IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-09-20

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th1areplaceafill:  Glenda overthinks things sometimes.18:54
replaceafillimho the confusion is justified18:54
replaceafillit's even confusing to me!18:55
th1aI know... but it is a little frustrating watching people try to figure things out and starting to feel like maybe everything is completely messed up when there's really just one simple issue.18:56
th1aAdd these five characters...18:56
th1amenesis: ayt?18:57
th1aI had a flat tire on my bike this morning which led to several hours of being stuck afk.18:57
replaceafilli understand what you mean18:58
replaceafilli'm really glad everything is solved though18:58
replaceafilleven if she still doesn't know it :D18:59
th1aMakes you appreciate why everything has moved into the cloud and hosted services.  ;-)18:59
th1amenesis:  Incidentally, do you know what new packages make the dist-upgrade necessary?19:25
menesisth1a: supervisor, python-celery, python-kombu, python-cl, python-amqplib and more19:25
menesisyou get the list "the following NEW packages will be installed" when doing dist-upgrade19:26
menesisor install19:26
menesisapt-get install schooltool19:26
menesiswould install newest version and new dependencies19:27
menesisbut not upgrade everything19:27
menesisforget that19:28
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