IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-02-17

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
th1aHow are you doing?22:02
replaceafilli fixed the issue with layouts in multiple years22:03
replaceafilli also fixed the issue i found last year with interventions22:03
replaceafilllast week*22:04
replaceafilli'm back in the transcript22:04
replaceafilli should finish it today22:04
replaceafilland i added the fields David Ally requested22:04
replaceafillnot sure what to do about the importer/exporter he suggested22:05
th1aI'm going to put off writing an export for him until we really know where it is going and what their requirements are.22:05
replaceafillah ok22:05
th1aThere is really NO POINT in guessing on that.22:05
replaceafilloh, the ABC's IT manager answered last week too22:06
replaceafillsaying that they're going to try it out22:06
th1aYeah I was going to ask my mother in law to translate that for me but I forgot.22:06
replaceafillso i hope they contact me again...22:06
th1aWell, you might have to actually follow up if they don't.  ;-)22:07
replaceafillone thing i liked about his last email is that they seem to have a person22:07
replaceafillwho acts as a link between them and the ministry of education22:07
replaceafilldata interchange he said22:08
replaceafillthat's interesting22:08
th1aYeah, well, when you have money...22:08
th1aAll tings are possible.22:08
replaceafillso, my last question for you is22:08
replaceafillwhat's the goal for thursday?22:08
replaceafillyou mentioned importers in the original plan22:08
replaceafillassumming we leave parents access out22:09
replaceafillwhich btw i also tested last week22:09
th1aAsync importers?22:09
replaceafilland it works22:09
th1aWhat's the state of the importers?22:09
replaceafillaren't they async?22:09
replaceafillor did you mean converting ALL the importers to async?22:09
replaceafillcando, etc?22:09
th1aWell, I'm not worried about the csv.22:10
th1aI'd like all the xls importers to be async.22:10
th1aEsp. since CanDo is the biggest.22:10
replaceafillah ok22:10
replaceafillgot it22:10
replaceafillvirginia has the sections importer too22:11
th1aAlso just making sure they actually work.22:11
replaceafilli think we'll make it22:11
replaceafillwhat happens after the 20th?22:11
replaceafillwe can still mess with the code, right?22:12
replaceafilli've never understood this ubuntu dev cycle very well22:12
replaceafillespecially how it affects us...22:12
th1aYeah, we just don't want to be writing new features.22:12
replaceafillah ok22:12
th1aBasically we want all the new features doneish.22:13
replaceafillgot it22:13
th1aThere's really nothing to *start* in the next three days.22:13
replaceafillwhat are we going to do with the egypt report?22:14
replaceafillDavid seems willing to start over22:14
replaceafillif i understood his last email correctly22:14
th1aWe should try to get him to start over.22:15
th1aSorry I wasn't really able to update things over the weekend.22:15
th1aDo you have any thoughts about THIS THING:
replaceafillnot really, i haven't checked that importer at all22:18
replaceafilli mean, the timetable one22:18
replaceafilli could try to reproduce22:18
th1aTell him to try making a fresh timetable?22:19
replaceafilli'm looking at what pieces use that havetimetables interface22:20
replaceafilllooks to me like the "round-trip" is not possible with timetables and sectiontimetables22:33
replaceafilleven if i don't edit the xls22:33
replaceafilli get "not a valid day" error22:34
th1aDoes that break them?22:34
replaceafillno, just doens't allow me to import back22:34
th1aI don't think that was always a problem.22:35
replaceafillthe issue seems to be an empty schedule for the first section in the xls22:36
replaceafillit's empty22:36
replaceafillso the exporter send a "Day | Period ID" header line22:36
replaceafilland since it's empty22:36
replaceafillthe following line is the header for the next schedule22:36
th1aSo... do you see a straightforward fix?22:37
replaceafillhe's obviously messed up the day/period id rows22:38
replaceafillnot sure how22:38
th1aWait, is this a general problem?22:39
th1aYou have me confused now.22:40
replaceafillthe error happens when the schedule is created22:41
th1aAny time you try to round trip.22:42
replaceafillno, the problem i just found is because a section (from jelkner) has an empty schedule22:43
replaceafillmaking the round trip to fail22:43
replaceafillthat's another/diffrent bug22:43
th1aOK, well, yes, there are likely to be fragile bits in there still.22:44
th1aSo basically this guy made a random change.22:44
th1aI guess I should suggest just starting the timetable over?22:45
replaceafillbut the importing failed, right?22:45
replaceafillso, nothing has changed22:46
replaceafillin his data22:46
replaceafilli'm not sure you and i are referring to the same issue :D22:47
th1aI'll ask.22:47
replaceafilli think you mean the "School Timetables" sheet22:47
replaceafillhis error is in the "SectionTimetables" one22:47
th1aOh.  OK.22:47
replaceafillin any case i'm already in the rabbit hole :(22:48
replaceafilli'll get out22:48
replaceafilli'd ask "what did you try to do"22:48
th1aI just asked a question.22:49
th1aDo you want to meet tomorrow regular time to go over the transcript?22:49
replaceafillcan we do it 9 pm?22:49
replaceafilli have a meeting with the hilt foks22:50
replaceafillat 8:30 m22:50
th1aIs that enough time for them?22:51
replaceafillwe usually meet for 15-30 mins22:51
th1aOK.  9:00 then.22:52
th1aOK.  Thanks.  See you then.22:53
th1aAnything else?22:53
replaceafillno, i'm done22:54
replaceafillthanks th1a22:54
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:55

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