IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-01-14

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th1auh... replaceafill?18:45
replaceafillhey th1a18:45
th1aI seem to have two linodes (in addition to the SIELibre Tectonic).18:45
th1aOne is at and
replaceafillyes, that's dev.schooltool.org18:47
replaceafillyou thinking of getting rid of it?18:47
th1aWell, I guess so.18:48
th1aWe should move the web page to some free free software site.18:48
th1aWe definitely should move it before the end of the year.18:48
th1aI'm afraid the overall budget came in a little tighter than I thought -- yvl put in a ton of hours, which is good.18:49
replaceafilli don't think we really need anymore18:51
replaceafillwe can throw demos to the sielibre server i guess18:52
replaceafilli'm not sure what other things is doing18:52
replaceafillor if they valuable enough18:52
replaceafillmaybe we could use a free amazon instance for the website?18:53
th1aThere are services for free software projects.18:53
replaceafilli mean, since it's static18:53
replaceafillsuch as?18:53
th1aI wore one of their t-shirts for years, so I should remember.18:55 email is now handled in google?18:55
replaceafilli have a linode tshirt that doesn't fit anymore :(18:55
replaceafillnothing, it's just that i'm seeing what's running in schooltool.org18:56
replaceafilland i noticed the email18:56
replaceafillwhich is the equivalent of ppas, right?18:56
th1aWe should discuss this with menesis at some point.  There's no rush, I just needed to expense the servers to Mark, and I suddenly couldn't remember why there were two.18:58
replaceafillgot it18:58
replaceafillwell, if there's no rush ;)18:58
th1aOne is paid monthly, the other is paid through the end of august.18:58
th1aWe'll definitely need to be off the one by the end of august then.18:58
replaceafillok, /me writes it down18:59
menesisth1a: the old server on serverpronto?18:59
th1aIf that's still toddling along, it isn't our problem. ;-)19:00
th1aIt may live forever.19:00
th1aWe should have set it to fold proteins or something.19:00
th1aWe have the and
menesisThen I don't know about any other server19:01
replaceafillmenesis, other than the webpage/book, what other valuable things are there in
menesis and
replaceafillwe use ftp for development, right?19:04
replaceafillthe logs! :D19:05
replaceafillthat's valuable for me :)19:05
menesisyes, the ftp is where all the releases are19:06
menesisI also upload them to, but it is not the primary source19:06
menesisthere are also old mailing list archives at
menesisbut the irc logs live on pov's server19:07
menesisright, povbot?19:07
replaceafilli saw it listed in source.schooltool.org19:08
replaceafilland thought it was there19:08
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th1areplaceafill:  You might have noticed freenode thanks everytime you log in:22:17
th1aLastly, massive thanks to the OSU Open Source Lab22:17
replaceafillno, i hadn't noticed it22:18
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