IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-09-30

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.15:33
replaceafillgood afternoon15:33
yvlgood morning / afternoon15:33
th1areplaceafill:  Did you send me a report card to look at?15:34
replaceafillyes, but here's an updated version:15:34
replaceafillyvl, menesis any idea why strings like "niño" are shown with html entities?15:35
replaceafillsee the second comment on the Art course15:35
yvlf*ckeditor? :)15:36
yvlcan you quickly check if they are actually stored like this?15:36
replaceafillhold on15:37
replaceafill<p>Camila did very <strong>well</strong> on this test.</p><p>This should be a multi-line comment.</p>15:38
replaceafill<p>This comment should have <strong><em>unicode</em></strong> characters: ni&ntilde;o, comunicaci&oacute;n, etc.</p>15:38
replaceafill<p>Camila missed her exams on this course.</p>15:38
replaceafillmaybe we need to set an option in the editor js?15:39
menesisfckeditor escapes html entities15:41
replaceafillis there any way to "unescape" them before putting them in the pdf?15:42
yvlHTMLParser does that, for one15:45
th1aLuckily we have a computer at our disposal.15:45
yvlfrom HTMLParser import HTMLParser15:46
yvlneed to check other escaping15:46
* yvl done interrupting15:50
menesisthere is a setting for that15:50
replaceafillthere's also FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities15:51
yvldoes it work both ways?15:51
th1aIt is a Swiss Army Knife of configuration options.15:52
yvldoes it prevent conversion to HTML entities?15:52
menesistry to set the option to false in src/schooltool/skin/resources/editor_config.js15:52
replaceafillthanks, i was looking for that file :D15:52
menesisor src/schooltool/skin/flourish/resources/editor_config.js15:53
menesismore likely the flourish one15:53
replaceafillit worked :D15:55
th1aI knew it had to be hiding there somewhere.15:56
th1aThere's nothing more usable than a giant configuration file.15:56
th1areplaceafill:  Need to make the file accessible.15:56
replaceafillsorry about that15:56
th1aI'd say we just need to tweak the spacing in the table a bit.15:57
replaceafillyvl, a little late, but really cool work on the grid code :)15:57
th1aI mean, there's infinitely more that can and should be done.15:57
replaceafillth1a, ah ok15:57
yvlglad to be of service, replaceafill :)15:58
th1aBut as far as calling it a release, it would be a place to stop.15:58
th1aCan we finish this before French class replaceafill?15:58
th1aOK, then menesis can work on the 2.6 release.15:59
th1aRight menesis?15:59
menesisreplaceafill: it looks beautiful to me :)15:59
th1aIt is certainly a lot better than it was.16:00
menesisth1a: yes16:00
th1aIt is hard to really make it the way you'd want while still being completely generic.16:00
replaceafillmenesis, have you tried the absences by day report lately?16:01
replaceafillth1a, btw we need to finish the student detail report16:01
replaceafillbut it shouldn't take longer16:01
replaceafillbecause we just need a viewlet for including the attendance detail table16:01
replaceafillin this same report16:01
replaceafillunless you want something else ofc16:02
menesisreplaceafill: tests for absences reports fail with Link not found16:02
th1aThat's fine for this iteration.16:02
replaceafillmenesis, hhmm the report worked for me but was not giving me any data16:02
* replaceafill tries it again16:02
menesisbut I haven't tried if this works in flourish16:03
replaceafillah ok16:03
replaceafillok, that's it from me16:04
th1aThe commentary above got a little out of sync.16:05
th1aIt is ok with me if we just update the detail report to include the info it had before.16:06
th1aBut what do we need to do about the absences?16:06
menesisthere are other test failures ForbiddenAttribute: ('getNumericalValue', ...)16:07
replaceafilli guess the report got behind the journal split changes16:07
th1aThese are all report-related attendance issues?16:08
menesisreports are in gradebook, and I don't think they got updated16:09
menesisafter journal split16:09
menesistests are for the old skin and the fail even if functionality works in flourish, probably has more removeSecurityProxy16:10
replaceafillyvl, ah, we need to ask the score system now, correct?16:11
replaceafilli mean, about absences16:11
th1aOK, so we should probably take a day to get this sorted?16:11
menesisI'd like yvl to look at them because he worked on both security and scoresystems16:11
menesis(the failing tests)16:12
replaceafilland i update the reports?16:13
replaceafilli see how the journal does it now, i guess we need to use the same way in the reports16:14
yvlwould be best16:14
th1aOK, we'll clean that up.16:16
th1aDoes replaceafill need yvl to do something in particular?16:16
replaceafillhmm i don't think so16:17
th1aSo hopefully we'll have things tidied up for menesis tomorrow morning.16:18
th1aOK.  We'll talk table spacing after the meeting.16:19
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:19
menesisI fixed tests broken by name order change16:21
menesismade the old skin person table have first name column first, to avoid changing too many tests16:22
menesisand merged the big person/basicperson cleanup16:22
menesislooks to me this is all sorted out now16:24
menesisthen looked at more tests16:24
menesissome showed real problems16:24
th1aBad.  ;-)16:25
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menesisi.e. weekly timetables with different period order asked to order too much periods16:26
menesisincluding on weekends16:26
menesisand section calendars were visible to all, but they were not before16:26
menesisI think that was not intentional16:27
th1aYes, that would have been not intentional.16:27
th1ayvl should look at the timetable bug.16:28
th1aOr ignas_.  ;-)16:28
menesisI reverted it to "administrators clerks" where "administration" was before the remap16:28
menesisI have fixed the timetable issue16:28
th1aOh, OK.  Great.16:28
menesisit was caused by yvl's fix not too long ago16:29
menesisso yes I merged branches and fixed tests/issues uncovered by them16:31
th1aAny outstanding issues you found?16:31
menesisnothing else16:31
th1aOK.  Good.16:31
menesisdon't think so, or I mentioned already16:31
th1aSo we should be able to get 2.6 pushed tomorrow?16:31
menesisI think we all have issues to fix16:32
th1aOK, we'll try.16:32
menesisand the release itself will take time16:33
menesisso probably not tomorrow16:33
menesisbut yes we reached the finish straight16:33
th1aThanks menesis.16:34
menesisI have to rename „School Administrator“ still, that will require adjusting tests again16:34
yvlgot the temporal student relationships working16:35
yvlthere's still a lot of things to do16:35
yvlbut you can edit various statuses16:35
yvl("Section Enrollment Statuses")16:36
th1aAh, yes, please do that menesis.  It is a real headache when trying to explain the roles.16:36
yvland once you hit add icon in relationship view16:37
yvlyou get the dialog to enter the date and status16:37
yvloh, and removal is replaced with edit16:37
th1ayvl:  We should demo that on Wednesday.16:37
yvlsome of the main things left to do:16:37
yvland sensible defaults16:38
yvlin relationship dialog16:38
yvlthat's it.16:39
th1aAlways fun.16:39
yvlI think may also do instructor statuses16:39
yvlor not16:39
th1aI should try to get this running Wednesday morning.16:40
yvlit will be in a different branch btw16:41
th1aOf course.16:41
th1aOK.  I will continue updating docs.16:41
th1aI need to push my branch.16:41
yvlit'll land here:
th1aOK.  I'll try to get it going Wednesday morning.16:43
th1aI'll try not to be too stupid about it...16:43
yvlit will have some rough edges16:44
th1aOf course.16:44
th1aThanks guys.16:45
th1aI'm happy about how this release has shaped up.16:45
th1aSee you Wednesday.16:45
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:45
replaceafillthanks everybody16:46
yvlthanks guys16:46
yvlsee you soon16:46
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replaceafillfixed the absences reports16:55
th1aOK. replaceafill, spacing.16:55
* th1a was spacing out.16:56
replaceafillhold on16:56
replaceafilllet me push this fix16:56
replaceafillth1a, ok ready16:57
th1aThe biggest thing is can we limit the max column size?16:58
th1aOK... trim that down say, as if 77.8% is the biggest thing we expect to have.17:00
replaceafillth1a, ^17:03
replaceafill1cm max width17:04
th1aOne problem here is I don't have a printer.17:04
th1aCan we have a right border on the table instead of running to infinity?17:04
replaceafillyou mean, for the last column?17:05
replaceafilli wish we had a vps :D17:09
replaceafillth1a, ^17:09
replaceafilllike that?17:10
th1aI'm back...17:11
th1aWell... no.17:12
th1aLike, the last column is the correct width and that's it.17:12
th1aWe're going to be toning down those black lines next, btw.17:12
th1aYeah... but can we stop the stripes?17:15
th1aAlso, a diagonal line to the right of Average?17:15
replaceafilli don't think a diagonal line in the last column is possible17:16
replaceafilllet me check17:16
replaceafillthe last diagonal line requires a change in the python code17:20
replaceafilldo you wall "all grids" to behave like that?17:20
replaceafillor just this one? :)17:20
th1aThis seems to be the normal way a grid should work.17:21
th1aThe top line should end too.17:21
th1aYes, these would all be generic changes.17:21
th1aOK, we need some space under the diagonal text in the header.17:24
th1aI guess Vinny had them going on forever like that too.17:28
replaceafillneed to find a better way to do that17:30
replaceafilli just hardcoded the space for now17:30
th1aCan you get it centered again?17:30
replaceafilli forgot "x"17:31
replaceafillth1a, ^17:36
th1aOK... let's try just making the black lines in the table white and see if it is legible.17:37
replaceafillth1a, the vertical lines?17:38
th1aWell, all the black lines in the table.17:40
th1aThat is, without some of them.17:40
th1aBut just make them white for now.17:40
replaceafillsomething like that?17:42
th1aI don't have a printer.17:43
th1aWe'd not want the diagonal lines either.17:43
th1aWe might need to make the gray slightly darker.17:44
th1aCan you print that?17:44
replaceafillsure, hold on17:45
replaceafillyou can notice the gray rows on paper imo17:47
th1aWhen do you have to go to French, replaceafill?17:48
replaceafill10 mins17:48
th1aHm... do you want to pick this up later?17:48
replaceafillthe slanted text looks way different in paper!17:49
th1aWe're getting there.17:49
th1aGood thing you have a printer.17:49
replaceafilli mean, better different :)17:49
th1aOh, good!17:49
replaceafillit looks "bolder" on paper17:49
replaceafillon screen looks "thinner" to me17:49
replaceafillth1a, sure17:50
replaceafillwill you be around tonight?17:50
replaceafillyour night ofc17:50
th1aWhat time is good for you?17:50
replaceafilli have a meeting  in 6 hours with the arlington folks17:51
* replaceafill has no idea how to tell time anymore :D17:51
replaceafillbut those meetings are quick17:52
replaceafillth1a, what about meeting in 5 hours from now? :D17:52
replaceafillthat's when i usually finish lunch17:52
th1aThat's 9:00 PM to me.17:52
replaceafillah ok17:52
replaceafillgood to know :)17:53
th1aI keep underestimating how far out of sync we are!17:53
th1aOK.  Later, replaceafill.17:53
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a, see you later17:53
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replaceafillth1a, ready to go22:01
replaceafilli mean, to start working :D22:01
replaceafilloops, i just realized i counted the hours wrong :(22:09
replaceafill9am + 5h = 2pm!22:09
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:38
replaceafillhey th1a22:38
replaceafilli'm sorry i screwed everything up22:38
replaceafillby not counting right :(22:38
replaceafilljelkner is inviting me to his meeting right now22:38
th1aI didn't think we were that far off.22:38
replaceafillso i'll be back in 3022:38
replaceafilli'll fwd an email from dwelsh22:39
replaceafilland we can talk later22:39
replaceafilljelkner is having trouble adding me to the meeting :(22:41
replaceafillth1a, this is where we left:22:42
th1aDoes the gray look dark enough printed.22:44
replaceafillyes, a little22:45
replaceafillwe can make it darker22:45
th1aTry that.22:46
replaceafilllet's use the schooltool_guidelines5.pdf file22:46
replaceafillso you can suggest one there22:46
replaceafilldo you have it?22:46
replaceafillhold on22:47
replaceafillseems like i'm in the meeting now22:47
th1aI think just a few shades darker.22:48
th1aJust change the number a little.  ;-)22:48
replaceafillth1a, back23:25
replaceafillgood talk with Anish23:26
replaceafillwho works for activity central23:26
replaceafill(if i understood that correctly) :)23:26
th1aI've been lurking on the emails.23:26
th1aIs that just his company?23:26
replaceafillDavid Farning's company23:26
replaceafillAnish works for him23:26
replaceafillthey seem interested23:27
replaceafilli told him about Uruguay23:27
replaceafillhe was there :D23:27
replaceafillthey seem interested in Ubuntu23:27
replaceafilland i told him that would make everything easier23:27
replaceafilland he agrees23:28
replaceafillthey want something ala critical links :D23:28
replaceafilli hope we get somewhere :)23:28
replaceafillin the meantime23:28
replaceafillbefore starting with our pdf adjustments23:29
replaceafilljelkner requested some time this week to work on the items on his agenda23:29
replaceafillbasically reviewing/integrating the rational questions feature23:29
replaceafillthat Paul developed last summer23:29
replaceafilland finishing the improvements to handle images23:29
th1aI'd actually like to get Autism running first.23:32
th1aAnd do a little rearranging with that.23:32
th1aBearing in mind that it is potentially a big deal if there is a VA-wide special ed project coming out of it.23:33
th1aLike a "we have a company" size deal.23:33
replaceafillso, we're focusing on that after the reports?23:33
th1aPretty much updating it and maybe moving some things into core going forward.23:33
th1aSo I guess that could end up taking a while to make it work with multiple score systems, etc.23:34
th1aI'd say you can do the quiz cleanup next.23:35
replaceafillsorry, they called me again23:40
replaceafillIsaac wants an estimate from me23:40
replaceafillin order to get funding from APS!23:40
replaceafillon implementing the feature Paul was supposed to develop this past summer23:41
replaceafillstudents should be able to get automated quizzes from the system23:41
th1aWell good!23:41
replaceafillit's like, everything is there, we just need to put it together right :D23:42
replaceafilland i told them about your priorities in tasks23:42
replaceafilland they say they understand :)23:42
replaceafillbut that don't forget about them :'''(23:42
th1aYes, it is even more of a priority I think to get the Autism update out of the way first.23:43
replaceafilli agree, even they agree23:43
replaceafillok, reports?23:43
replaceafilldarker gray for the rows, right?23:43
th1aCan you just make the gray a little darker using math.23:43
* replaceafill turns on his printer23:43
replaceafillhow about this:23:46
th1aBasically it just needs to not require squinting at when printed to see where the gray rows are.23:47
replaceafillah ok23:47
th1aAlso, you should probably put scores in for at least a few more people.23:48
th1aOne thing to bear in mind too is that this will never be a table that's filled in randomly.23:48
th1aIt'll be one full column at a time.23:48
replaceafillon it23:51
replaceafillnetwork sucks as usual...23:51
replaceafillok th1a23:56
replaceafillfilled in more23:56
replaceafilllooks better on paper23:57
replaceafilli'm printing these on fast draft btw23:57
replaceafillbest looks nicer! ;)23:57
th1aCheck that before we decide we're done.23:58
replaceafilli don't need to squint23:58
th1aTry making it a bit darker.  You shouldn't need to squint on low quality either.23:58
th1aYou can get rid of "Courses."23:59
th1aThat's not really doing anything.23:59

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