IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-06-18

th1ahi replaceafill.00:57
replaceafillhey th1a00:58
replaceafillchanges are packaged00:58
replaceafillwhatever :)00:58
replaceafillah, thanks00:59
th1aI got a good skate in.  Stays light here until after 10:00 PM.00:59
replaceafillso, i just checked your email from this morning00:59
replaceafillwe're going to remove the levels filter, right?00:59
th1aUh, I guess he'd rather just have it switched to use levels.01:00
replaceafillah ok01:00
th1aAlthough we should let you set levels manually too...01:00
replaceafillperson levels, right?01:00
replaceafillset levels manually?01:00
replaceafillperson levels? :D01:00
th1aI'd rather get that kind of thing straightened out before reports.01:00
replaceafillso, add it to the edit view, right?01:01
replaceafilli mean the level dropdown01:01
th1aadd/edit yes.01:01
replaceafillah ok01:01
replaceafillyes, and we said person levels are going to be used in the "ideal" report01:01
replaceafillso we'll need them anyway01:01
replaceafilli'll work on that next then01:01
th1aOh, right.  OK.01:02
replaceafilli'm experimenting a little bit with xls styling01:02
replaceafillthe headers of the reports look weird01:02
replaceafilljust curious01:03
replaceafillif i can make them auto fit01:03
th1aYeah, don't get sucked too deep.01:03
replaceafilldon't worry i wont01:03
th1aAlso, go for a walk at some point!01:03
replaceafilli'll leave it for later01:03
replaceafillit seems like it's going to rain :(01:03
th1aReordering works for me now.01:04
th1aOK, good night.01:13
th1aThanks replaceafill.01:13
replaceafillgood night th1a01:13
replaceafillsee you tomorrow01:13
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th1aDid you get that email replaceafill?15:53
th1aGood morning.  ;-)15:53
replaceafillgood morning15:54
replaceafillthat's the Persons sheet?15:54
replaceafillah never mind15:54
replaceafilli wonder if the reording has something to do here15:54
th1aHe got it working.15:54
th1aCanDo has sheets to import students and teachers that takes into account which demos are required by which groups, right?15:57
th1aSunesh is back to just emailing me...15:58
th1aWe already have the fix to do student attendance based on just being in the group, right?15:58
replaceafill(on the cando question)16:00
replaceafillwait, is that cando?16:01
replaceafilllet me check16:01
replaceafillthat's core th1a16:02
replaceafillTeachers/Students sheets16:02
th1aIt works if you happen to have a copy?16:02
th1aBut you can't export them?16:02
replaceafillright, there's no exporter for those sheets16:03
th1aHow would one make one?16:04
replaceafillwe need a exporter for those16:04
th1aWhich version should have the student group for attendance fix?16:06
th1aHe's on
th1aForwarded that to you.16:07
replaceafilljournal 2.8.616:07
replaceafillit's easier to use the Server tab16:08
replaceafillto see versions of each component16:08
th1abtw, I don't know what we're going to do about numbering regular 2.8 releases now.16:09
th1aYou're using all the numbers...16:09
replaceafilli'm just bumping the minor version on each new package16:10
th1aYeah, but we're going to be releasing 2.8.1 to the rest of the world soon.16:10
th1aOr 2.8.10?16:10
th1aWe probably should have been giving PEAS
replaceafilldoes it matter if they're using separate branches/ppa?16:12
th1aYes, but I just don't think it is the right practice to run them that far ahead in version numbers.16:13
th1aWe should ask menesis.16:13
replaceafillat some point i thought of using the -ubuntu1 part for versioning16:15
th1aThere is something we're supposed to be doing.16:15
th1aOK, that was the problem.16:25
th1aSo what's slated for today?16:26
replaceafillwe should ask Sunesh to CC me on questions16:26
replaceafillit's not that i'm interested in knowing everything16:26
replaceafillbut i get confused a bit16:26
th1aI know.16:27
replaceafillok, for today...16:27
th1aI don't feel like nagging him about it right now.16:27
th1aHe just said: "Thanks that was it"16:27
replaceafillperson levels16:28
replaceafillwe should limit that to the student forms, right?16:28
replaceafill2. use the person level in the levels filter of the student attendance view16:29
replaceafillnot sure if we're changing the "address" demographics?16:29
replaceafill(to use single lines instead of descriptions)16:30
th1aYes, just students.16:30
th1aWhat about the last excel report?16:30
replaceafillyou said you'd prefer levels first16:30
replaceafillbefore reports?16:30
replaceafillbut yes16:31
replaceafillwe still need 3 xls reports16:31
replaceafill2 variations of the current ones and the "ideal" one16:31
th1aOh yeah, I did say that.  ;-)16:31
replaceafillglad i move notes around ;)16:31
th1aI think I made the right decision.16:31
replaceafilli think i can nail all my queue today16:32
replaceafillmaybe not the "ideal" one16:32
replaceafillam i forgetting anything?16:33
th1aNothing to do today.16:34
th1abtw, I guess the levels issue is the kind of thing you were bringing up the other morning.16:34
th1aThe categories of things that aren't done but have no official status.16:34
th1aWhen you started asking about acceptance tests?16:35
th1aTo me those things should just be filed as bugs.16:35
th1aIf you have to move on leaving loose ends.16:35
replaceafillis the exporter/importer of person levels still in the plan for this week?16:37
replaceafillshould i do that today?16:38
th1aOh, yes maybe as part of the rest of the levels stuff.16:38
th1aSo it all actually works.16:38
th1aAll right, I'm going to go start some pizza dough.16:40
replaceafillthanks th1a16:40
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:40
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replaceafillth1a, you around?19:00
th1ahi replaceafill.19:56
replaceafillth1a, just a min19:56
replaceafillso, we need to discuss level editing for student19:59
replaceafilli think just a dropdown is not enough20:00
replaceafillsince the person <-> level relationship is temporal20:00
replaceafillsetting the level on the new student is fine20:00
replaceafillwe just use today and ACTIVE by default20:00
replaceafillbut you may edit on a different day, with a different purpose20:01
replaceafillhow do you think it should work?20:01
replaceafillin the meantime i'm working on the xls reports20:04
th1aI'm back.20:06
th1aEditing it can just have its own simple form, I'd say.20:07
replaceafillah ok20:08
replaceafillmakes sense20:08
th1aJust let the user set the date.20:09
th1aThe rest of the ACTIVE stuff should be hidden20:09
replaceafilljust date + level?20:10
th1aThe rest is an implementation detail the user isn't going to understand20:10
replaceafillcouldn't we use the same form to promote students?20:11
replaceafilli know we're probably not doing that now20:11
th1aSame form as?20:12
replaceafilli mean20:12
replaceafillwhy can't be person levels something like "person" groups?20:12
th1aThey can as far as I'm concerned.20:12
replaceafilli mean UI behaviour of course20:13
replaceafillgroups expose the implementation details20:13
replaceafillbut ok20:14
replaceafilllet's make it simple for now20:14
replaceafillwhere do you want me to place the link in the student page?20:15
th1aNo, edit pencil.20:17
th1aIt may just need a slider.20:17
replaceafillcurrently if the level is set, we display it next to the person title20:18
replaceafillthe big h1 at the top20:18
replaceafillTom Hoffman (Grade 2)20:18
replaceafillshould i remove that when i add the slider?20:19
th1aCan you put it in the slider title?20:19
replaceafillhold on20:19
th1aGrade Level: 320:19
replaceafilljust to be clear, by slider you mean accordion, right?20:19
replaceafillah ok20:19
replaceafillso you want:20:20
replaceafillGrade Level: ${title}?20:20
replaceafilli mean20:20
replaceafillGrade Level: ${title} (pencil)20:20
th1aI mean, if we're going to have a slider, it might as well have the information in the20:21
th1ayou kno20:21
th1aSo you can see it when it is closed20:21
th1aSo you don't have to open it.20:21
replaceafilland we just repeat the info in the content and add the pencil?20:21
th1aAnd then we can (maybe not today) have the history right there as well.20:22
th1aSo it isn't completely pointless and redundant.20:22
replaceafillok, that's it then20:22
replaceafillthanks th1a20:22
* th1a goes to dinner.20:23
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?23:11
replaceafillreading the requests23:11
th1aI've started a reply.  Let me know when you're ready.23:12
replaceafillok, done23:15
replaceafilllet's do 1 by 123:15
th1aGrade level:23:15
th1aYes, Douglas was already working on that today – had noticed this too and anticipated your request.  Sorry about the oversight.23:15
th1aYes.  You asked for years stored as numbers.  We can switch that to strings if you prefer.23:16
replaceafillwe could also disable the locale formatting23:16
replaceafillbut ok23:16
replaceafilltext makes sense23:16
th1aI thought that all along but couldn't think of why.23:17
th1aI'm unclear on what the teacher profile page is.23:18
th1aMaybe the report?23:19
replaceafillcurrently you can set the level on any person23:20
replaceafillif you create a teacher and set a level23:20
replaceafillthat'll be displayed in his homepage23:20
th1aYou can see it if you set it.23:20
replaceafilli think that's what he means23:20
*** erolle has joined #schooltool23:20
th1aWill they be able to remove all levels once you're done?23:21
replaceafillwe'll need a different action for that23:21
replaceafillto clear all the relationships23:22
*** erolle has left #schooltool23:22
th1aOK, I'll stall23:22
replaceafillif we allow to set the state in the edit form23:22
replaceafillthey could set it to an INACTIVE one23:23
th1aOr ADDED IN ERROR?23:23
replaceafillbut that's the implementation part you were mentioning before23:23
th1aIt could be just a button though.23:23
th1aNot like a selection every time you change it.23:23
th1aJust also have a [Remove all levels]23:24
th1a[No active level] button.23:24
replaceafillso the form will have:23:24
replaceafill[submit][cancel][no active level][remove all levels]?23:25
th1aMaybe [No Level] is a choice in the level menu.23:25
th1aI meant [no active level] rather than [remove all levels]23:26
th1aBut maybe it is clearest to make it a choice in the menu?23:26
replaceafillyou mean in the level dropdown?23:26
replaceafilllast option23:26
replaceafillgot it23:26
replaceafilllet me think23:27
replaceafillwe'd still need a level to relate23:28
th1aThe current one?23:28
th1aIf it is currently no level, do nothing.23:28
th1aCurrent one becomes in active.23:28
th1aOr maybe I don't understand how this works.23:29
replaceafillit's the current part23:29
replaceafilli'm thinking multiple years, right?23:29
replaceafillyou set level today23:29
replaceafilli'm talking about the relationship, not UI23:29
th1aLevel isn't year dependent is it?23:30
replaceafillno, it's not23:30
replaceafillbut the relationship has dates23:30
replaceafillthey all say FROM this date23:30
replaceafillgot it23:31
replaceafillnever mind23:31
replaceafillsetting A new level would make the current one inactive too23:31
replaceafillgot it23:31
th1aShould I say this week for the level edit?23:31
replaceafillmaybe not tomorrow though23:31
replaceafilli'll try23:32
th1aWe're a little confused insofar as in your current version you should only see a level displayed for a person if you set it on import.  You'll be able to remove the levels shortly once you can edit those.  We'll have that straightened out this week.23:32
replaceafillmaybe they created the teacher through the UI th1a23:33
replaceafillit's not necessarily an import issue23:33
th1aCan you set a level in the ui?23:33
replaceafillwhen you create the person23:33
replaceafillcollaborative email writing :D23:33
th1aSwitched to "on creation"23:33
th1aThis is what people do in offices all the time...23:33
th1aCan you just switch off the advisors slider?23:34
replaceafillit's actually Advisory23:34
replaceafillwith two parts23:34
replaceafillAdvisors and Advisees23:34
replaceafillthe whole thing can be disabled23:34
th1aMaybe we should just take out intervention entirely.23:34
replaceafillor we can override ;)23:35
replaceafilland just hide that part23:35
th1aName simplification.23:35
replaceafillwould require override that view23:35
th1aJust hide it in the UI?23:35
replaceafillit's possible23:35
th1aBit of a pain?23:36
replaceafillthat view looks specifically for those fields23:36
replaceafillnot really, 1 hour max23:36
th1aCan we make gender required?23:36
replaceafilli'd use the view for that too23:37
replaceafillinstead of touching the interface23:37
th1aSo basically, Yes to all those.23:37
th1aOK, so at the end of that section I say:23:38
th1aOf the above, getting the levels editing fixed is the top priority.  The others should be no problem to do next week.23:38
th1aOK, the first two things on group labels should not be a problem, right?23:40
replaceafillthose would be based on the active year, right?23:41
replaceafillbecause People is global23:41
replaceafillmaybe same combination we use in the attendance views23:42
th1aJust active year.23:42
replaceafillrole in sections + group membership23:42
th1aThis is one where we should just assume their point of view.23:43
th1aEveryone is just in one, etc.23:43
th1aOr, we can at least.23:43
replaceafilland it should be PEAS specific23:43
th1aDon't get twisted up in the weird possibilities.23:43
th1aI said: Yes.  What we'll want you to do is in all the groups that are “Student year groups,” give the group the description “Student year group” (in the group information), and then we can identify which groups have that status.  Let us know if you want to use a different description – we just need to be consistent.23:44
th1aWe didn't get into that yet, did we?23:44
replaceafillwait, what?23:45
replaceafilldidn't we agree on not using descriptions?23:45
th1aFlagging the special student year groups.23:45
th1aWhat are we doing?23:45
replaceafillwe said the filter in the web view was going to list all groups23:45
replaceafilland the "ideal" report would use person levels23:46
th1aOh, well, it seems like we're going to need that for this use case anyhow.23:46
replaceafillhold on, let me re-read that23:46
replaceafilloh ok23:47
replaceafillgot it23:47
replaceafillwe don't need a human readable description23:47
th1aDays in attendance?23:47
replaceafillwe could use a code23:47
th1aThey're humans23:48
replaceafillless characters, less error-prone23:48
th1aIt is a tossup.23:48
th1aDays in attendance, any problem?23:48
replaceafillso, it'll be "Mon 03, Tue 04, Wed 05, etc"23:48
th1aI was thinking another row in the header.23:49
replaceafilllike the section journal23:49
th1aUnless we already have room.23:49
replaceafillwith periods23:49
replaceafilli don't understand this:23:49
replaceafill (as well as the dates of the month)23:49
th1aActually, I guess the period row is still there.23:50
th1aIdeally just use that.23:50
th1aThe dates of the month are already there.23:50
th1aThey just don't want rid of them.23:50
replaceafillyes, the row is there23:50
replaceafillah, the title of the element23:50
replaceafillgot it23:50
th1aOK moving on.23:50
th1aI asked what context they're asking about capitalization.23:51
th1aOK: People who are deleted are permanently and completely deleted (did you see the stern warning dialogue?).  You only should use that if you mistakenly added someone.  Otherwise, people can be withdrawn but they essentially remain “dormant” in the system with all their data intact.23:56
th1aOK I pointed them to the backup docs.23:57
th1aCan you label am/pm23:57
replaceafillwith an extra column, right?23:58
replaceafillto the right of first name23:58
th1aI'm saying: Yes, but I suspect it will look worse and be less useful than you think.23:59

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