IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-09-24

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th1aHi replaceafill.  Send you my feedback draft.17:28
th1aThere are a few things in red I need help with.17:28
replaceafillhey th1a17:28
replaceafillah ok17:28
th1aMostly I just don't have a PEAS instance handy.17:29
replaceafillthe demo?17:30
replaceafillok, about the filter class17:31
replaceafilli think they only want the S1, S2,... S6 groups17:31
replaceafilli think we can just filter the built-in groups out17:31
replaceafillthe different between class and level:17:33
replaceafillwell, class is group membership17:33
replaceafilllevel is the person-level relationship17:33
th1aOh, right.  I was looking at the wrong form anyhow!17:33
th1aThat's partly why I was confused.17:33
replaceafill"Could this possibly be broken to day/boarding?"17:34
th1aOK, we don't have "class" at all.17:34
replaceafillnot sure if they want an additional filter there17:34
th1aThat's part of what I was confused about.17:34
replaceafillnot really17:34
replaceafillfilter class at the beginning was "filter group"17:34
replaceafillbut Sunesh requested the change17:34
replaceafillwhen he was in Uganda17:35
replaceafillremember he was sending feedback every day17:35
th1aI was looking at the RIGHT form then...17:35
replaceafillStudent Attendance tab17:35
th1aRight, but I didn't update the docs.17:35
replaceafillchanging the attendance codes still needs modifying the code17:36
replaceafillbut it's not a big change17:36
replaceafillnot sure about the "How does one add students, teacher, etc?" question17:37
replaceafillfrom People?17:37
th1aRight... that just has Add Student Add Teacher atm for them, right?17:37
th1aI seem to remember discussing flagging those class groups somehow.17:40
th1aLike with a description string or something.17:40
replaceafillbut for the ideal report the requested17:41
replaceafilllet me see if i have something in my notes about it17:42
replaceafillno, nothing17:45
replaceafilli remember that we concluded it was not necessary to mark the groups17:45
replaceafillbecause we could use the level relationship instead17:46
th1aOh, right...17:48
th1aI don't remember what I'm talking about.17:48
replaceafillthank you logs!17:48
* replaceafill is going to die if something happens to the logs :D17:49
th1aWe might need to buy a bot.17:49
replaceafillagain, i think the problem is my demo data17:49
replaceafillsorry about that17:49
th1aSo... the correct answer here is:17:49
th1aa) we'll take the default groups out;17:50
th1ab) "class" is really "groups," which for them will be things like "S2B"17:50
th1ac) levels (aside from being levels) are like "S2"17:51
th1aThen, we'll fix the coding, and I'll explain adding.17:53
th1aAny concerns about my answers?17:53
replaceafillno, they're good17:53
replaceafilllol "We copied from ARK's system"17:54
th1aOK, how are you doing?17:57
replaceafillgood, finished the journal fix17:57
replaceafilli should finish packaging today17:57
replaceafillhowever i discovered something strange17:58
replaceafilli ran all the tests yesterday17:58
replaceafillthe whole suit17:58
replaceafillcore, gradebook, journal17:58
replaceafilland some schoolyear tests fail if they're run together17:59
replaceafillbut if i just run them independently, they pass17:59
replaceafilli assume is some broken teardown17:59
replaceafilli need more zope.testrunner-fu :18:00
replaceafillnot a big deal though18:00
th1aOK.  Feel free to fix it.18:00
replaceafillsure, thanks18:01
replaceafillother than that18:01
replaceafilli think i can move to the simple reports now18:01
replaceafilli mean, you don't plan to start back on ARK or anything?18:01
th1aThere's not enough to do.  We're waiting on reports.18:02
th1a(from ARK)18:02
replaceafillbtw Obinna sent a follow-up question18:03
replaceafillabout Primary, Secondary18:03
replaceafillgood call on pointing to the remote.html18:04
th1aTook me a minute to remember.18:04
th1aI'll have Matt change that.18:04
* replaceafill done18:05
th1aWe worked on instructions for the multi-school sandbox network on VirtualBox yesterday.18:05
th1aSo we should have that documented for doing it "correctly."18:05
replaceafillth1a, are we meeting tomorrow?18:06
replaceafillor Friday?18:06
replaceafilli remember you said you'll be away, right?18:06
th1aCan we do 9:30 tomorrow?18:06
replaceafillah sure18:07
th1aI'll be sending an email to Tony Nelson momentarily, too.18:07
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:16
replaceafillthanks th1a18:17
replaceafillbb in ~3018:17
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