IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-06-20

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:00
replaceafillhey th1a16:00
replaceafillany news?16:01
th1aAn inquiry from a hosting company in England.16:02
th1aThey're ok with 20%, will talk to the client.16:02
replaceafillah, great16:02
th1aNothing from Sunesh.16:04
th1aHow are things coming?16:05
replaceafillok, just one more item related to levels:16:05
replaceafillhow are we going to handle the date in the spreadsheet?16:07
replaceafilla separate column?16:07
th1aI guess, but then there is the issue of history?16:07
th1aMaybe it really has to be a separate sheet?16:08
th1aWell, we could let you import in just a row and set it to the current day.16:09
th1aBut also export/import the whole thing?16:09
th1aIn a separate sheet?16:09
replaceafillare we going to allow setting 'NO LEVEL' from the importer?16:11
th1aPeople wouldn't like not being able to set it easily.16:11
th1aI'd think.16:11
th1aBlank = NO LEVEL?16:11
replaceafilli was thinking of using NO LEVEL instead of blank16:11
th1aWhat if you leave it blank.16:12
replaceafillskip it?16:12
replaceafillshould we export only students?16:14
replaceafillor only people with levels assigned?16:14
th1aFor levels?16:14
th1aOnly people with levels.16:14
th1aI guess you'd have to deal with contradictions between the two places.16:14
th1aI guess just do the level sheet second and if it overwrites, oh well.16:15
th1aWell, what I was saying is maybe we could still just let you set the current level in the person import sheet in a regular column.16:17
th1aAnd have the separate full levels history sheet.16:17
th1aWhich might contradict each other.16:17
replaceafilli was thinking we should not touch the Persons sheet16:18
th1aPeople will be bummed if it is difficult for them to import the levels.16:18
th1aI mean, it is cleaner if it is just in one place, obviously.16:19
replaceafilla Level column in person would make it really easy16:20
replaceafillwhen you're creating new persons16:20
th1aThat's what people will want.16:20
replaceafillwe could ignore it if the person already exists16:21
th1aOK, so the issue is, history.16:21
th1aMaybe just blow that off for now?16:21
th1aWe don't claim that you can fully recreate all your data with an import/export at this point.16:21
th1aAnd we can add it later.16:22
replaceafillok, so, only a single column in Persons for now?16:22
th1aJust set it to the current day.16:22
replaceafillignore if the person exists already? or make it smarter enough to check and react?16:23
replaceafillif the level is different, update16:23
th1aIt would be important to check if it is different because then you can mass promote everyone.16:23
replaceafillif the level is NO LEVEL, deactivate current16:24
replaceafillif the level is blank or the same, ignore16:24
replaceafilli'll work on it and will release the level changes by the end of the day16:25
replaceafillquick question16:25
replaceafillwhat did we agree on the Advisory fieldset?16:25
th1aHide it?16:25
replaceafillare we going to hide the whole accordion?16:25
replaceafillah ok16:25
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replaceafillthe Level column has to go before demographics16:26
replaceafillin the sheet16:26
replaceafillnot a big deal, righT?16:26
th1aIs it a big deal?16:27
replaceafilli'll leave the move buttons appart task for next week16:27
th1aDoes it break the old sheet?16:27
th1aIt isn't a big deal to me.16:28
replaceafillthey just can just insert it16:28
replaceafillok, that's it th1a16:28
replaceafilli'll go get something to eat because i'm really hungry for some reason ;)16:29
th1aAlso, stay far away from your computer this weekend!16:30
replaceafillon monday i'll be at my folks16:30
replaceafilli'll be able to work16:30
replaceafillbut i'll be on my USB modem16:30
replaceafilljust in case you see me dropping sometime16:31
replaceafill(it's my fathers birthday)16:31
th1aOK, you'll need to check in, but a short day would not be a bad idea.16:31
replaceafillth1a, you around?19:00
th1ahi replaceafill.22:41
replaceafillhey th1a22:41
replaceafilli'm not done with import/export yet22:41
replaceafillbut i'm thinking i could package the other fixes22:42
replaceafillso you can check them?22:42
replaceafillsome QA22:42
replaceafilli think i'll finish import/export later tonight22:42
replaceafilloh, a few decisions:22:43
replaceafilli removed the Relationships fieldset from the add/edit views22:43
replaceafillsince we hide the advisory accordion completely22:43
th1aOh, ok.22:43
replaceafillis it ok if the Grade Level accordion is only shown for students?22:44
th1a Sure, why not.22:44
replaceafilli also removed the Grade Level subtitle from teachers22:44
th1aIf someone doesn't like it they can complain.22:44
replaceafillso, if they accidentally set a level for a teacher, they won't see it anymore22:44
replaceafillneither the subtitle or the accordion22:45
replaceafillok, i'll start packaging22:45
replaceafillth1a, just sent you an email with the updates23:17
replaceafillcore and journal packages have been published23:17
replaceafillpeas is waiting to be build23:17
replaceafillall packages ready th1a23:23
* replaceafill goes to the bank and to get a haircut, bb in ~1h23:25
* th1a gets to work.23:30
th1aLooks good to me.  Reports work.23:59

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