IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-07-22

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replaceafillhey th1a_ th1a17:30
th1a_hi replaceafill.  I guess I'm still logged in on my mother's computer.17:31
replaceafillcan't you ghost that nick?17:32
th1a_Well, I'm not that worried about it.17:32
th1a_All right, so...17:32
replaceafillwhat's your opinion on transfering changes in the edit view for groups?17:33
th1a_Well, let me see what I wrote before I say anything.17:33
th1a_I said we need a checkbox.17:34
th1a_[ ] Apply to all occurrences.17:35
replaceafilldo you think we need the checkbox if we allow to select individual instances?17:35
replaceafilli mean17:35
replaceafillsuppose we have july, august and september fees, right?17:35
replaceafilland you go to august17:35
replaceafillchange the value for someone and click the checkbox17:36
replaceafillall three instances should be updated in that case?17:36
replaceafillto me the checkbox makes sense if we only present the "master" instance17:37
replaceafillmy biggest concern with the apply to all ocurrences checkbox is selecting students17:38
replaceafillin the edit view you can "untick" someone right?17:38
replaceafillsuppose you go to august, change the amount for Tom and untick Douglas17:38
replaceafillwill the apply to all checkbox change july, august and september amounts for Tom and remove the three instances for Douglas?17:39
replaceafilli mean17:39
replaceafillto me it's confusing17:39
th1a_It is confusing!17:40
replaceafillhaving the ability to untick and edit amount at the same time17:40
th1a_I don't see a better alternative, without making the user keep track of the "master" instance and the recurrences, and modeling all that.17:40
th1a_That is, I think the alternative is more confusing.17:41
replaceafilli think she'd be ok with just showing the master in the edit view17:41
replaceafilland transfer automatically17:41
replaceafilllike we do in the add view17:41
th1a_Yes, but then you can't unenroll someone.17:41
replaceafillas in remove fees?17:42
th1a_If someone leaves part way through the year, you have to be able to manually remove later fees.17:43
replaceafillyou do it through the student profile?17:43
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replaceafillalso the apply to all checkbox doesn't help in that case17:44
replaceafillif student leaves in august17:44
replaceafillyou probably want to remove only september17:44
replaceafillnot "all occurrences"17:45
replaceafillin the current group view17:45
replaceafillif you want to remove Tom from august and september17:45
replaceafillyou go to the group fee17:45
replaceafillselect august, untick Tom, Submit17:46
replaceafillgo to the fee again, select september, untick Tom, submit17:46
replaceafillif for some reason you don't want to use the student profile...17:46
th1a_I mean, I'd be fine with having the two work differently if that makes sense to Fran.17:47
replaceafillshe's asking about it "perhaps the code needs to be changed for the edit screen as well as when you add the fees initially"17:48
replaceafillso i don't think it makes sense to her17:48
th1a_Well, it doesn't make sense if there is no option.17:49
th1a_I think the choice is:17:49
th1a_1) We can do a checkbox;17:49
th1a_2) Make the group edit form always "flow through" and teach people to use the person view for individual fee changes.17:49
replaceafillif we go 1)17:50
replaceafillto me the checkbox should be "apply to all FUTURE ocurrences"17:50
replaceafilli'd go with 2)17:50
th1a_We don't really know if they only want to change future ocurrences.17:51
th1a_OK, do you want me to ask right now?17:51
replaceafilleither way should be a quick change17:51
replaceafilliirc Fran wasn't interested in editing individual recurrences17:53
th1a_Well, it is necessary!17:53
th1a_You can't unenroll someone otherwise.17:53
replaceafillstudent profile!17:53
replaceafilland she also said she was ok doing that manually17:54
replaceafillwhen someone leaves17:54
th1a_Well, if she's ok with just doing that from the person view I don't care.17:55
th1a_OK, sent.17:58
th1a_I suppose you could wait an hour and if we don't hear from her, just make them flow through without the checkbox.18:05
replaceafillflow through future, right?18:06
th1a_Well, she's never indicated that.18:06
replaceafillbut do we still allow to select individual instances in that view?18:07
th1a_Ah, you mean just make it one.18:07
replaceafilllike the add view18:07
th1a_I guess just make it one.18:07
replaceafilli'm not comfortable with it18:08
replaceafillbut you're the manager ;)18:08
th1a_I'd prefer to hear from her.18:08
replaceafillme 218:08
th1a_But at this point they're all future fees anyhow.18:08
th1a_Part of the problem with this whole process is it is hard to tell what cases she's NOT thinking of.18:09

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