IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-10-01

replaceafilllooks better on paper00:01
th1aNow if we go back to the guidelines are we close to something Vinny used somewhere?00:03
replaceafill#d5d4d5 this what i'm using right now00:04
th1aI think that's fine.00:04
th1aMaybe bump the diagonal text just a bit to the left.00:05
replaceafillis it me or they moved down too?00:09
replaceafillggrr, forgot the y axis00:09
th1aThey moved down.00:09
th1aThe course names look like they're floating a little high.00:15
th1aBetter to have a shade more space below than above.00:15
replaceafillhhmm, i remember they valign to the middle00:15
replaceafilllet me check00:15
replaceafillah, the first column is made of paragraphs!00:18
replaceafillso, table valign doesn't affect it00:19
th1aI thought it was a little off.00:20
replaceafillth1a, reload00:22
replaceafillmade the line height same as the font size00:22
replaceafillit dropped too much, right?00:22
th1aHow are the grades aligned?00:23
th1aThe grades look right.00:23
replaceafillgrades are simple table cells00:23
th1aThe course names are a little low.00:23
replaceafillthe course names are wrapped in paragraphs00:23
replaceafillnot sure why00:23
replaceafilllet me try to remove them00:23
th1aThat seems reasonable.00:24
th1a(removing them)00:24
replaceafillthey look good imo00:26
th1aThe gray looks fine on my good monitor and bluish on my old laptop screen.00:27
th1aI'll trust the new one.  ;-)00:27
replaceafillsame here :D00:28
replaceafilli was about to tell you "bluish" too00:28
replaceafillwhen i said00:28
replaceafill'ill move it here first'00:28
replaceafilland it looks good there00:28
th1aOK, alignment looks good.00:28
replaceafillhold on00:28
replaceafilli think i know why we need paragraphs00:28
replaceafillit's because of word wrapping00:29
replaceafilltable cells don't do that00:29
replaceafillparagraphs do00:29
* replaceafill puts the paragraph back00:30
th1aI figured.00:30
th1aI mean, I wondered, but didn't let myself think it.00:30
th1aDo you just need to bump it up and down a little now?00:31
th1aI'm just babbling.00:31
replaceafillah sure00:31
replaceafillthanks for the undo feature ;)00:31
replaceafilli think that's good enough, and works with two lines :P00:34
th1aLooks fine.00:35
th1aDo you know where the "Term on Grade" text in the comments came from?00:36
replaceafillyou mean "S1-A-Note on A"?00:37
replaceafillthat's just the heading i gave to the comment00:37
th1aHeading... in the layout?00:37
*** ignas has joined #schooltool00:38
th1aSo we are back to the outline items.  We aren't sniffing comments.00:39
th1a(that is ok for now)00:39
replaceafillwe have a problem there00:39
replaceafilla data model issue if you will :D00:39
replaceafill"grid columns" and "outline items" are stored in two separate attributes00:40
replaceafillso we'll need some kind of new ordering attribute00:40
replaceafilland *unfortunately* those attributes are lists :'''(00:41
th1aTo change the system we need a new ordering attribute?00:41
th1aBut it works as it is fine.00:41
th1aWhat happens if you put grades in the outline and comments in the grid now?00:41
replaceafillyou mean, inverted?00:42
replaceafillhaven't tried that00:42
replaceafillbut i think you can't select comments for the grid00:42
replaceafilland grades in the outline should only show you the value00:43
replaceafillmy point is that if the user adds a grade, comment, grade00:44
replaceafillyou don't have a way to present that back00:44
replaceafillbecause you only know he added grade, grade to the grid00:44
replaceafilland a comment to the outline activities00:44
th1aPresent that back?00:44
replaceafillin the same order he added00:45
replaceafillgrade, comment, grade00:45
replaceafilli wish this was a simple container with two different types00:46
th1aOK, we should move on.00:46
th1aLet's try to put a little more useful info in the header for the person.00:48
th1aDrop username.00:48
replaceafillwant to see it without it?00:50
th1aIs it not possible to actually set the generally useless level attribute?00:50
replaceafilllevel attribute?00:50
th1aLevel, whatever it is.00:50
th1aOr maybe it is gone at the moment.  ;-)00:50
replaceafillyou mean as in "Grade Level"?00:51
th1aIt must be bouncing around the data model somewhere.00:51
th1amaybe we've completely hidden it still.00:51
replaceafillthere's a container, but i think that's about it00:51
replaceafillthat's something pablo asked about btw :)00:51
replaceafilli keep cc'ing you my spanish answers ;)00:52
th1aWell, it is still a major omission!00:52
th1aOh, well, we can't improve this now.00:52
th1aWe should at least let you select demographics fields to include, but that's not going to happen right now.00:53
replaceafillthat would be nice :)00:53
th1aRather obvious.00:53
replaceafillLevels are linked to courses via schooltool.relationship00:53
* replaceafill goes to see that00:54
th1aYeah, we might have been waiting to wire them up in part for status relationships.00:54
replaceafillyep, the relationship is there from level to courses00:55
replaceafillbut there's nothing in the UI to customize it00:55
replaceafillall you can do to the level is edit its title00:55
th1aWe'll get back to it.00:56
th1aLet's call it a night.00:56
replaceafillan afternoon ;)00:56
th1aThere's still more to do, but like I said, we have to stop somewhere and pick it up later.00:56
replaceafillwhat about the student detail report00:56
replaceafillthe current version is basically the same + a table with attendance detail00:57
replaceafilli'm not sure what the Dates column shows00:58
th1aWell... you need some data in there.00:58
th1aI think it is the date, and then you have the periods and you show the absence "score" for those periods.00:59
replaceafillok, i'll try to reproduce that table01:01
replaceafilland create the report01:01
th1aOK, cool.01:04
th1aThanks replaceafill.01:04
replaceafillthanks th1a good night01:04
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