IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-06-13

th1areplaceafill:  Can you make the small changes to the demographics field so we can send Sunesh the import spreadsheet?01:04
th1aYou can just send me that sheet and I'll split it apart and send him some commentary tomorrow.01:34
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th1ahi replaceafill16:02
replaceafillhey th1a16:02
replaceafillno news from Sunesh?16:03
th1aguess not16:04
th1aReports today?16:05
replaceafilli'm creating the groups manually16:05
replaceafilland using S1, S2 and so on in the description16:06
replaceafillto gather them in the report16:06
replaceafilli have until sunday to package all of this, right?16:07
replaceafillschooltool.peas is still not packaged16:07
replaceafilland core and journal will need an update16:07
th1aBasically, although it is a matter of figuring out the least frightening sequence.16:08
th1aSunesh might be more reassured by seeing the package with the current bits sooner rather than later, if you know what I mean.16:08
th1aSo I wouldn't save that step for last.16:09
th1a(making the package and getting it on LP)16:09
replaceafilli could package what we have currently16:09
th1aIf that works, and the reports are just there when he installs monday even, then that should get the job done.16:10
replaceafillwhat if i package anything i come up to by the end of the day?16:11
th1aThat would be fine, I'd think.16:12
th1aThe weird thing about ARK/PEAS is that for the ARK guys, this is kind of an extra thing dumped on their workload.16:12
replaceafillthis? packages/the pilot?16:13
th1aI mean, it is hard to tell how much time Sunesh is even able to spend on it today.16:13
th1aI just don't know.16:13
th1aSo anyhow, yeah, try to get packages in the PPA tonight.16:14
replaceafillwill you be around today?16:14
th1aAnd update the instructions, which presumably is just to apt-get install schooltool.peas16:14
th1aI will be around.16:14
th1aJust got my shopping done and it is raining.16:15
replaceafillit's been raining here too16:15
replaceafillok, i think that's it from me th1a16:15
replaceafillwe'll add these S1, S2, S3 to a new accordiong, right?16:16
replaceafillwith a jstree (like groups and sections)16:16
th1aThey are levels.16:16
th1aGood thing I remembered that...16:17
th1aThat's a per-level report.16:17
replaceafilloh, so they can just assign the person to the level then?16:18
replaceafilland the group description points to the level16:18
th1aOK, well, and I should probably note this to sunesh, you have the levels,16:19
th1aand then you have groups which are subsets of the levels.16:19
th1aI'm not actually looking at the report this second...16:19
th1aS1 is a level.16:19
replaceafillS1A, S1B are groups16:19
replaceafillboth with S1 as the description16:20
th1aDo we need those groups in the attendance reports?16:20
th1aBut yes, we can just link them in the description.16:20
replaceafillno, just the levels16:20
replaceafillcan we try using the level ID in the description16:21
replaceafilleven if the user can't control it16:21
th1aI don't remember why that is even necessary.16:21
replaceafillwe could match by title16:21
th1aJust remind me...16:21
replaceafillhold on, i'm checking the reports16:23
th1aOh, to filter?16:23
replaceafillyes, you did ask for the group filter to be sorted because of that i think16:24
th1aOK, but I don't think we really need the description link for that.16:24
th1aIt is just levels and groups.16:25
replaceafillso student is assigned to level S2 and a member of S2B16:25
replaceafillwe use the level for grouping in the report16:25
replaceafilland the group for filtering16:25
replaceafillmy new question here is related to the filtering + the reports16:26
replaceafillso you filter by group, right? you get everyone in S1B or whatever16:27
replaceafillwhen you try to get the report, should you get the same filtering applied?16:27
replaceafillif you know what i mean16:27
th1aI don't think you should, no.16:28
replaceafillso the reports show everyone16:28
replaceafilli mean, count everyone16:28
replaceafillok, i'm going to get something to eat16:29
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillthanks th1a16:30
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sarthorHi, I have install that software on my ubuntu, with no GUI, Can access using URL, web_log shows nothing.18:26
th1aI need to move that into a more obvious spot...18:31
sarthormenesis: great, worked great, what will be default login/password. my 1st time. looking great.18:33
th1alogin: manager18:34
th1apassword: schooltool18:34
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th1aEverything under control replaceafill?20:39
replaceafillyeah th1a20:40
replaceafilli've put everything in place20:40
replaceafillfor not blowing up if they use section journals :)20:40
replaceafilldifferent requirements for teachers and students20:40
replaceafilland set their score systems20:40
th1aah good20:41
replaceafillworking on "autofill all as present"20:41
th1aOK.  It stopped raining so I'm going for an after-dinner skate.20:42
* replaceafill sees no point on marking everyone as present...20:42
replaceafillah ok20:42
replaceafilllaterz th1a20:42
th1aIs that your interpretation of American skate lingo?20:42
replaceafillnot skate specific i think :P20:45
th1aOK, laterz dude.20:45
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h22:16
replaceafillth1a, all features done and core/journal branches packaged23:19
replaceafillwill put report in the peas package23:19

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