IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-09-11

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matera_ttphi guys, just a quick question10:26
matera_ttpcan I use custom scores for students? Not A,B,etc but numbers from 1 to 1210:27
matera_ttpsorry, have already found in documentation10:42
matera_ttpit's possible10:42
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th1ahi replaceafill.18:32
replaceafillhey th1a18:32
th1ahi menesis.18:32
* th1a is not sure when I should begin to welcome menesis to meetings.18:33
th1aAlso, the big news of the morning is that it looks like mgedmin may be doing some work on SchoolTool again, after a very long hiatus.18:33
replaceafillah nice18:34
th1aSo, we'll have to discuss what he might do.18:34
th1amgedmin is somewhat of a testing expert, so if you want any kind of advanced testing harness, that would be one option.18:34
* mgedmin suggests fixing tests in trunk as first step18:34
replaceafillmgedmin, i almost finish that18:35
replaceafilli'll try to merge all the branches for monday18:35
th1ahi menesis.18:35
th1aI'm also apparently having dinner tonight with alga and yvl.18:37
th1aIt is like old home week with the Lithuanians.18:37
th1aOther mgedmin options might be:18:37
th1a* calendar-related refresh, since he may still understand some of that better than replaceafill.18:38
th1aAnd that's not been touched in a long time.18:38
th1a* messages -- yvl put in place be bones of essentially a message/news feed for users in SchoolTool, but right now it only tells you when your reports are printed.  Obviously it could do a lot more.18:39
replaceafillability to delete them would be nice18:40
th1aThere are 1001 possible features for it.18:40
menesisand hide them from the person page18:42
th1a* setting different permissions for past and upcoming years -- basically making it difficult to change things in past years, and easier to change things in upcoming years (while you're tweaking the setup), with the active/current year behaving as they do currently.18:42
menesisat least from other users18:42
th1aGood point menesis!18:42
th1aBasically, there are a number of possibilities, and I'd like to find a good fit for mgedmin's skills/interest.18:44
th1aThere is no particular flaming issue that he MUST DO.18:44
th1aSo we can think and talk about that further later.18:45
mgedminno plans to migrate to git? ;)18:45
th1aWe're pretty deeply wired into Launchpad's processes at this point.18:46
th1aIn the meantime, how are the multi-school reports coming replaceafill?18:48
replaceafillalmost done18:48
replaceafillworking on the xls now18:48
replaceafill(xls export)18:48
replaceafillyesterday i played a little with the sampledata plugins18:49
replaceafillto populate my 3 sample schools18:49
th1aI probably should have made us stick with that.18:49
replaceafillfor this case it's perfect18:50
th1aIt just became its own little nightmare of sample data dependencies.18:50
replaceafillwell, for creating year, term, students, enrollments, levels, etc18:50
replaceafillit's ok18:50
replaceafilli mean, simple stuff18:51
replaceafilli imagine it can get complicated18:51
th1aYeah, I mean, now that the dust has settled on the scope of SchoolTool as it is, it should be a bit more sane.18:51
th1aIt was hairier back in the mgedmin days when we were adding new bits all the time.18:51
replaceafillbut it's way faster than recording the selenium IDE session, playback, etc18:51
th1aAnd the scope wasn't settled, we were still imagining a lot more arbitrary plug-ins.18:52
replaceafillanyway, i flourish-ed the view for that18:52
replaceafillyou only use it in devmoe18:52
th1aYou know, like plugging in the all Zope 3 version of Plone which was going to emerge Real Soon Now.18:52
replaceafilli think i should be done with the report today18:53
replaceafillquick question18:53
replaceafillfor the report sheets columns18:54
replaceafillwe're sticking to the "common ones" pattern, correct?18:54
th1aFor this iteration at least.18:54
replaceafillthat's it from me18:54
th1aI'm going to write Laurynas about PoV, try to get mobert rolling on some new content for the book tonight.  Have some grilled pizza with alga and yvl...18:58
th1aFollow up with Don.18:59
th1amenesis:  Do you have some dates when you're planning on working on SchoolTool for a sustained period of time?18:59
th1aThanks replaceafill.19:08
replaceafillthanks th1a19:08
menesisth1a: no, I don't have concrete plans with dates19:09
menesisat the moment and for the next week I'm busy19:10
menesisbut then maybe I can find time19:10
th1aOK, that's what I needed to know for now, thanks menesis.19:11
menesisI've noticed some packages are uninstallable in ubuntu 14.10. I definitely have to fix that19:12
menesisI should update schooltool to 2.8.1 in ubuntu, I guess?19:13
th1aWell, that's an open question menesis.19:20
th1aI mean, essentially, we just want people using 14.04 LTS.19:20
th1aotoh, all things considered, it would be better to have a SchoolTool in 14.10 universe than not.19:21
th1aI'd say with each release we just have to assess how much work would be necessary.19:21
th1aBut our docs are going to say unambiguously to use 14.04, basically forever.19:22
menesishave to decide shortly (on the version)19:25
menesisbut packages that are there should be installable at least19:25
menesisafter some upgrades of zope libraries (in debian) they are not, I suppose19:25
menesishave not upgraded/installed in virtualbox utopic yet19:26
th1aThere are important bugfixes in 2.8.1, so I'd say it is worth it to switch to that, if we're going to have a schooltool inthere.19:26
menesisto check19:26
menesisI have backported bugfixes to 2.6.5dev19:27
th1aI mean, take a look, and if you feel like it is just going to be an ever-increasing hairball to keep a working SchoolTool in Ubuntu, we can just pull the plug and say "use 14.04 and our PPA."19:27
menesisa week before Douglas released 2.8.119:27
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