able to get it sorted.17:56
replaceafilloh, i haven't processed that thread yet (as usual...)17:56
th1a_Well, I hadn't processed it the first time, so maybe neither of us did.17:56
th1a_They've actually been using SchoolTool a while.17:56
th1a_So they have a whole system.17:56
replaceafilli did see he's willing to pay for it :D17:56
th1a_Yeah, it is a job.17:56
replaceafillsince 2.617:56
replaceafillTome sent some questions about the calendar back in 2.617:57
th1a_I don't think it is super time sensitive, we should just get back to it later this week.17:57
replaceafilli'll get to it once i figure the canvas stuff17:57
th1a_Well, let me go through it all first.17:58
th1a_Translating the school's stuff into SchoolTool terms is definitely my job.17:58
th1a_You should just stick on Canvas after you get Fran squared away.17:58
replaceafillwill do17:59
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.18:00
replaceafillok, thanks th1a_18:00
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