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replaceafillhey th1a16:32
th1aOh, oops, I was looking at the other chat.16:35
th1aThe private chat doesn't note when you rejoin.16:35
th1ahi replaceafill.16:35
th1aThe screenshots look good.16:36
replaceafillso, i sent Fran a couple of screenshots16:36
th1aDo both forms actually work?16:36
replaceafilli have a question16:36
replaceafillabout the student promotion16:36
replaceafillthe enrollment dropdown16:37
replaceafillusers will need to set that as "final" status for the level, right?16:37
replaceafilli mean16:37
replaceafillif someone is moving from grade 2 to grade 316:38
replaceafillenrollment should be set to Graduated16:38
th1aRight each level actually has a status?16:38
replaceafillyes, initially the Enrollment dropdown is set to the "current" status for the "current" level16:39
th1aYeah, that's not what I meant.16:39
replaceafillah ok16:39
replaceafillcan you explain that please?16:39
replaceafillit looked strange to me16:40
th1aBasically, the fact that each level has a status has to be considered an internal implementation detail which should be hidden from the user as much as possible.16:40
th1aIt makes no sense (although I understand why we do it).16:40
th1aBut, for example, I completely forgot about it.16:40
th1aThat refers to the students overall enrollment in the school.16:40
th1aSo basically if a student graduates *from the school* or otherwise leaves the school, or changes their enrollment status in general, you do that there.16:41
replaceafilloh ok16:41
replaceafillso it's there to say, "keep tracking this student or not"16:42
th1aBecause obviously every student at the terminal grade level should be promoted to graduated overall (unless they failed, ofc).16:42
replaceafillso maybe it's just 3 hard coded options:16:43
replaceafill- Enrolled16:43
replaceafill- Graduated16:43
replaceafill- Left (or something)16:43
th1aDoes it make it easier to hard code them?16:43
th1aIsn't it just whatever they have as student enrollment statuses?16:44
replaceafillbut those are set per section16:44
replaceafillif i understand you correctly, options should:16:46
th1a"Student enrollment" not "section enrollment."16:46
replaceafillthat's the student group in the current year16:46
th1aYes, that's what is relevant.16:47
th1aIs this person still a student?16:47
replaceafillthat's not just defined by the students group16:48
th1aThere are a few details though.16:48
replaceafillbut i guess i understand what you want16:49
th1aProbably currently inactive students should not be included in this form.16:50
th1aSo you don't keep passing inactive students on forever in the students group.16:50
th1aThere is also the question of exactly when to set the inactive students as inactive.16:50
replaceafillwhat if you're in the students group but don't have a level assigned16:51
replaceafillquick question16:51
th1aLike, if they're set as inactive in the previous year, then you won't put them in the students group at all in the next year.16:51
replaceafilldo you want this to be general?16:51
replaceafillor peas specific?16:51
th1aDefinitely general.16:52
th1aIt does not have to be peas specific at all.16:52
th1aWe don't have any specification for it from them.16:52
replaceafillin my head this is more level oriented16:52
replaceafillthan students group oriented16:53
th1aIt is doing two things at once.16:53
replaceafillbut i guess we can make it work16:53
th1aIt just wouldn't make sense to people to have to promote students that they knew withdrew or graduated.16:53
th1aNow, one thing is that you and I seem to have been thinking differently about the context for this action.16:54
th1aI had been thinking you'd actually do it from the context of the "new" year.16:54
th1aI'm not sure if it makes any difference.16:54
th1aWell, mainly, can you put the year titles in the header?16:55
replaceafilli thought about that16:55
replaceafilllevel relationships are not year specific16:56
replaceafillif i run this from the year context16:56
th1aI guess it makes most sense to only show the link in the active year.16:56
replaceafillah ok16:57
th1aOh, can you sort these by year first and then name?16:58
replaceafillby level first?16:59
th1aI'd think people would always have these listed by level.16:59
replaceafillah ok16:59
th1aYou'd really have a page for each level.16:59
replaceafillmaybe a dropdown for the level?17:00
replaceafilli mean, as a filter17:00
th1aOh, and are we putting in an effective date widget?17:00
th1aI don't even want to get so complicated to filter it at this point.17:00
replaceafilloh, i forgot the ffective date17:00
replaceafilli'll add it17:00
replaceafillit's using "today"17:00
th1atbh that would be fine for years.17:00
th1a(I mean, years before someone would squawk)17:01
replaceafillso, to sum up the changes17:01
replaceafillEnrollment dropdown should affect students group membership17:01
replaceafillIt should run from the active year17:02
replaceafillAdd effective date widget17:02
replaceafillStudents with no level or inactive in the students group are filtered out17:02
replaceafillsounds right?17:03
replaceafilli moved assessment sheets to years17:03
replaceafillnice thing is you can have those term dropdowns17:03
replaceafillnot so nice thing is that you need those set before creating any section17:04
th1aYeah, ok.  It is easier to do that since YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIND THINGS IN YEARS now.17:04
th1aNot so nice because it isn't done yet or there is a problem?17:05
replaceafillthe problem i found was importing sample data17:05
replaceafillfrom a fresh database17:05
replaceafillyou need to import sections in a second step17:06
replaceafillimport years first17:06
replaceafillcreate assessment sheets17:06
replaceafillimport sections17:06
replaceafilli think we really need the option you were talking about yesterday17:06
replaceafillto deploy the changes to *existing* sections17:06
replaceafillthat we don't have yet17:07
th1aWe need that.17:07
th1aAlso, I think we need to say "OK, this form was unanticipated and we need to charge for it."17:08
replaceafilloh feel free to17:08
replaceafilli'm just working on this stuff17:08
replaceafilltrying to get it done17:08
replaceafillbut something back in my head17:08
replaceafillkeeps telling me that17:08
replaceafillbut hey, that's software development i guess17:09
replaceafillcan we discuss how should we react to form changes17:09
th1aWe just didn't have any feedback at all really the first two times through with ARK.17:09
th1aSo the whole relationship is completely different now.17:10
th1aBetter, but we'll need to bill differently.17:10
replaceafilli agree17:10
th1aI mean, the main thing right now is just deciding what "this" is, when we say "We need to charge you more because of 'this.'"17:12
th1aMoving on.17:12
th1aForm changes?17:12
replaceafillyes, for the assessment sheets17:12
replaceafillsomeone "playing" or trying the system17:12
replaceafilli was thinking different buttons17:12
replaceafillinstead of [Submit][Cancel]17:13
replaceafillhave something like:17:13
replaceafill[Save][Deploy to existing sections][Cancel]17:13
th1aI think if you can hide the deployed ones, it doesn't matter much.17:13
replaceafillwhat about sheets you can move?17:14
replaceafilllike MOCK or Target17:14
th1aOh, I see.17:14
th1aWell, I could guess what would be easiest for you...17:15
th1aCould you literally move them?17:15
replaceafillhide in old term, create sheet in new term17:15
th1aWhatever works.17:15
th1aWhatever is easiest.17:15
replaceafilli think hide in old term, create in new term is easiest17:16
th1aIf someone moves it after the teachers have entered their data, that is their problem.17:16
replaceafillthat's what i was thinking17:16
replaceafillwe'd need to copy evaluations to do that right17:16
replaceafillsounds messy17:16
replaceafillcool, i'll add this logic17:17
replaceafilli'll deal with the UCE form today17:19
replaceafilland if possible17:19
th1aI'll send a followup note to Fran.17:19
replaceafillstart with reports17:19
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:19
th1aOK, and aim to throw up an instance tonight.17:20
replaceafillah ok17:20
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:26
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:26
replaceafilli'll go get coffee17:26
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