IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-04-09

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:02
replaceafillgood evening22:03
th1aHow are you doing replaceafill?  I made some easier than expected progress on the quote today.22:04
th1aIt turns out that there is not much detail to put into somewhat vague estimates of vaguer requirements.22:05
replaceafillgood, let me set up an instance so you can see the third nav22:05
replaceafillsample data22:09
replaceafillstill WIP ofc22:10
replaceafilli removed the background image we were using for the tabs22:10
replaceafilland used borders instead22:10
th1aIt is definitely a "Oh god, what took us so long" reaction.22:11
th1aI don't think anyone will complain.22:11
* replaceafill thinks of an answer... can't find any22:11
replaceafilluse manager to see the school year tabs22:11
th1aFor that maybe inactive should be white?22:12
th1aThe manager.22:12
th1aThe year tabs.22:12
replaceafillah ok22:12
replaceafilllet me change it to see22:12
replaceafilldoes the gradebook look ok?22:13
replaceafilli still need to fix some widths22:13
replaceafillthe calendar is somewhat broken too22:13
replaceafill(there's a misterious space at the left)22:14
th1aGradebook looks good...22:15
th1aI'm wondering if where there are no tabs it could be white, but then those arrows might look funny.22:16
th1aThey'd just have to become more button-like probably.22:16
th1a(in boxes)22:16
replaceafillah ok22:17
replaceafillcheck year tabs22:17
replaceafillinactive white22:17
replaceafillhhmm border looks funny22:18
th1aNot that funny.22:18
th1aI think it is ok.22:18
th1aWe get a lot of shades of gray going.22:19
th1aI think that works.22:19
th1aWe don't need that many grays in play.22:19
replaceafillpattern for hover is ok, right?22:20
replaceafillin year tabs22:20
replaceafillanything else?22:22
th1aLooks good!22:23
th1aAlways good to get a quick UI win.22:23
replaceafilli'll finish polishing it22:25
replaceafillso the arrows in the gradebook should have borders too, right?22:25
th1aYeah... look at google calendar or something.22:26
th1aOr maybe use jquery widgets?22:26
replaceafillthey're just unicode characters22:27
replaceafillcomparing it with the old ones is funny22:28
replaceafillthe old ones look so weird!22:29
replaceafill(the tabs)22:29
th1aThey were always fucked, but initially I just wanted to follow the guidelines without second guessing.22:29
th1aAnd it just slid b...22:29
th1aslid by22:30
replaceafillah, i also fixed the bullets in the homepage22:31
replaceafilli just need to move the bottom links a bit and update the spanish translation22:31
th1aYou can uplaod that then.22:31
replaceafillkk, will do22:31
th1aAnything else?22:35
replaceafillno th1a that's it22:35
th1aOK.  Cool.  I'll work some more on the quote then.22:36
replaceafilli'll move the the rest of timetable/calendar bugs after this22:36
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:36
replaceafillthanks th1a22:36
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:36
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