IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-02-12

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francisat the login pront05:25
francisplease help05:25
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:32
replaceafillhey th1a16:32
th1aLong day yesterday?16:33
replaceafillit's been a long week16:33
th1aYeah, I know the weight is all on you.16:33
replaceafilltbh i'm pretty tired16:34
replaceafilland i'm losing faith at this point16:34
th1aI'm sure.16:34
replaceafillbut i'll do my best16:34
replaceafilli'm not sure we'll have all the reports tomorrow unfortunately16:34
th1aOK, well, where are we.16:34
th1aYeah, I figured.16:34
replaceafillthe assessment ones are pretty difficult16:34
replaceafillthat + formatting everything is a nightmare16:35
th1aI'd leave formatting for last.16:35
th1aI don't know if there is any way for me to help with that.16:35
replaceafillwhere are we:16:35
replaceafillassessment sheets are done16:36
replaceafillincluding hiding (or moving) to other terms16:36
replaceafillstudent promotion works with groups now16:36
replaceafilli still need to sort by level16:37
replaceafillthe uce form has also been really difficult16:37
replaceafillmostly to set up decent data to test16:37
replaceafillthe division grade has this weird logic16:37
replaceafilland you need more than 8 subjects for a student to test correctly16:38
th1aHm, yeah.  It is such weird math.16:38
replaceafillregarding the assesment reports16:39
replaceafilli'll try to have at leas the first one16:39
replaceafillBasic classroom report16:39
th1aYeah, I mean, don't despair if the reports aren't done.16:41
th1aotoh, what does your weekend look like?16:41
th1aThey're deploying on Tuesday?16:41
replaceafilltomorrow i'll be out in the afternoon (parents meeting at school)16:42
replaceafillsaturday and sunday16:42
replaceafillfinishing details and packaging i guess16:42
th1aDo you think you can have the reports this weekend?  I mean, do we want to do packaging > finish reports > update16:43
th1aor just finish all of it.16:43
replaceafilli don't know, i'll try16:44
replaceafillit's just those heatmaps16:44
replaceafillas she calls them16:45
replaceafillthere are too many16:45
replaceafilllook at the school view report16:45
th1aWhat's going on when you do those?16:45
replaceafillhave you seen that sheet?16:46
replaceafillthe color requests!!!16:46
replaceafillpink, grey, blue16:46
replaceafilli keep thinking what she said16:46
replaceafillthis could be done with conditional formatting in excel!16:47
th1aWhat do you mean?16:47
replaceafillif we output the right numbers16:47
replaceafillthey could take the sheet and do the heatmap analysis with excel16:47
th1aUsing macros or something?16:49
replaceafillconditional formatting16:49
th1aHow would they apply that?16:49
replaceafillusing the same logic we code16:50
replaceafillover 75% should be green16:50
replaceafillfrom 64-5 another green16:50
th1aYeah, I'm just wondering if there is a practical way to apply it.16:51
th1aYes, anyhow.16:51
th1aI would say you should focus on the data and not the formatting.16:52
th1aThe formatting is just time and patience for you, right?16:52
replaceafilli think we should16:53
replaceafillapply styling to the attendance reports16:53
replaceafilland have most of the assessment ones we can16:53
replaceafillwith no style16:53
replaceafilland we could update during the week16:53
replaceafilli meant, group the attendance reports16:54
replaceafillwhen she asked for the reports to be formatted as her samples16:56
replaceafillshe asked for them to be group according to the tab colors she used16:57
replaceafillto have less reports16:57
replaceafillok, that's all i have16:58
th1aLast question -- Can I check out and test the stuff you put up for Sunesh?16:58
th1aI mean check out bzr check out.16:59
th1a(if no, that's fine)16:59
replaceafillit's all in bzr17:00
replaceafilli can point you to the branches17:00
replaceafilli can create a second instance17:00
th1aOK, that might be easier.  ;-)17:00
replaceafillthat was more difficult than i expected...17:11
replaceafilli guess i'm brain dead at this point17:11
replaceafillmore than usual ;)17:11
th1aOK.  I'm afraid it isn't actually working for me.17:11
replaceafillah crap17:12
th1aThat generally hasn't been a problem for me but maybe now it is.17:12
replaceafillhold on17:13
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th1aI want you to consider if it would be practical for me to work on the styling.17:20
replaceafillth1a, does work for you?17:21
th1aYes... thanks.17:22
replaceafillthat's Sunesh demo17:22
replaceafilli'll set up another url for your instance17:22
th1aOK.  I'll qa.17:23
replaceafilli'll go get something to eat17:24
th1aSeriously, you could try to teach me styling tomorrow.17:24
th1aI should be able to do it!17:24
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:24
replaceafillthanks th1a17:24
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