IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-09-30

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a17:30
th1aHow are the reports coming?17:33
replaceafillgood making progress17:33
replaceafilli have a question17:34
replaceafilli'm now with the "custom" reports17:34
replaceafillare we putting those in a separate package just for Rick?17:34
th1aI think I specified...17:35
th1aMostly not.17:35
th1aThere are one or two that obviously are.17:35
replaceafilli'm talking about those17:35
replaceafillreport to director17:36
th1aThe report to director... I don't know if there is a quicker way than making a full package.17:36
replaceafillwell, making a plugin is not that hard for me (anymore)17:37
th1aIt is probably quicker than explaining it.17:37
replaceafilli just usually copy the skeleton17:37
th1aExplaining another method.17:37
th1aSo yes, I guess so.17:37
replaceafillwe could use branches and a script17:37
replaceafilllike we did for Sakeji at the beginning17:37
replaceafillbut i think a plugin is worth17:37
replaceafilldid you send your Report Specs email to Rick?17:38
replaceafillthere's a question there17:38
th1aPPA's are really the killer feature for us in Launchpad at this point.17:38
replaceafillabout the Alert boolean17:38
replaceafillnot sure if he replied17:38
th1aWhat was the question?17:38
replaceafilli added a new demographic called Alert Comment17:38
replaceafilland you asked:17:39
replaceafill"(does there also need to be an Alert boolean?)"17:39
replaceafilli guess we could check if the Alert Comment field has any data17:39
th1aOh, shit.  I didn't send that to him!17:40
th1aI don't think we need a separate boolean.17:40
th1aI think at this point they don't need a custom attendance form.17:41
th1aI mean, we don't really need to do that at this point.17:41
th1aBut we could and probably should let users add info columns to the attendance/gradebooks, and print them.17:41
th1aIf you already did it it is ok.17:42
replaceafillno, not yet17:42
th1aI need to remind myself not to bend over backwards too much for non-paying future users.17:42
th1aBut in general these are useful generic reports.17:43
replaceafillcustomizing the gradebooks seems like a good idea17:43
replaceafill+ printing them17:43
replaceafillso, we'll only have the report to the director in the custom package17:45
th1aYou can see why I was kind of trying to get rid of it entirely...17:46
replaceafilli think i'll have a couple of samples later today17:48
replaceafilldwelsh wrote17:49
th1aJust to you?17:50
replaceafilli was wondering if he has your email wrong17:50
replaceafilli'll fwd17:51
th1aI have them.17:51
th1aNot sure why I didn't see them.17:52
replaceafillif i understand correctly, he wants the same skills loaded?17:52
replaceafillit's kind of a deja vu feeling for some reason17:52
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th1aWell, that would be the question.17:52
th1aDave can't wrap his head around the idea that the default state is to not change the skills every year.17:53
th1aSo if they haven't changed, they shouldn't need to do anything.17:53
replaceafilli remember you and him already had this discussion17:53
th1aHypothetically he could change the id's in excel?17:53
replaceafilli think he can change anything but the id's17:54
replaceafilli mean17:54
replaceafillthe importers usually match by id17:54
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replaceafilli just logged in to his instance17:56
replaceafilland it seems like we did the same for 2013 :D17:56
replaceafilli mean17:56
replaceafillthere is a 2012 custom list17:56
replaceafilla 201317:56
th1aSo basically they have _2013 appended to the ID, right?17:58
replaceafillyou probably meant he should export the skills17:59
replaceafilland then change the ids in excel?17:59
th1aWell, whatever.17:59
th1aWherever they're coming from.17:59
replaceafilli'm looking to see if i still have those files17:59
replaceafilliirc i converted somehow17:59
th1aI'm almost done with an email.18:00
replaceafillconverted them*18:00
replaceafillyeah, last year David sent me his custom 2011 format files18:00
replaceafilland i created the xls18:00
th1atbh, I *really* don't want to be getting this email next October if we both have new jobs...18:01
th1aSo let's try to get it resolved...18:01
mibofraehm hi :)18:40
mibofracan someone says to me if schooltool web gui feets also the mobile devices?18:40
th1amobert:  Can you get me a parking pass?18:41
th1ahi mibofra.18:41
th1aWe don't have a different web ui for mobile devices at this point.18:41
th1aIt works pretty well on a tablet.18:42
mibofraah ok, th1a can you also says to me if there is a billing module or similar to manage the personell and the economy of a school, and localization in italian :) ?18:46
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th1amibofra:  We have been working on this for a client:
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