IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-04-07

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhi th1a22:01
replaceafilldid you get my email?22:01
replaceafilli tried to send it like 5 times :(22:01
replaceafilltypical network issues22:02
th1aAbout zrs, yes.22:02
replaceafillah ok22:02
th1aI presume with zlibstorage in general the tradeoff is disk space for cpu?22:02
replaceafillwell, transfer size, right?22:04
th1aAnd, yes.22:04
th1aWe'll have to see what kind of hardware they end up getting.22:04
replaceafilli'm more worried about ports blocked, etc22:05
replaceafillask jelkner when he came to el salvador and tried to sync his work through ssh22:05
replaceafillhe couldn't22:05
th1aWell, yeah, there are a number of possible problems.22:05
th1aOK, I won't get specific, but I'll note that we can probably compress it.22:06
th1aI mean, assuming they actually want to move all the data, the sheer verbosity of moving Python objects around is the only real problem with zrs.22:07
th1aBut it should compress well.22:07
th1aHell, there are probably just a bunch of blank spaces in there.22:07
replaceafillwant me to try zlibstorage?22:08
th1aIt is probably not necessary at this point.22:08
replaceafillah ok22:08
th1aThey could easily get servers that had excess CPU, esp. multi-cores.22:09
th1aIn which case it might be fine.22:09
th1aotoh, if they'd get some kind of ARM thing with a SATA interface, disk space/access may be more plentiful than CPU.22:09
th1aCan you send me an invoice for March?22:10
th1aI need to pay my taxes.22:10
replaceafillah ok22:10
replaceafillsorry i always forget when we change months22:10
replaceafilli need a device to remind me ;)22:11
replaceafilli'll send it tonight22:11
th1aDo you want to go over the trunk & some UI stuff by hangout tomorrow?22:12
th1aThis time(ish)22:12
replaceafilli'm working on this one:22:12
replaceafillit went more complicated than i expected :(22:13
th1aAh... yes... do you just want to ask when you do the migration?22:13
replaceafillthe migration?22:14
th1aTo the new year.22:14
th1aGet the start/end explicitly?22:14
th1aOr is does it always correspond to the whole year?22:14
replaceafillnot really, we can get that from the schoolyear22:14
replaceafillthe real problem is that currently we're using pickles to get the copy!22:15
replaceafilli guess it was the quicker solution at some point :D22:15
replaceafillwhat i'm doing is that i'm detaching the code in the wizard's last step22:16
replaceafillthe one that really creates the timetable and add it to the container22:16
replaceafillsetting it up completely (day templates, etc)22:16
replaceafillso it became a hairy one22:16
replaceafillbut i should finish it today i think22:16
th1aHere's a question: how hard would it be to have a checkbox to put the name of the school in the green bar (instead of SchoolTool)?22:17
replaceafillwe'll that just comes from the main template22:18
replaceafill(from the skin)22:18
replaceafillwe could replace it with a preference or something22:18
replaceafilland maybe some css to adjust multilines?22:19
replaceafillin case the school name is loooong22:19
th1aWell... it is an option, so if it doesn't fit you can just not use it.22:20
th1aJim Gatten, the guy I visited in London wanted that.22:20
replaceafillwe could restrict the length of the preference?22:20
th1aWell... I'm just saying that isn't super necessary anyhow because if you turn it on and it doesn't work, you can turn it back off anyhow.22:21
th1aAnd if it really bothers you then you can file a bug on Launchpad.22:22
replaceafillah, got it22:22
th1aSo that's one thing I want to discuss tomorrow, but we sort of already did.22:23
th1aI'm not sure just how much of a priority it would be, just depends on how easy it would be.22:24
replaceafillnot more than half a day i'd hope22:24
th1aRight, I wouldn't put more than that into it.22:25
th1aThe other thing I want to talk about while we're screen sharing is the tab style.22:25
replaceafillah, yes!22:26
th1aFor teritiary nav and the gradebook.22:26
th1aI think it is the opposite of what it should be, completely.22:26
th1aHave you ever thought that?22:26
replaceafillnot really22:26
replaceafilli just remember we copied it from ubuntu.com22:27
th1aYeah, they don't use that style any more anyhow.22:27
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th1aPartly, we just need to literally make them more tabs, like, without a bottom border so they're connected to the main page.22:28
th1aThat's the strongest signal of connection.22:28
replaceafillah, got it22:28
th1aAnd the active tab the same color.22:28
th1aAs the page.22:28
th1aThe INACTIVE ones gray-er.22:28
th1aSo just mentally prepare yourself for that...22:29
replaceafillwill do22:29
th1aI'm 617 words into the 3000 word rfq text.22:31
th1aWell, it probably wont take that many words.22:32
th1aI'll send you what I've got at the end of the evening.22:33
th1aWe sound like we know what we are doing!22:33
th1aOK, anything else?22:35
replaceafillno, that's it from me22:35
th1aOK.  Invoice.22:35
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:35
replaceafillwill do22:35
replaceafillthanks th1a22:35
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:35
th1aSee you (literally) tomorrow, same time.22:36
replaceafillsee u22:36
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th1ahi menesis.23:30
th1aHave you made any progress with the celery issue?23:31
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menesisnot much. the celery API has changed, the one used was undocumented, and I was struggling to port it23:38
menesisand I haven't worked on it the last two days because of urgent request from a customer23:39
menesisI will continue tomorrow though23:39
th1aOK.  Are we in the time range now that we'll have to beg for mercy to get the fix into Universe?23:40
menesisnot yet but it is dangerously close23:41
th1aWhat date is key?23:41
menesisit's not starting now so will get approved I can hope23:41
th1aIt is clearly a bugfix!23:41
menesisand I'll work more the coming days to solve it23:42
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.23:42
menesisThursday 10th is final freeze23:42
th1aDo you need permission before that point?23:43
menesisthe upload needs an approval but I don't need to do anything extra23:44
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