IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-01-13

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:02
th1aOK... let's see.22:03
th1aUnfortunately got some calendaring bugs last week.22:04
th1aWe'd had a pleasant interval where nobody seemed to notice calendaring.22:04
th1aLet's save that for after feature freeze.22:06
th1aAnd, actually, when is feature freeze?22:07
th1aWhat's this release called?22:07
* replaceafill is googling it right now22:07
th1aSounds right.22:07
replaceafilltrusty tahr22:07
th1aFebruary 20th.22:09
th1aSo basically we'd like to get the transcript going and clean up after yvl.22:10
th1aIn five weeks.22:10
th1aThat's where you left off, correct?22:12
th1aWhat have you been up to?22:13
replaceafill1. i set up the translations for the argentina user22:14
replaceafill2. i fixed the ckeditor branches from menesis22:14
replaceafillwell, the issue was just the core branch22:14
th1aOh, good.22:15
replaceafill3. i looked at the test situation22:15
replaceafillwe have 11 failures in core22:15
replaceafillsome in the importer tests22:15
replaceafilland some in the relationship helpers22:15
replaceafillfor example, when you add a person as instructor of a section22:16
th1aThat would fit under the category of "clean up after yvl."  ;-)22:16
replaceafillyou want me to finish the transcript first?22:17
replaceafilli mean22:17
replaceafillbefore fixing these other issues?22:17
th1aNo, not necessarily.22:17
replaceafill4. i also started looking at the relationship cache evolution for cando and interventions22:17
replaceafillas yvl told me to22:17
th1aJust keep in mind you have five weeks.22:17
replaceafillgot it22:17
replaceafilli also took a snapshot of the ACC database today, i plan to test new evolution22:18
replaceafillalong with my cando fixes22:18
replaceafill(fixes to the relationship cache)22:18
replaceafilli also need to merge my branches with trunk22:19
replaceafilllevel relationships for courses22:19
replaceafilland level relationships for persons22:19
replaceafilli'd like to do this before continuing with the transcript22:19
replaceafillso i can work off a stable trunk22:19
th1aYou're Lead Developer.  ;-)22:19
replaceafillthen i have some small changes, not a priority22:20
replaceafilllike updating dates in the sample data, and so on22:20
replaceafilli guess i know to maintain better track of things going on :)22:21
replaceafilland mainly of what's left122:21
replaceafilli now*22:21
th1aThe unfinished bits are a good set of features to get into a LTS release.22:21
replaceafillggrr, my typing is bad today22:21
replaceafillwhat's your plan after 14.04?22:22
replaceafillwe're focusing on stability from here to april, right?22:22
replaceafilli mean, no new features other than the transcript22:22
th1aI don't know if we'll get parent access in there, since yvl didn't get too far.22:22
th1aWe'll be fixing bugs and hopefully doing some VA work as well.22:23
th1aWe'll have limited development bandwidth now, ofc.22:23
th1aSo I have no grand plans for features, actually.22:23
th1aYou know what's left on the list.22:24
replaceafilloh yes, i forgot your 2011 review22:25
replaceafillthat helps22:25
th1aThose are still things to do.22:25
replaceafill5. quiz support22:26
replaceafilli met with jelkner and Isaac last week22:26
replaceafillthey know we're short in dev bandwidth ofc22:27
replaceafilland so far they're pleased with how the module works22:27
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replaceafillthey've had requested one last piece of functionality22:27
replaceafillbeing able to export/import quizzes22:27
replaceafillIsaac and Sean use two instances22:28
replaceafilland they'd like to move quizzes from one to the other22:28
th1aMaybe you can put that off until feature freeze.22:28
replaceafillat the beginning we had the feature22:28
th1aOr until you get a few things behind you.22:28
th1aBut it is up to you.22:29
replaceafillif you're ok with it, i'd like to work on that during weekends?22:29
replaceafillgreat, thanks22:29
replaceafillok, last thing in my notes22:29
replaceafilli feel bad talking about this in a planning meeting and after saying we have limited dev bandwith22:30
replaceafillMarcela and I have planned to celebrate a few pending celebrations of us22:30
th1aYes, sure.22:30
replaceafilland i'd like to take the week from March 15-2222:31
replaceafillif possible22:31
replaceafillwe plan to take Camila somewhere, farther than the mall :)22:31
replaceafillnot sure where yet22:31
th1aThat is a good time.22:31
replaceafilland, i plan to go to pycon in april22:32
replaceafillbut it's not definite22:32
replaceafilli'll see how much we'll spend in the "celebration"22:32
replaceafillbut i can work in pycon, so that doesn't make me feel bad ;)22:32
th1aDon't worry about it.22:33
replaceafillok, that's it22:33
replaceafillno more notes22:33
th1aI'm certainly going to have some distraction going back home.22:33
replaceafillhow's your wife masters?22:33
th1aIt is going very well.  She found a perfect program for her interests.22:34
replaceafillglad to know :)22:34
replaceafillok, /me done22:34
th1aOK, I sent a website update, draft-wise.22:35
th1aI'm afraid I'm going to have to start writing documentation tomorrow.  And welsh asked me for a letter of support for some grant they're working on.22:35
th1aBut if I haven't written several pages by Wednesday for the book, you're going to have to chew me out replaceafill.22:36
th1aThat's about it.22:37
replaceafillok, that'll be a new title for me22:37
replaceafillvicepresident of chewing out22:37
replaceafilli'll add the content to the website tonight22:38
th1aOK.  Make me look at it.22:39
replaceafillwill do22:39
th1aAnn emailed me to say she'd been painting (working) all weekend but she'd get back to me.22:39
replaceafillah ok22:40
th1aOK, I guess that's it.22:41
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:43
replaceafillthanks th1a22:43
th1aCatch you Wednesday.22:43
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:43
replaceafillsee u wed22:43
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