IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-09-19

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th1amenesis: ayt?20:59
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th1aAh, good timing replaceafill.21:10
replaceafillhey th1a21:10
replaceafillgot home early today :)21:10
th1aGlenda has some people who tried to update but still have SchoolTool 2.4a221:11
th1aSo we just need to try to diagnose their problem.21:11
replaceafilldid you see my email?21:11
replaceafillabout dist-upgrade?21:11
th1aUh... no?21:12
th1aDid you send it to me?21:12
replaceafillyes, to you and menesis21:12
replaceafill(i think)21:12
replaceafilltwo Re: CanDo 2013 is HERE!21:12
th1aAh, ok.21:13
th1aWhen do you need to use dist-upgrade, generally?21:14
replaceafilli didn't CC Glenda because i wanted menesis opinion first21:14
replaceafillth1a, not sure really21:14
replaceafilli just noticed the held packages21:14
replaceafilland thought: "hhmm i'll try dist-upgrade..."21:14
replaceafilland it workd21:14
th1aOh... you need to use dist-upgrade to get any packages not already installed.21:15
th1aThat makes sense.21:16
th1aI sent her an email.21:16
replaceafillit seems like dwelsh tried to update the "building to teach" instance and had the same issue21:16
th1aYes, it is logical.21:19
th1aDid you have him try dist-upgrade?21:19
th1aWe just don't have any old precise instances sitting around to update.21:19
th1aJust imagine if we tried to support more than just Ubuntu!21:20
replaceafillphone, brb21:20
th1aAre you trying the b2t server?21:32
replaceafilli couldn't login21:32
replaceafilli asked dwelsh for the credentials again21:33
pablo___hi,, i am here22:12
pablo___parent control login as student??22:13
pablo___the student could change the password..... and parents couldnt login22:14
th1aSo the answer at this point is no.22:17
th1aWe certainly hope to get to it.22:17
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