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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
th1aOK, I wrote three difficult paragraphs describing homeroom attendance, which I'd been avoiding.22:03
th1aStill... not as much as I should have written.22:03
th1aI think you should require a follow up report on Friday.22:04
th1areplaceafill has to become my documentation dominatrix.22:04
replaceafillsure, let's meet on friday22:04
replaceafillit's an investment th1a22:04
th1aWell, I'm going out Friday evening, I'll send you an email.22:04
replaceafilli'm sure you know that :)22:04
replaceafillah ok22:04
th1aIt is easy to procrastinate.22:05
th1aI'll push some changes Friday.22:05
th1aI exchanged a couple emails with David Ally today.  bcc:ed you on the last one.22:06
th1aIt is exasperating.22:06
replaceafillanything good in the plans he mentions?22:07
replaceafill"Please find attached the report and the draft plan for rolling out the project"22:07
replaceafilli assume no, based on your replies :)22:07
th1aWell, he wants it running in February.22:08
th1aBut no, not enough detail.  I don't even understand what the moving parts are technically.22:08
th1aWell, the good part is that nobody probably expects anything to happen on time anyhow.22:09
th1aSo, I'll keep you posted on that.22:09
replaceafillcool thanks22:09
replaceafilli hope we get somewhere with him, someday...22:10
th1aI had to take a picture of my signature and fiddle with it to paste it into my letter for Dave...22:10
th1aYou're getting the full report.  ;-)22:10
th1aWaiting for an updated invoice from PoV...22:10
th1aI hope we can get some bug-producing Chinese characters from that guy who updated his question today.22:11
replaceafilli need to read all that thread22:11
replaceafillhaven't been following close enough22:11
th1aIt is about ready to be converted into a couple bugs.22:12
th1aUnfortunately, another timetable bug.22:13
th1aMaybe we'll just rip all that out...22:13
th1aIt is a Lithuanian developers' full employment program.22:14
th1aI'm not really serious.22:14
th1aAlthough I wish we could rip out timezones for sure.22:15
th1aOK, anyhow, yes, what have you been up to replaceafill?22:16
replaceafilli added URI caching to cando and interventions22:16
replaceafillcopied the ACC db and evolved it22:16
replaceafillit worked22:17
replaceafillit took 2 hours22:17
th1aThat's a performance change?22:17
th1aI mean, the point of that change is performance?22:18
replaceafillit's something yvl did for core22:18
replaceafilli just put it in the plugins22:18
replaceafillbut it's not the caching part what takes time22:19
th1aDoes the evolution eat memory?22:19
replaceafillit's changing the relationships22:19
replaceafillnot enough to swap22:19
replaceafillit's not like our previous cando evolve nightmare for sure22:19
replaceafilljust slow i guess22:19
replaceafillACC has 11k students22:20
replaceafilllots of relationship links to be updated22:20
th1aSlow doesn't bother me so much.22:20
replaceafillso i also started updating the selenium extensions22:21
replaceafilland i wonder22:21
replaceafillshould we "update" the relationship views?22:21
replaceafilli mean22:21
replaceafillfor example, in a group22:21
replaceafillyou have Current Members, right?22:21
replaceafillbut now22:21
replaceafillyou can't "remove" people from the group22:21
replaceafilli mean, visually, the view gets into a weird state imho22:22
replaceafillperson with state "Removed" under "Current Members"...22:22
replaceafillmaybe it's just me :)22:22
replaceafillthe (+) button22:22
replaceafillwhen you add someone individually22:23
th1aHere's the thing, those views were a real disaster after flourish anyhow.22:23
replaceafillasks you for the state and date, right?22:23
replaceafillbut "Add all displayed" adds them all without asking anything22:23
th1aEssentially I haven't reviewed those views.22:23
replaceafillah ok22:24
replaceafillyou should soon22:24
replaceafilland we should decide22:24
replaceafillif we want to do something with them22:24
th1ayvl is not good about pointing things out to me and I'm not good at making myself to it.22:24
th1aWell... how would you feel about going back to checkboxes.22:24
replaceafilli also think, that since menesis won't be around much, QA is you and me22:25
replaceafilland you know22:25
replaceafilli'm good at saying "this is weird"22:25
replaceafillbut i'm not deciding if that's on purpose or not...22:25
th1aFixing that view for real might be better than, say, trying to squeeze in parent access.22:25
replaceafillcheckboxes seem like the right thing to me22:25
replaceafillth1a, +122:26
th1aYou and I are much better at walking through things together, which is really the only thing that works22:26
replaceafilli think we should identify all these annoyances (if that's a word), RECORD THEM (as in writing down)22:27
replaceafilland decide what to insert in these 5 weeks22:27
replaceafilli was thinking of using the HILT instance and jelkner for testing the relationships change22:28
replaceafillbut i'm not sure if that's cruel22:28
replaceafilli know jelkner is alwasy willing to "bleed"22:28
th1aCleaning up temporal relationships should be the top priority if we're going to include them in the release.22:28
replaceafilli think it's doable22:29
replaceafilli mean22:29
replaceafillincluding cleaning the view22:29
th1aI think so.22:29
th1aWe want:22:30
th1a* temporal relationships22:30
th1a* transcripts22:30
th1a* async imports22:30
th1a* parent access22:30
th1aAm I forgetting anything?22:30
replaceafilli don't think so22:31
th1aI'd say in that order.22:31
th1a(of priority)22:31
replaceafilli've prioritized them as: 1. temporal, 2. imports, 3 transcript22:31
replaceafillit's just that imports are in core22:32
replaceafilland they get in the way (in tests)22:32
replaceafilli also fixed the bug that was hitting the HILT quiz instance22:33
replaceafillit was about handling duplicated skills in a vocabulary22:33
replaceafillwhich i fixed making the values of the terms more "unique"22:33
replaceafillso, when should we check the views?22:34
replaceafillrelationship views?22:34
replaceafillwe should also review the default states for everything?22:34
replaceafillnot default sorry22:34
replaceafilli meant the state values22:35
th1aIf you have an example we could hangout and screen share right now.22:36
replaceafilli don't :(22:36
replaceafilli can set up one for tomorrow morning?22:36
th1aJust a sec.22:36
replaceafillon sielibre news: i updated the text you sent22:37
th1aWhat time then?  Old meeting time?22:38
replaceafilli mean, i updated the website WITH the text you sent ;)22:38
replaceafillold meeting time works for me22:38
th1aOK, so... that was 1:30 my time?22:39
replaceafilli think so yes22:39
replaceafillis there a website to compare times in two different places...22:39
replaceafillcan you compare?22:40
th1aSo... 7:30 for you.22:41
replaceafilli've been sleeping 1 hour more this week ;)22:41
th1aOK., so we'll hangout tomorrow.22:42
th1aOK, see you then.22:43
replaceafillthanks th1a22:43
replaceafillsee you tomorrow22:43
th1athanks replaceafill.22:43
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:43
th1aI'll have a few more paragraphs written... really!22:43
replaceafilli'll try to finally scratch my itch with the translatable book tonight22:45
replaceafillhope i get it22:45
replaceafillat least i'll create a branch for it22:45
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