IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-10-01

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mobert"WARNING: Pygments lexer name u'sandbox' is not known"01:20
mobertNever mind, I figured it out. :)01:29
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th1ahi replaceafill.17:29
replaceafillhey th1a17:30
replaceafilli just sent you a couple of samples17:30
replaceafillfor the sign in & out17:30
replaceafilland the students list17:30
replaceafilli used students list instead of "class check list"17:30
replaceafilland we need report descriptions17:31
replaceafill[   ] was the closest i could get to a checkbox :(17:33
th1aOK, sign in and out.17:33
replaceafilli couldn't find a unicode character for it17:33
th1aThat runs on a group or section?17:33
th1aCouldn't find a box?17:34
replaceafilli mean17:34
replaceafillunicode has boxes17:34
replaceafilleven a checkbox17:34
replaceafillbut it seems like the ubuntu font and the liberation font17:34
replaceafilldon't include it17:34
replaceafilli'll look about it later17:35
replaceafillthere has to be a way :)17:35
th1aIt is just a square!17:36
th1aOK "Table of group/section members with spaces to sign in and out."17:36
replaceafillah cool17:37
replaceafilllet me change that17:37
replaceafillok, description updated17:38
th1aAh, can you make those say "Name" instead of "Title?"17:38
replaceafillah, sure17:38
th1aMake "Students List" just "Checklist."17:39
th1aI was thinking that there was more than just level on there.17:39
th1aIs that the only "extra" column?17:39
replaceafillthe sample also has Room 11417:40
replaceafillas a header17:40
replaceafillmaybe we could include the location for the section?17:40
th1aI was wondering if we should let you customize that extra column, but there's nothing obviously useful.17:41
th1aJust keep the brackets.17:42
th1aWe don't need a box snipe hunt.17:42
replaceafillis it ok to put the location below the instructors?17:42
th1aYeah, that's fine.17:42
replaceafilldescription for the checklist?17:43
th1aList of students with checkboxes.17:44
replaceafillth1a, do you remember the section roste report?17:45
replaceafilli'll send you a sample17:45
th1aI suspect it is similar...17:46
th1aShould we just add checkboxes?17:46
replaceafilli was thinking these two could be "merged" or something17:46
th1aThe new version is better.17:47
th1aJust make it the Section Roster.17:47
replaceafillah ok17:47
th1aAdd an ID column.17:47
replaceafillso we kill the old one17:47
replaceafillName, ID, Level17:47
th1aWe should probably number rows more often in these things too.17:47
th1aOr at least consider it.17:47
replaceafillso, we call it Section Roster instead of just Checklist, right?17:48
replaceafillbut use the description you just gave?17:49
th1aIt doesn't need a new description.17:49
replaceafillah ok17:49
replaceafillok, i also created the schooltool.ecdschools package17:51
replaceafillfor the custom functionality17:51
replaceafilli'm now working on the request view for the student name labels17:52
replaceafillthe view that allows you to add the third row to the labels17:52
replaceafilli'll send you another sample once that works17:52
replaceafillthat's it from me17:52
replaceafillthe Colombian guy didn't show up yesterday :(17:53
replaceafillno email either17:53
th1aI'm going to go over Matt's VirtualBox stuff today.  I think we settled on the "right" way to do it for either one or multiple servers, for testing.17:54
th1aSo I'll set three up myself.17:54
replaceafillah cool17:54
th1a(basically you set them up with two adapters, one behind a virtual nat, one in a hidden virtual local network)17:55
th1aSo then you can set them up with static IPs to talk to each other, but also download stuff.17:55
th1aAnd they're not visible on your public network.17:55
replaceafillthat still hasn't landed in the book, right?17:56
th1aIt is a bit of overkill, but in particular you can explain the setup more specifically since you're not like "And then figure out what address the dhcp server gave you, etc."17:56
th1aRight now it is in Matt's branch.17:56
th1aI think.17:56
th1aSo I guess this'll be a VM day for me, since I now have a big enough hard drive at my disposal.17:58
th1aAs opposed to my laptop ssd.17:58
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:58
replaceafillyou can have VMs *and* pictures now!17:58
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:58
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:59
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th1aWow, I can download a server ISO in 2 minutes now.  :-O19:47
th1areplaceafill:  I need an invoice, btw.20:14
replaceafillth1a, ah ok20:14
th1aWe've got some post-trip expenses to clear...20:15
replaceafillkk, will send tonight20:16
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