IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-09-25

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moberthey th1a, I'm going to revise sandbox.rst tonight01:47
mobertI want to take out the entire "NAT vs. Bridged Adapter" section (along with those three screenshots) and replace it with something based on the configuration documented here:
th1ahi mobert.02:22
th1aYes, that's fine.02:22
mobertI've changed the heading to "Network Adapter Settings" and I'm working on that now.02:23
mobertWhat was the "pointing to remote.html" reference above?02:25
th1aMoving the page about making the site accessible outside the host from the sys admin section to the main install thread.02:25
mobertOK, as opposed to just linking to the sysadmin section from the main install thread.02:26
mobertSo it's more of a TOC edit.02:27
mobertI'll take a look at that in a minute, after I commit the new Network Adapter Settings section.02:28
mobertBRB, dinner break.02:39
mobertI'm back.03:21
mobertbzr commit -m "moved remote section from administrators TOC to install-toc."03:21
mobertPushed up to revision 375 in my branch.03:22
mobertHad to "make clean" in order to get Sphinx to regenerate TOC trees, but all's well now.03:25
mobertAlso fixed "system-requirements.rst:83: ERROR: Unexpected indentation."03:38
mobertPushed revision 379 in lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool-book/matt-book04:21
mobertI wrote about half of the VirtualBox Host-Only Networking tutorial tonight, and added a bunch of screenshots.04:23
mobertWe could just link to instead of paraphrasing.04:24
mobertI'll try to finish that section by tomorrow night, either way.04:26
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th1ahi replaceafill.19:20
th1aPower back on?19:20
replaceafillhey th1a19:20
replaceafilli finally discovered why the schoolyear tests are failing when i run the whole suite19:22
replaceafillthe suite is not being finished correctly19:22
replaceafillth1a, this is why electricity is... unstable these days:
th1aHoly shit, that's some rain!19:26
th1aIs that near you?19:26
replaceafillthat's my hometown19:26
replaceafillbut San Salvador is not very different19:26
th1aI see.19:27
th1aBetter than Ebola.19:28
th1aThat's called looking on the bright side.19:28
th1aIs your neighborhood flooded?19:28
replaceafillthe neighborhood next to us was last night19:28
replaceafillhow do you call an "underground" river...?19:29
replaceafillwe have a couple of those around here19:29
th1aI don't know if we have those.19:30
th1aIs your family flooded out?19:30
replaceafillmy parents house got its backyard flooded19:31
th1aThey had weird flooding in southern England last year.19:32
th1aSome low lying areas that are probably fairly flood prone flooded around Christmas (I think),19:33
th1aand then... it just kept raining and they stayed flooded for months.19:33
th1aIt was an exercise in fuzzy logic -- at what point does a routine cronic problem become a disaster.19:34
th1aThen everyone has to scramble to escape blame.19:34
th1aOK, we're getting ready to leave.19:36
replaceafillah ok19:36
replaceafilli'm fixing these tests19:37
th1aGoing down to a cottage on the coast for the night.19:37
th1aQuick getaway.19:37
replaceafillor test suite19:37
th1aThey have wifi.19:37
th1aWe have some xls reports to do for ARK next week.19:37
replaceafillah yes19:37
replaceafilli just saw your email19:37
replaceafilli was thinking we could merge these test fixes back to the ark branches19:38
replaceafillso they "seem" stable again19:38
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