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th1areplaceafill, ayt?00:33
replaceafillth1a, ys00:34
th1aI was wondering what questions we might ask to get a sense of the setup at:
th1aOr perhaps our new optimizations in 2.7 will help?00:36
th1aIt doesn't seem like that should be too feeble a server... maybe I'm forgetting that celerons suck.00:37
replaceafillit does, indeed00:38
th1aIt does suck?00:38
replaceafilli can't think of anything that would slow down the service00:38
replaceafillceleron socks00:38
replaceafillfrom his description00:39
th1aIt is still 3 ghz.00:40
th1aMy laptop is 1.66 core duo.00:41
th1aBetter cpu, dual core, but half as fast.00:41
th1aProbably better mobo, etc. too, ofc.00:41
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midaрусско язычные есть17:14
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th1ahi replaceafill.23:00
replaceafillhey th1a23:00
replaceafillwe need a description for the transcript23:02
replaceafilli mean, a report description23:02
th1aYeah, I was sort of working on that.23:02
th1aWell, describing the feature, at least.23:02
th1aSo I just get "Scheduled" and the spinner in the dialog.23:02
th1aIt seems like I should be seeing progress.23:03
replaceafillit's still generating23:04
replaceafillthe vps is acting really weird today...23:04
th1aAre we overloading it?23:05
replaceafilli think the last schooltool update is still running23:05
replaceafillnot sure why23:05
replaceafillthe deb packages are used for the course worksheets report demo23:06
replaceafilltask says pending...23:07
replaceafillin case you just want to see the pdf23:09
th1aLooks pretty good.23:11
th1aI assume the top of page two is tricky.23:12
replaceafillah yes23:12
replaceafilli just noticed that issue today23:12
replaceafilli'll need to put the school name differently23:12
th1aThat's a little problem.23:12
replaceafilli have a couple of questions/comments23:12
replaceafillactually, i already told you about the description missing ;)23:13
replaceafillmy other question23:13
replaceafillnow that we have layouts by year working23:13
replaceafilldon't you think we should allow to print the report card for any year23:13
replaceafillnot just the active one23:13
th1aHow is this: Student transcript reports -- that is, courses completed by a student, with scores from section report sheets, including multiple years of data.23:13
th1a(well, take out the "that is"23:14
th1aOr, really, starting from "Courses"23:14
th1aSince in this context you already have the title.23:14
replaceafillok, i'll use that23:15
replaceafilli'm not comfortable with the "completed" part though23:15
replaceafillit sounds very "state-ish"23:15
replaceafilland the report doesn't check that23:16
th1aOK, yes.23:16
replaceafillthe report you see23:16
replaceafillhas the level in the section title23:16
th1aYeah, that's not good...23:16
replaceafillthere's currently no display of the level23:16
replaceafillso i was thinking23:16
replaceafillwhere do you want that displayed?23:17
replaceafillnext to the year?23:17
replaceafilland nothing prevents a student from being in sections with different levels in the same year23:17
th1aI was just thinking about that.23:17
th1aWell, presumably if the level is important it will be in the title of the course as well.23:17
replaceafilloh i'm sorry23:18
replaceafilli meant23:18
th1aFor the student?23:18
replaceafillthe level is in the title of the "course"23:18
replaceafillin the test data23:18
th1aOh, in parentheses?23:18
replaceafilli was testing how it would look23:18
th1aCan we put the teacher in a separate column?23:18
th1aAnd make it optional?23:19
replaceafillif we set course (level)23:19
th1aThe column.23:19
replaceafilllike having a checkbox in the request dialog?23:19
replaceafillto include it?23:19
replaceafillah ok23:19
th1aIt often wouldn't be used.23:19
th1aThe college doesn't care about the last name of your chemistry teacher.23:19
th1a(when you're applying)23:20
replaceafillsame for the report card?23:20
th1aNo, your parents care.23:20
replaceafillah ok23:20
th1aDifferent audience.23:20
replaceafillgot it23:20
replaceafillwhat about the schoolyear option for the report card? not worth it?23:21
th1aIt is necessary.23:21
replaceafillah ok23:22
replaceafilldid we conclude anything about the levels? :D23:22
replaceafilli have too many ball flying around my head ;)23:22
th1aWe've got a lot of balls flying around right now, for better or worse.23:22
th1aI think I was getting too hung up when we thought about this before about trying to get the dates of changes of level during the year in there, just in case.23:23
th1aThat's probably too much information.23:23
th1aBut we do need a little extra logic in here, I think, to avoid weirdness.23:23
replaceafillwell, we could sort by year + level23:24
th1aSpecifically, we should ignore changes in level outside of terms -- or we might catch promotions done after the last term but before the end of the year.23:24
th1aI'd basically want, after the year, all levels the student had during any terms during the year.23:25
th1aWhich in most cases would just look like23:25
th1a2009: 1st grade23:25
th1aBut might also look like23:25
th1a2009 1st grade, 2nd grade.23:25
th1a(use a period in both)23:25
th1aThe term thing might not be worth the craziness, but we don't literally want to force people to promote in a gap in the year, if you follow me.23:26
replaceafillbut only terms included in the layout, right?23:26
replaceafilli was thinking of the same:23:27
replaceafillyear (level1, level2, ...)23:27
replaceafillfor the title23:27
replaceafilland keep the courses as they're right now23:27
th1aDon't use parentheses for the levels.23:27
replaceafilland periods at the end of the titles ;)23:28
replaceafilllike your second example23:28
replaceafillok my last question23:28
replaceafillshould i retake this in a future date?23:28
replaceafilland move to the importers?23:28
replaceafilli have a ton of email to process too :)23:29
replaceafilli hope to digest that tonight23:29
th1aI think tidy the transcript up first.23:30
replaceafillwill do23:30
th1aI'm actually anxious to wrap up new development for a while.23:30
th1aWe're getting so much feedback now.23:30
th1aPeople are complaining about a lot of longstanding bugs.23:31
replaceafillwell, i don't consider anything we're doing "new development" :D23:31
replaceafillthe transcript is just a "report"23:31
replaceafillah yes23:31
replaceafilli've seen23:31
th1aYeah, but a lot of plumbing went into it.23:31
th1aSo we're not going to be doing a lot of wondering about what new shiny things to add for quite a while.23:31
replaceafillfine with me, we should spend some time killing bugs23:32
replaceafilland.... ADDING TESTS!23:32
replaceafillfor those bugs23:32
th1aI just don't want you to feel like I'm driving you crazy because I want to do new things and fix bugs.23:32
th1aFixing bugs and polishing is the priority for as long as it takes.23:32
th1a(although the definitions of those things is flexible)23:33
replaceafillthat's it from me23:33
replaceafillsame time tomorrow?23:33
replaceafillor 8 pm?23:33
th1aRegular meeting time.23:33
th1aI have a few questions.23:33
th1aI got trunk running but we need new importer sheets.23:34
th1aDo you have drafts of those or is that something I should work on?23:34
replaceafillnew sheets?23:34
th1aThey need dates for tings?23:34
th1aSample data.23:34
replaceafillsample data has23:34
th1aNew sample data sheets.23:34
replaceafillgroups for instance23:35
th1aI didn't download the new ones.23:35
replaceafillyes, the new sample data works23:35
replaceafillfor turnk23:35
th1aRight ok.23:35
replaceafillwhat i think it needs is headers23:35
replaceafillcheck the Groups sheet and you'll see23:35
th1aOK, I'll look.23:35
replaceafillyou have no idea what the date and the "a" means23:36
th1aMark McDougall...23:36
th1aDo you want to catch up on that now so we can discuss it.23:36
th1aI'd like to get that squared away...23:37
replaceafilllet me see23:37
replaceafillthis one, right?23:38
th1aMaybe I'm thinking of the wrong guy.23:38
th1aOh, yeah, wrong guy.23:38
th1aThe guy we did the new report card for.23:38
th1aI'm going to have to start taking better notes...23:38
replaceafillah David23:39
replaceafillD P23:39
replaceafilllet me check that thread23:39
replaceafilloh, the instance is down23:40
th1aThere is that.23:42
replaceafillso, you suggested to start over, right?23:43
th1aWell, I'm backing away from that.23:44
th1aHe really just needs new courses and sections, right?23:44
th1aWe can "remove all" in 2.7 a lot more quickly, right?23:45
th1aThe students, that is.23:45
th1aFrom the sections.23:45
replaceafillwell, remember 2.7 has states23:45
replaceafillyou don't "remove" anymore23:45
th1aHm... true.23:46
th1aCould you make the course sheets actually work correctly by adding a (waves hands) new subscriber or something?23:47
th1aThat is, add the new course sheets if you added a course to a section?23:47
replaceafillif you added a course to a section?23:48
th1aOK, yeah, you haven't been able to do that for years.23:48
th1aWhat did he do that didn't work?23:48
th1a(you could once add and remove multiple courses to sections)23:49
replaceafilli think he hit the bug we fixed like two months ago23:49
th1aDo I have any idea of what is going on?23:49
th1a(probably not)23:49
replaceafillnot really23:49
replaceafillwe can always ask for the db  :)23:50
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th1aI thought the whole point was that he needed to re-jigger the courses and sections to fit our layout.23:50
replaceafilli think that's what's he's trying to do23:50
replaceafillbut he hit the bug23:51
th1aOK, so he edited them in the spreadsheet.23:53
th1aSo we could just make the importer deal with those changes.23:53
th1aProperly change the course?23:54
replaceafillso, the problem is just: move teachers/students from old to new sections?23:55
replaceafillassuming he starts from scratch?23:55
th1aWell, the point is trying not to start from scratch.23:56
th1aIf he starts from scratch it doesn't matter.23:56
th1aWhere scratch means "empty database"23:56
th1aWe may be applying different defintions of "scratch" here...23:57
replaceafillno, that's what i meant23:57
replaceafillfresh db23:57
replaceafillbut he didn't want to lose the sections setups23:57
th1aWhat I've been trying to steer towards is this:23:57
th1a1) export the courses/sections.23:58
th1a2) edit them to create new ones with new id's but the same instructors/students23:58
th1a3) blank out the old sections.23:58
th1aThen everything else can stay as is.23:59

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