IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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th1atrying to activate our new debit card...16:31
th1aok, just a sec replaceafill.16:34
th1aOK, that's sorted so I can switch our payments over to the new account.16:36
th1aOK, so where are we with the multi-school report?16:38
th1a(context switching...)16:39
replaceafillhold on16:39
replaceafillnot much16:39
replaceafillbut the filters are working now16:39
replaceafilli'll work on the "add columns" part today16:40
replaceafilland probably the actual xls exporting16:40
replaceafilli also need to add the School filter16:41
th1aOK.  No big surprises is the main thing.16:41
replaceafillnot yet :)16:41
th1aThis seemed like a whole week job.16:41
th1aSmelled like it.  ;-)16:41
replaceafillagain, it's harder to do stuff outside schooltool services16:42
th1aWhich services are we talking about?16:43
replaceafilli mean, viewlets, table formatters, etc16:43
replaceafillthey're not available in the bottle space16:43
replaceafill(the dashboard)16:43
th1aNot so much database issues though?16:44
replaceafillnot really16:44
replaceafillit's just about reading the right files16:44
replaceafilland extract the right data16:45
th1aDo you want to get breakfast while I get this server purchased?16:45
replaceafillah sure16:45
replaceafillwe're really setting up with no contract/payment first?16:46
th1aI mean, I could just get it for one month first...16:46
replaceafillth1a, glenda fixed the importer issue20:01
replaceafillbut i think now she has to either update her docs or importing template20:02
replaceafilli'm not sure if this is a bug in the importer20:02
replaceafillshould it skip these fields?20:02
replaceafilli don't think so20:02
th1aWhat happened precisely?20:02
replaceafilluser started from scratch20:03
replaceafillfollowed glenda's doc probably20:03
replaceafilland inserted the demo fields they need20:03
replaceafillbut the new demo fields were inserted AFTER the un-enroll fields20:03
replaceafillso user followed the current import sheet20:03
th1aOK, we added fields in 2.8.120:04
th1aSo yes, she needs a new sheet.20:04
replaceafillcould you get her last question?20:04
replaceafilli'm not good at explaining things :)20:04
th1aUh... I don't know which fields.20:04
replaceafillDate of un-enrollment, Reason for un-enrollment and Destination20:04
th1areplaceafill:  are those added to exising demographics?20:09
replaceafillat the end20:09
th1aAch, the skatepark is closed tonight.  Can we meet at 11:30 tomorrow?  ;-)20:21
replaceafilli've been unable to run for 1.5 weeks now20:26
replaceafilli know how you feel20:26
th1aBecause of weather?20:26
replaceafillstrained thigh20:26
th1aRunning is tough.20:27
replaceafilli used to hate it20:27
th1aGood that you've been able to get into it.20:31
th1aWe should set something up to monitor the paid sites -- send us a text when they're down.20:51
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replaceafillth1a, nagios maybe?21:26
replaceafillwe could use the new vps + sielibre.com21:26
replaceafilland maybe add dev and while we have them :)21:27
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th1areplaceafill:  That's probably overkill considering what Linode has built in.21:43
th1aI just mean pretty much pinging the site regularly.21:43
replaceafillsome custom script may work then21:45
th1aYeah, not rocket science.21:46
* th1a was just eyeing his old plug computer...21:46
th1athe problem with jelkner's invoice was just literally, I'm wasn't here to deposit a check, right?21:48
replaceafillyou said something like "i can't do it from here"21:50
th1aActually, I guess you can just mail checks to the bank.21:51
th1aI found that out because my mother in law was doing it for us all year.21:51
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb ~1h22:00

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