IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-06-19

th1aMoving the buttons further apart sounds fine.00:00
th1aWe could do that in general.00:00
th1aOK mid year additions for attendance.00:01
replaceafillthat's a tricky one00:01
th1aIf the teacher does it right, it'll just show some spurious blanks I'd think.00:02
th1aBut it is already calculating based on explicit marks.00:02
replaceafillwe do have dates everywhere00:03
replaceafilli mean for that report00:03
th1aYou can just make it check to see when the student enrolled and unenrolled (if at all)00:04
th1aWell, realistically, we should do this right on the regular journal as well though, and just blank out days when the student is not enrolled.00:06
th1aRather than do it at the report step.00:06
th1aMake them inactive cells.00:06
th1aThat's a bit more of a job.00:07
th1aAt this point, the calculation is based on explicit marks, so the calculation would be correct, but the days before (or after) the student was enrolled would be counted as blank entries, which might make it look like the teacher had not been taking attendance.  We will make the attendance register smarter about this – making the cells inactive for days the student was not enrolled.  This is more complicated than the rest of this list however, so m00:08
th1aight take longer.00:08
th1aAh, my window manager just crapped out.00:11
th1aIt doesn't get along with LibreOffice, I think.00:11
th1aI guess all the windows I need are on top.00:12
th1aGraduated students stay in the system, with their contact details.  You can make a separate group to help track them in future years.00:12
th1aI think we may have to add a teacher attendance score system.00:12
replaceafillit is there00:13
replaceafilli created two00:13
replaceafillone for students and one for teachers00:13
th1aOK, Should I ask for abbreviations?00:13
replaceafilli guess absent-authorized should not be counted, right?00:15
th1aI'll ask.00:15
th1aOK.  Can you work out how you would want these to be abbreviated for easy entry?  Ideally one or two letter codes would be best.  Absent-authorized still counts as absent, correct?  And Late is different than absent?00:16
replaceafillwe have Late in the current scoresystem00:16
replaceafillit's not counted00:16
th1aPart-time teachers: We have a timetabling system to keep track of what is supposed to happen on different days in the school, so presumably the way to do this would be to set up timetables and the tie the teacher attendance into that.  That would require some work.00:18
replaceafilland then tie00:19
th1aDate of birth thoughts?00:19
th1aJust use 1/1?00:19
replaceafillif there are a lot of students in that condition they could create a demo field00:21
th1aFinally: We should be able to get the small issues above done next week, with excluding unenrolled days from the attendance and possibly managing part-time teachers taking longer and perhaps being deferred for a while.00:23
th1aOr perhaps more than a week?00:25
replaceafilli'd say more than a week00:25
replaceafilli was just checking the calendar00:25
th1aTwo weeks.00:26
th1aUnder promise.  ;-)00:27
th1aOK, I have to reboot and then I'll send this.00:27
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replaceafillth1a, i'm only going to include the new xls in the update for tomorrow00:51
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th1aHi replaceafill.15:59
replaceafillhey th1a15:59
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