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replaceafillbut you can't do 3) with the importer, right?00:00
replaceafillthat's the reason for his request of "Remove all Displayed"00:01
th1aMaybe we need a "really, just remove them" option in the new membership form.00:01
replaceafillyeah, yvl mentioned that at some point we'll need it :)00:01
th1aWell, already.00:02
th1aIf we can do that then 1 and 2 work, right?00:02
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replaceafilli'd still vote for exporting, start with a fresh db, import back00:03
replaceafilladd the course worksheets00:03
replaceafill(not sure if they'd propagate correctly)00:03
replaceafillhe's mentioned trying to hide things, which may be confusing imho00:04
th1aHe doesn't have that much data in there.00:04
replaceafillsomething is really really wrong with the server00:05
replaceafilli'm going to reboot00:05
th1aIt seems that way.00:05
th1aOK, so why don't you respond to him.00:05
th1aOK, that's it for now then.00:05
th1aTalk to you tomorrow.00:06
replaceafillok, see you th1a00:06
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th1ahi sp13:40
spi was wondering if you can help me. i have a few questions about school tool13:40
th1aI'll try.13:40
spis it possible to mark students as left/dropped out?13:41
th1aThat is coming in April.13:41
spis there a work around removing them from a group or something?13:41
th1aYou can remove them from the students group.13:42
spok. thanks.13:42
spAlso, is it possible to mark attendance for teachers?13:42
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th1aNot at this point.13:44
spokay. is that in the pipeline or is there any sort of workaround?13:45
spsorry, just to clarify, i mean marking a teacher as sick or absent13:45
th1aIn the April release you can set the status of a teacher to absent, but in implementation it would be fairly clunky.13:47
spok. thanks good to know. thanks for your help.13:47
th1aI'd call it a partial implementation.13:47
th1aYou're welcome.13:47
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th1ahola yvl.18:23
yvlhey th1a :)18:24
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th1a_iPhoneJust a sec ...22:02
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th1ahi menesis, replaceafill.22:13
replaceafillhey th1a22:13
th1aHow are you doing?22:15
replaceafilli'm working on the changes for the transcript we discussed yesterday22:15
replaceafillhold on22:15
replaceafillsome screenshots22:15
replaceafillunfortunately, the grids are designed for having just a single column22:17
replaceafilland then the rest of the grid22:17
th1aOh... yeah...22:17
replaceafillso my question here22:17
replaceafillcould we just hide/show the teacher name as we used to?22:18
replaceafillusing parenthesis22:18
replaceafillnext to the course title?22:18
th1aWell, not parentheses.22:18
replaceafillif you really want a separate column, it'll need more work22:18
th1athis isn't lisp22:18
th1aA comma would be fine.22:18
th1aBaseball, Coach Hoffman22:19
replaceafillah ok22:19
replaceafillthat'll make it easier22:19
replaceafillok, i'm still on that22:20
replaceafilli saw David wrote back22:20
replaceafillwell, both Davids did :)22:20
replaceafilllet's start with David Ally22:20
th1aYeah, I guess we need to package that up for him...22:20
replaceafillok, so no sandboxes for him, right?22:21
th1aThey're really going to deploy this.22:22
replaceafillpackages it is22:22
th1aCan we make the deb through LP fairly easily?22:23
replaceafillno idea22:23
replaceafilli mean22:23
replaceafilli've never done it :)22:23
replaceafilli guess that's one of LPs features, right? :D22:23
th1aLooking at
replaceafilli know we could do it, i'm just not sure about the "fairly easily" part...22:25
th1aI was thinking that it would be more automatic...22:25
replaceafillwant me to try?22:25
th1aKeep in mind this isn't going into ubuntu ever.22:25
replaceafilla PPA is all we need, right?22:26
replaceafillok, i'll give it a shot22:26
replaceafillthe other David22:26
replaceafillthe course report sheets report22:26
th1aAlso, hopefully if we just have schooltool as the dependency, that'll pull everything else.22:26
th1aAs you saw at this point I think a custom report is easiest.22:27
th1aOtherwise this could go on forever.22:27
replaceafillbut what's his course/section/sheets setup?22:28
replaceafillthat's no in any email, right?22:28
th1aWe've not finalized that, but I think he's pretty clear on what he needs.22:28
th1aYou don't have enough to start.22:28
replaceafillah ok22:28
replaceafilljust checking22:28
th1aI mean, we could probably piece it together if necessary.22:30
replaceafilldon't you think asking for the DB would be faster?22:30
replaceafilli know, i know22:30
replaceafillit should be the last option, etc22:30
replaceafillbut i mean22:30
th1aFaster for what?22:30
replaceafillfor knowing his setup22:31
th1aMaking the report or re-jiggering.22:31
replaceafillhis *current* setup22:31
replaceafillno, making the report22:31
th1aI would say we need to make him do the work.22:31
th1aWhat do we need to know?22:31
replaceafillhow are the activities stored, basically22:32
th1aThe course id's we're pulling from, what he wants the headers to be.22:32
th1aWe're kind of mapping it for him though.22:32
th1aIsn't that the issue?22:32
th1aHave him draw it, label the parts with the course and activity id's?22:32
replaceafillok, are the grades coming from a regular worksheet?22:33
th1acourse worksheet I thought.22:34
th1aIt is mainly that he's labeled everything differently I thought.22:34
th1aWell, maybe it is organized differently...22:34
replaceafillthat's my point22:34
th1aWell, let's not sit around guessing.22:34
th1ahe already did that mockup.22:35
th1aAnd is willing to put in the work, so we just need him to do it.22:35
th1awhat does he need where?22:35
th1aI'll ask.22:35
th1aWe should probably just ask for the db as well.22:36
replaceafillimho, if he has the data already in22:36
replaceafilland he knows the layout he wants22:36
replaceafillit becomes "give me a db and i'll give you the report"22:37
replaceafillkind of thing22:37
replaceafillyou want a new "row" under Physica Education22:37
th1aWell, it'll be fine.22:37
replaceafilli'll know where Physical Education should be coming from22:37
replaceafill"oh Swiming is a section"... and so on...22:38
replaceafillit'll save a lots of emails22:38
replaceafillagain, not the way we should design software :D22:38
th1aYeah, ok.22:38
th1aWe're not designing software, we're writing a report.  ;-)22:38
th1aFor free.22:38
th1aAlthough this is partly to help decide how much to charge for this.22:38
replaceafillyesterday... you said reports need plumbing!22:38
replaceafillthat's design ;)22:39
th1aIt would be a good thing to have a standard fee for this service, since it isn't really affected that much by size, etc.22:39
th1aCustom report card: $500 per side.22:39
replaceafillhhmm, in that case22:40
replaceafillwe should try making him explain the set up22:40
replaceafilli didn't know that was a goal22:40
replaceafill(finding this out)22:40
th1aWell, also saving OUR time is a goal.22:41
th1aOk, moving on...22:41
* replaceafill done22:42
th1aOK, so I guess continue with what's in your queue, and I'll email DP.22:43
th1aOh, and package David Ally's stuff.22:43
replaceafillon it22:44
th1aOh... and do you think you should just strip down or wipe the demo server?22:44
th1aIt wouldn't be an immediate priority.22:44
replaceafilli thought we were doing it in august?22:44
th1aNo, the one that seems to be working poorly.22:44
replaceafillthat's dev.schooltool.org22:45
replaceafillthe VPS you got for us to show you changes and stuff22:45
replaceafilli've been throwing most demos there22:45
th1aYeah, I meant "the server with the demos"  ;-)22:46
th1aYou can take down the ones for Gladstone.22:46
replaceafillthat's on the sielibre server22:47
th1aOK, well, anyhow...22:47 will need to be sorted because we don't want a bunch of demos that are constantly falling over.22:48
th1aWhich is the current situation, right?22:48
replaceafillthe real problem is that since they are *demos*22:48
replaceafilli don't configure init.d services, etc22:49
replaceafillwhen the server is rebooted those demos go down22:49
th1aOK, so at some point we need to deal with making those a little formal.22:50
th1a*a little*22:50
replaceafillwe have some formal ones22:50
replaceafilltelly's for example22:50
replaceafillthose are well set up22:50
replaceafill*NOT USED* i think...22:50
replaceafillbut well set up :D22:50
th1aWe should probably turn those off.22:51
replaceafillDP's instance will become irrelevant at some point22:51
replaceafillDavid Ally's too22:51
* replaceafill goes to read LP22:52
th1aOK.  ;-)22:52
th1aI'll let you go.22:52
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:52
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:52
replaceafillthanks th1a22:52
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