IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-02-13

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:04
th1aWhat's your mental state: frazzled or fried?16:04
replaceafillhey th1a16:04
* replaceafill looks up frazzled16:05
replaceafillfrazzled = almost fried?16:05
th1aStill somewhat functional.  ;-)16:05
replaceafillfrazzled probably :)16:05
replaceafillUCE exams work now btw16:06
replaceafillgive me a few minutes, i'm going to update your instance16:07
replaceafilli'll blow the db16:07
replaceafillimporting sample data th1a16:29
th1aDo you have uganda sample data now?16:29
replaceafilluce exam16:29
replaceafilllook for student00016:29
replaceafillFlorian Hart16:30
replaceafilli should have showed the UCE sheet so you can see the scores saved16:30
th1aOh!  I've never seen the new school pages from a teacher's point of view.16:32
replaceafillyou mean /manage?16:33
th1aminor point, but I think this should be 2.9 not 3.0dev16:33
th1aI don't want any number chaos.16:33
th1aIf you enter an incorrect search term (no results), you get thrown to an unstyled page.16:34
replaceafilloh, i need to prevent submit on the form16:35
replaceafillor set the right action i guess16:35
th1aDid you test these against the example result form Fran sent us?16:39
replaceafillyes, but i think the grading system has changed16:39
replaceafilli checked the numbers in the image16:40
th1aYeah, they don't match.16:40
replaceafilland they don't match the current logic16:40
replaceafillthe first row16:40
replaceafillmatches division 316:40
replaceafillbecause there're are at least 5 subjects passed16:40
th1aSo the one change from my mockup you didn't catch is she wants the AGRGT and RSLT explicitly entered in that row.16:41
replaceafilland some of them are credit scores16:41
th1aSo RSLT isn't some like, crazy rounding error something.  You're counting passed courses?16:41
replaceafillso we need to save AGGRT and RSLT?16:42
th1aWell, I was just thinking of using them as checksums.16:42
th1atbh, at this point I'm going to recommend moving on and maybe getting back to it.16:42
replaceafilli wonder if she could get us a 2014 sample16:43
th1aOK, not to emphasize the negative here, but what else are they going to notice isn't done.16:43
th1aCourses -> Subjects.16:43
replaceafilllet me try that change now16:44
th1aError handling works for UCE.16:47
th1aInvalid inputs.16:49
th1aWrong course #.16:49
th1aOK.  I think the schools will be really happy with this.16:51
th1aThe other thing for this morning replaceafill would be what you just said, can we get the results in a visible sheet?16:52
th1aIf not, no biggie.16:52
replaceafilli need to blow the db again16:55
replaceafilldone th1a16:59
replaceafillUCE sheet is in Term 2 sections16:59
th1aJust in time.  ;-)16:59
th1aShould I be seeing Subjects instead of Courses?17:02
replaceafilltranslation doesn't work17:02
th1aSo... ?17:02
th1aIs that not doable?17:03
replaceafilli think the en-UG locale it's the problem17:03
replaceafilloh no17:03
th1aJust requires some fiddling?17:03
replaceafillwe can override "en"17:03
replaceafilli remember we did it for nigeria17:03
replaceafillthe same way17:03
replaceafilli'm probably forgetting sothing17:03
th1aAnything else you already know they'll notice?17:04
th1aShould I be showing them the tom server then?17:04
replaceafilli guess17:04
replaceafillthat's the latest code17:04
replaceafillwith a proper sample data17:04
replaceafillno reports, but sample data :/17:04
replaceafilli'll check the uganda locale17:05
th1aHangout invite?17:05
th1aOn sielibre mail?17:05
replaceafilli don't see any17:05
replaceafillah ok17:05
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th1aIt never occurred to me to not calculate the aggregate scores...18:07
th1aOr result...18:07
replaceafilli'm going to hang myself now...18:07
replaceafillwhat are we doing again with the report card?18:08
replaceafillmaybe you could mock that up18:08
th1aThe average scores from Assessment sheets have to show up as options (scores you can add) in the report card layout.18:09
th1aThere is some kind of flag or something that indicates what should be included in that menu.18:09
replaceafillthose come from a deployed activities list18:10
th1aPlus maybe some journal stuff.18:11
replaceafillok, i'll deal with it18:12
replaceafillit doesn't sound easy though18:12
replaceafilli'll go get some coffee18:14
th1aIt shouldn't be hard but I guess it is an obscure corner you've not explored.18:15
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?20:20
replaceafillth1a, yeah20:20
th1aOK, can we go through this fran email?20:21
th1aTargets: is this a report sheet and thus would it even be possible to use the target there?20:22
replaceafillit's not a report sheet20:22
replaceafillit's a regular sheet20:22
replaceafillwith deployed attribute set20:23
replaceafillso it acts like one20:23
replaceafillthe target is using the discrete score system20:23
replaceafillthere's just one column20:24
th1anot percentage.20:24
th1aBasically she could choose today and we could make it one or the other?20:24
replaceafillwe could have both20:24
th1aI mean, doesn't it affect the reports as well?20:25
th1aI'd want them to decide at this point I'd think.20:25
replaceafillreports can look up total or average if needed20:26
replaceafillnot the column20:26
th1aI was going to recommend getting rid of the total column entirely.20:26
th1a(by default)20:26
replaceafillhide it?20:27
th1a(moving onto the next one)20:27
replaceafillthat's a user preference20:27
replaceafillit'd require overwriting the template20:28
th1aYeah, I know.20:28
th1aThat's why I kept biting my tongue.20:29
replaceafilldoable, but not for today20:29
th1aOK, I see what she means.20:29
replaceafillmax points?20:30
th1aYeah, we're not doing that.20:30
th1aDon't worry about that one at all.20:30
replaceafillit's weird actually20:30
th1aIt is a good point but extremely minor.20:30
replaceafilli remember discrete scoresystems did that20:30
th1aI don't like that total column at all, it is just a jelkner thing.20:31
th1aI want to ask if she'd rather have the uce scores appear in a slider for each student or a big report.20:32
th1aI mean, you may be able to get both done.20:32
replaceafillslider is definetily faster20:33
replaceafilland i don't think that UCE report provides *analysis* value...20:33
th1aOK.  I'll try to narrow her down.20:34
th1aDoing the whole table in html vs excel the thing is that you can't fit that many numbers in a legible web page anyhow.20:35
th1aDid you look at the report card situation.20:35
replaceafilli'm going to request your assistance on that20:36
replaceafillmock it for now20:36
th1aOK.  I can do that.20:36
replaceafilli have been to that part of the code20:36
replaceafillmany times20:36
replaceafillso i'll punt on that one20:37
replaceafilli mean, for today20:37
replaceafillby today, can i assume tonight?20:37
th1atonight is part of today, yes.20:38
replaceafillyeah, because i have a parents meeting20:38
th1aWhat are you thinking in terms of working this weekend.20:38
th1aYou need a day off I'd think.20:38
replaceafillthe sooner i'm done with all of this (if i'm able to) the better20:39
replaceafilli plan to work tomorrow20:39
replaceafillfull day20:39
th1aOK.  Your call.20:40
th1aThanks replaceafill.20:40
replaceafillthanks th1a20:40
th1abtw, I'd be fine with switching Ave to % in schooltool gradebook proper.20:42
* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:47
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