IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-07-23

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th1a_hi replaceafill.17:15
th1a_I actually have to go in about 20 minutes.17:15
th1a_No news from Fran is good news.17:16
replaceafilli'll take it easy today, but i'll spend some time with canvas17:16
replaceafillso i have at least a few comments/answers for tomorrow17:16
th1a_Yes, also take a look at the Niswonger email.17:17
replaceafilloh right17:17
th1a_It makes everything seem a bit more straightforward.17:17
replaceafillcool, will do17:18
th1a_i.e., just listing a set number of colleges instead of an open list, etc.17:18
th1a_We may need to use the custom xls exporter for them, but then that should cover their reporting desires.17:18
replaceafillthat's still in ark, right?17:19
replaceafilli mean, it's not in 2.8.417:19
th1a_It will be in 3.0.17:19
replaceafilljust checking :)17:19
th1a_I guess one question with niswonger is whether we should recommend splitting some of their stuff into sliders instead of all demographics, while keeping our quote for 1 week of development.17:20
th1a_Anyhow, I'll look at it too and write you an email later today.17:20
replaceafillcustom sliders with just demographics fields shouldn't be hard17:21
th1a_But I think it will be way easier for them to use if it is broken up, and we should probably just do that.17:21
th1a_Oh, the main thing is I have to give myself an intervention refresher, as they'll probably be using it a bit.17:22
replaceafilli'll need a refresher too then :)17:22
th1a_That's the "Documentation of Contacts (allow for as many entries as needed ):17:23
th1a_Enter Date:17:23
th1a_Field for Notes:17:23
th1a_Part toward the end.17:23
th1a_OK, I'll work on that this afternoon.17:23
replaceafilli'll review the thread17:24
th1a_Talk to you later.17:25
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.17:25
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a_17:25
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