IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-07-24

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th1a_hi replaceafill.17:42
replaceafillhey th1a17:42
replaceafillth1a_, :)17:42
th1a_I have to tell my mother to reboot her computer.17:43
replaceafillghost the nick17:43
replaceafillnot sure which one is easier :D17:43
th1a_OK, have any new Canvas thoughts at this point?17:46
replaceafillnot sure about thoughts yet17:47
replaceafillbut i did manage to play with the api17:47
replaceafillthrough postman (chrome extension) and a python script17:47
replaceafillcreated an access token ,etc17:47
replaceafilli guess it's just difficult for me to understand how things are organized in canvas17:48
replaceafilland accessed in the api17:48
replaceafilllike, ok, i want this "assignment" grades17:48
replaceafilli can get to the assignment metadata17:48
replaceafillbut i haven't been able to get the grade "10/12"17:49
replaceafilljust some grade events17:49
replaceafillwith metadata about the grade changes17:49
th1a_Ah, yes, I was wondering if the changes is all there is.17:49
th1a_But that doesn't have the grades themselves?17:49
replaceafillunless i missed them17:50
replaceafillwhich is possible since i was doing this at 1 am :)17:50
replaceafillin any case, accessing the api is not a problem anymore17:50
replaceafilli understand the roles involved, etc17:50
replaceafilltokens, headers, etc17:50
th1a_What about this?
replaceafilli haven't fully understood the SIS functionality in canvas17:51
th1a_Well, in any event, we don't have to guess.17:51
th1a_They should know how their grades are organized.17:52
replaceafilli think grade organization is not the problem17:52
replaceafillit's just knowing "how to access grades through the api"17:52
replaceafillif i have course already and assignment17:53
replaceafilland student17:53
replaceafilland teacher17:53
replaceafilli also checked the whole wish list thread17:53
replaceafillsaw the report myken sent17:53
th1a_What are the reports, perhaps I've forgotten.17:54
th1a_(in general)17:54
replaceafilli think you mentioned it before, have you thought about how we'll deal with the multiple marking period schemes?17:54
replaceafillshe sent an xls with three sheets17:54
replaceafillwith examples of reports17:54
th1a_Pretty much just date ranges, right?17:55
th1a_Don't use our terms.17:55
replaceafillwell, we need the terms if we want ST sections17:55
replaceafilla whole year term17:55
th1a_One term.17:55
replaceafilli wonder if that'll work17:56
th1a_Why not?17:56
th1a_Terms don't do much.17:56
th1a_You can see why that was on purpose.17:56
replaceafilli mean, i hope there's not overlap between the dates17:56
replaceafillschool A17:56
replaceafillusing semester split17:56
replaceafilli guess my point is: can all schools use the same start - end dates for years?17:57
th1a_I believe we established that we will be able to use some start/stop date during the summer.17:58
replaceafilloh by the way17:58
th1a_But it will probably be like June 31/July1.17:58
replaceafillconsider i'm null on the first meeting17:58
replaceafillthe one i had skype trouble :(17:58
replaceafillthere may be some answers you already know :)17:59
replaceafillthat are not in the thread17:59
th1a_Yeah, this isn't a full on crazy rolling virtual school schedule.17:59
replaceafillat some point Andrew mentioned canvas would be authoritative for grades18:00
replaceafilland ST for enrollments18:00
replaceafillis that still the case?18:01
th1a_Well, insofar as it makes sense.18:01
th1a_I mean, we can't stop people from entering enrollments in Canvas.18:01
replaceafilli thought ST would just be a "backup" storage18:01
th1a_So we might still need to check for that.18:01
th1a_Basically we should be wrapping up the phase here where we're just trying to get a handle on the technical side.18:02
th1a_i.e., are we going with an all API approach.18:02
th1a_Roughly how long will that plumbing take and adding each api call, plus the necessary management screens for dealing with errors, etc.18:03
th1a_Then we need to break down the actual requirements more.18:03
replaceafillat this point the requirements are the "wish list" right?18:04
replaceafill10 items wish list18:04
replaceafill"list of SIS functionality and reporting capability that they are in need of"18:04
th1a_Pretty much, yes.18:05
replaceafill"3. An easy way to upload all of our students"18:05
replaceafilli guess that's the ST authoritative for enrollments part18:06
replaceafilland i guess that's why we created that importer for them?18:06
replaceafillthey take the xls schools sent18:06
replaceafillupload it to ST18:06
th1a_API it over to Canvas.18:07
replaceafillST set ups the canvas side18:07
replaceafilli didn't understand this one very much:18:08
replaceafill"9. Enrollment from year to year for each school district and school within the district"18:08
replaceafillwe'll track the school student is in, right?18:08
replaceafilldoes the school belong to a district?18:09
replaceafillah ok18:09
replaceafilldistrict: group of schools18:09
th1a_We'll just have to decide if it is worth making those "special" groups.18:09
th1a_Or if they want to pay for it.18:09
replaceafilldemographics field for both pieces of data?18:10
replaceafilleither way would work i guess18:10
replaceafillhhmm maybe not... "year to year"18:11
th1a_Groups probably make more sense.18:11
replaceafillhow's your understanding of their weighting situation?18:12
replaceafillhe mentioned the semester case18:12
replaceafillwhere they create duplicate categories18:12
th1a_Ah... I don't remember exactly, but I don't think we have to use such a crazy workaround.18:14
replaceafilli wonder how "fixed" is their grading scheme18:15
replaceafilli mean18:15
replaceafilldo they add ad-hoc "assignments" trough the year18:15
replaceafillor are they predefined from the beginning18:15
th1a_We can ask, but I imagine at least some are not predefined.18:16
th1a_I think we'd just be able to do the weighting based on date range.18:17
replaceafilldates will be very important in this project i presume :)18:17
replaceafilloh, all datetimes in canvas seem to be in utc :D18:18
replaceafillno wait18:18
replaceafillforget it18:18
replaceafillthat was not canvas doc :(18:19
th1a_We also happened to get the reports finally from Macedonia.18:19
replaceafillah yes18:19
th1a_I forwarded them to you.18:19
th1a_That is going to be a little complex because they have a weekly report card.18:20
th1a_So that's going to take some customization.  I'll think about that one.18:20
replaceafilllove the columns description!18:21
th1a_I think we'll need a report request for that lets you pick the week.18:22
th1a_And report sheets that are coded to indicate the week.18:22
replaceafillwould this be based on activity due dates?18:23
replaceafillor a sheet per week?18:24
th1a_I guess it could be due dates, couldn't it.18:25
th1a_But there would need to be some organization into multiple sheets, etc.18:25
th1a_It is a lot of data.18:25
th1a_Due dates would be cleanest.18:26
th1a_Maybe quarterly sheets.18:26
replaceafillth1a_, are we skyping with proximity?18:33
th1a_That is the plan.18:33
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