IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-04-08

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th1areplaceafill: We can finish here.22:52
replaceafillcool, sorry about that22:52
replaceafillthe weird part is that i can see/hear people asking me if i'm here :D22:53
replaceafillsame happens with the hitl folks22:53
replaceafillso, no gear work for the moment?22:53
th1aI'm trying to figure out exactly what settings we're talking about putting there.22:53
th1aWe could just put it under Settings in the sidebar.22:54
replaceafillhide/show columns22:54
replaceafilltotal columns22:54
th1aWe could just put Columns in the sidebar under settings.22:54
replaceafillaverage, total, tardies, absences22:54
replaceafillhow would checkboxes look for that?22:57
replaceafilli mean, similar to the View menu in the journal22:57
replaceafillthat uses radio buttons to switch between modes22:57
th1aCheckboxes should be fine.22:57
th1aNothing fancy necessary.22:57
replaceafilli'll work on it too and show you tomorrow22:58
th1aOK.  That should do it then.22:58
replaceafilli have one last note :D22:58
th1aGo on...22:58
replaceafillyou said this one day i was away:22:59
replaceafillreplaceafill: I'm going to need some styling of <li> in my new announcement22:59
replaceafillTo the homepage.  I need some bullets.22:59
replaceafilldo you need anything done about this?22:59
replaceafilli really didn't get what you were refering to22:59
replaceafillbut it sounded like a "style change" of some sort22:59
th1aI just meant those to be bullet points, and the li's don't make bullets in the style sheet.23:00
th1aI think!?!23:00
replaceafilli think they do23:01
replaceafillyou meant the book maybe?23:01
replaceafillsee " Who uses SchoolTool? " under schooltool.org23:01
th1aSo... uh?23:01
th1aWhat does it look like to you then?23:02
replaceafillah! browsers!?!?!?23:02
replaceafilllet me fire up chrome23:02
th1aI see them under Who Uses SchoolTool, so it is probably just some CSS weirdness.23:02
th1aLike they are in the wrong div.23:02
replaceafillwhere should i see them?23:03
th1aJust in the revised "What's new?"23:04
replaceafillyou mean this:23:05
replaceafillkk, i'll branch that and see what's happening23:05
th1aYes... that was the entire point.23:05
replaceafilli thought you meant the book :D23:06
th1aSorry if I was not clear.23:06
replaceafillhappens in irc communication ;)23:06
th1aI'd forgotten about the issue entirely.23:06
replaceafillfortunately i write random notes ;)23:06
th1aOK.  Anything else?23:08
replaceafillno, that's it23:09
th1aOK.  Cool.23:13
th1athanks replaceafill.23:13
replaceafillthanks th1a, see u tomorrow23:13

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