IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-06-17

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th1aYou appeared on IRC the exact moment Sunesh's email arrived replaceafill.15:38
replaceafilli haven't seen it15:38
replaceafillare you going to reply?15:39
replaceafillthe second one is about the language setting in the browser15:39
replaceafilli don't see the point of the first one :)15:40
th1aOr are you joking?15:42
replaceafillno really, imho automatic updates could mess up your server15:42
th1aWell, compared to what?15:42
replaceafillsuppose something breaks (evolution, whatever)15:43
replaceafilland stops the process15:43
replaceafillyou THEN need to ssh into it...15:43
th1aIf something breaks we need to push a new fix that works.15:43
th1aI think we have to do it for the pilot.15:44
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th1aHave you used cron-apt?15:44
th1aSo is one of the browsers set to GB English and the others not?15:45
replaceafill(on the browsers question)15:46
replaceafillthey can force the lang of the instance15:46
replaceafillusing "lang en" in schooltool.conf15:46
th1aIn theory there could be a Uganda English translation, right?15:47
th1aJust add lang en to schooltool.conf, right?15:48
th1aOK, those were refreshingly minor.15:50
th1aYou can go back to bed if you want to.15:51
replaceafillnah, i'll get something to eat and start back on the reports15:52
replaceafilltoday: blanks handling and the rest of the reports15:52
th1aAh, right.15:52
replaceafill(unless i'm missing something...)15:52
th1aI told Octavio to install his own server... That was me saying "No" for you.  ;-)15:57
replaceafillah, i could do that later today15:58
replaceafillit's in my notes :)15:58
th1aIt is better for them to do it.15:58
replaceafilli doubt they will though15:59
replaceafillbut we'll see15:59
th1aIf they can't do "apt-get install schooltool" then how is any of this going to work?16:00
replaceafillwe've set up demos for a lot of people th1a16:01
replaceafillwhen we could have said the same ;)16:01
th1aNot for hosting companies.16:01
th1aAnyhow, I'm just trying to protect your sanity replaceafill.16:01
th1aAnd your blood pressure.16:02
replaceafillman, i've been sitting too long these couple of weeks16:02
replaceafilli haven't walked much16:02
th1aThat is my point!16:02
replaceafilllike the doctor said16:02
th1aYou can slack off now a bit.16:02
th1aEspecially if they have auto-update running...16:03
th1aI'd say the big thing for today is blanks.16:03
th1aSeriously though, make it a short day.16:04
replaceafillsure, but i think it's more about the urgency of tasks than the length16:05
replaceafillbut thanks16:05
replaceafillwhat's next after these reports?16:06
th1aI mean, the urgency is going down.16:06
th1aWell, the list from yesterday.16:06
replaceafilloh, the 12.04 issue16:06
th1aThe 12.04 issue?16:07
replaceafillcelery and dialogs16:07
th1aAre they running 12.04?16:07
replaceafillwe are running 12.04 on the dev server16:07
replaceafill66 emails in just two weeks!16:09
* replaceafill is organizing his inbox16:09
replaceafillwe have Glenda's request and Pujendra's16:09
th1aDon't worry about those yet.16:10
th1aThey aren't paying us.16:10
th1aI'm sure there is some tidying up you want to do with Peas, so just do that first.16:11
th1aAnd mainly, I'm worried about burning you out at this point.16:11
th1aThis was a necessary push, but you can't keep it up longer than necessary.16:11
replaceafilldon't worry, i'll just try to stay way from my laptop this weekend16:11
replaceafillthat'll help16:12
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replaceafillth1a, the xls importer ignores weekends if there are too many empty lines for holidays18:34
replaceafilllike the 2014 xls18:34
th1aLike the one I made?18:34
th1aIf you fix that can they just reimport?18:35
replaceafilllet me check18:35
replaceafillit seems so18:37
replaceafill(from the code)18:37
replaceafilllet me try it18:37
replaceafilloh wait18:38
replaceafillyou sent Sunesh a years&terms.xls sheet18:38
replaceafillnot the 2014 sample data18:38
replaceafillthat one has holidays18:38
th1aThey didn't use sample data!18:38
replaceafilli just wonder if they did the same, just removed the holidays18:39
th1aThey are the holidays he sent me.18:39
replaceafilllike deleting the contents but not the rows18:39
replaceafillnever mind then18:39
replaceafillbut it's a bug :)18:39
th1aOK, not a OMG UGANDA bug though.18:39
th1areplaceafill: ayt?19:05
replaceafillth1a, yes19:05
th1aSee sunesh's email?19:05
replaceafillah yes19:06
replaceafillmy thunderbird takes a while to refresh...19:06
replaceafillthe levels filter is linked to courses/sections19:08
replaceafillit uses the level <-> course relationship19:08
th1aBecause we still can't really set those for students directly?19:08
replaceafillwe can19:09
replaceafillshould the filter use that relationship instead?19:09
th1aFirst remind me how one sets it.19:09
replaceafillthe only way is when you create the person19:10
replaceafilland currently there's no way to update it :(19:10
th1aOK, well, let's add that to the top of the post-Uganda to do, and just get rid of the levels setting from that view.19:10
replaceafillchecking why reorder is broken...19:13
th1aCan we change the District/Sub-county/Parish fields to just be single lines without evolving?19:13
replaceafillthey asked for them to be descriptions19:14
th1aI know, I'm just asking.19:14
replaceafilli think the content of the field would have html markup19:15
th1aI'm going to double check that they really want that.19:15
replaceafillreorder got broken last month19:20
replaceafilli'll fix it19:20
replaceafillwe currently can't hide specific demo fields19:22
replaceafillbut we could override that view in the peas package19:22
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th1a_iPhonereplaceafill: can you repeat that?19:34
replaceafillhey th1a_iPhone19:34
replaceafilli just fixed the reorder view19:34
replaceafilland i said, we cannot hide demo fields19:35
replaceafillbut we can override that view in the peas package19:35
replaceafillto do it19:35
th1a_iPhoneWhat is the real fix?19:35
replaceafillommit demographics related to leaving the school feature19:36
replaceafillwe do know which one they are19:36
replaceafillwe can just filter them out19:37
replaceafillat least in the adding views19:37
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th1aOK, so did you override the view replaceafill?19:50
replaceafillon it19:50
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replaceafillth1a_iPhone, issues fixed20:23
replaceafilli'll wait on the packaging20:23
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replaceafillth1a, you around?21:25
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h22:08
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