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th1axchat on Ubuntu doesn't behave well when waking from suspend.17:20
th1ablah blah17:22
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th1amenesis: ayt?17:57
th1ayvl: ayt?17:59
yvlhi th1a17:59
yvlwas about to leave actually17:59
th1awe're still fucking up for Glenda.18:00
th1aHer updated manager is not getting added to Clerks and Site Managers...18:00
th1aI guess I know why.18:00
* yvl listening18:01
th1aI told you to add the existing members of the admin groups to Clerks and Site Managers but I forgot *manager* isn't a member of either!18:01
th1aHe's just "superuser."18:01
th1aIs that the problem?18:01
yvljust checked18:02
yvlvery embarrassing :|18:03
th1aWell, you did exactly what I said!18:03
yvlis her username "manager"?18:04
th1aThat's the default superuser, right?18:05
th1aI guess this is a bit of a security hack...18:05
th1aCan we check for superuser-ness?18:05
th1aI don't understand what that does at all.18:05
yvlat some point, we do not have groups at all18:05
yvlbecause of no school years18:06
yvlsuperuser has extra powers18:06
yvlbtw, when creating a new year, superuser is put to those groups18:08
th1aWe need it in case of emergency.18:08
yvlumm, anything I can help with?18:12
th1aCan you add the superuser to Clerks and Site Managers?18:12
yvlok, I can write evolution for that18:14
yvlsuperuser also can do that himself18:14
yvljust FYI18:14
th1aThe decision is whether to just have Glenda add that step to the instructions or wait a day for the fix.18:15
yvlevolution pushed to trunk18:22
th1aThanks yvl.18:22
th1aYou can go home now.  ;-)18:22
yvlmy pleasure th1a18:22
yvlok :)18:22
yvlsee you tomorrow :)18:22
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th1aAh, replaceafill.22:14
replaceafillhey th1a22:14
replaceafilltrying to understand your email22:14
replaceafilli think she's talking reports?22:15
replaceafilli mean22:15
replaceafillthe issue is that the manager can't access reports?22:15
replaceafill"I am able to access individual sections and run the three aforementioned reports"22:16
th1aBut I think what she was saying is if you're a Site Manager AND a School Administrator, you can't see the reports.22:16
replaceafillcan you clarify the "aformentioned" part?22:17
replaceafillmaybe she told you about specific reports in the chat?22:17
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th1aShe started with this: OK. Lee fixed this issue, but my permissions are still off. When I was using trunk to test all of the permissions...and to document them in the revised admin directions... I noted that these reports (Per Student Skills, VA Section Report, Aggregated Student Skills)could be accessed through "Section" by everyone (teachers accessed through the gradebook). NOW when I am logged in as manager/schooltool and selection a particular s22:18
th1aection, I get the message that I am not allowed to access this page. What's up?22:18
th1ayvl and I figured out that the manager wasn't getting added to the new admin groups because we forgot HE isn't in any to start with.22:19
th1aThat is, we added everyone in the original admin groups to Site Managers and Clerks, but not just the default manager.22:19
replaceafillcool, that helps22:19
th1aIn the evolution.22:19
replaceafilli saw yvl commited a new evolution fix today22:20
replaceafillfor that22:20
th1aSo that was the bigger bug.22:20
th1aAnd this other thing is something she just stumbled on.22:20
th1aGlenda is doing a great QA job, but it kind of trickles in painfully.22:21
replaceafillit's a great help imho22:21
replaceafillsomething tests should do...22:21
replaceafilli'll try to reproduce22:22
th1aInternally, are there ever any declarations that say the equivalent of "if you're in this group you CAN'T see this?"22:22
replaceafillwith those specific reports22:22
th1aYes, we're getting bitten in the ass by inadequate testing.22:22
Martin______Hello, i have problem with gradebook. There is some activities, i can score activity with point, but i need score every activity with grade. Is there any way to do this? [Sorry for my bad english] Thanks..22:22
replaceafillth1a, not that i know of22:22
replaceafillMartin______, do you speak spanish?22:23
th1aMartin______, You mean a grade instead of a numeric score?22:23
* replaceafill speaks spanish :)22:23
th1aMartin______:  We haven't implemented that yet because the calculations can be weird.22:24
Martin______No, i dont speak spanish... I am from Czech republik, in our school we use numeric grade (1=A in US school system), and in activity i can fill for example 19 point of 20 point, but i want fill in grade 1 (=A in US school system)..22:26
th1aHow do you calculate grades then?22:28
th1aAverage the numbers and round?22:31
Martin______We have 5 grades - 1 (excelent), 2, 3, 4, 5 (worst)... Student have in schoolyear for example 1,1,5,1 -> 1+1+5+1 = 8 -> 8/4 = 2 -> At the end of school student have from curse grade 2...22:32
Martin______Its normal mathematical average22:33
th1aI think we might be able to make this work.22:34
Martin______Thank you :) It is only think what i miss in Schooltool...22:36
th1aWell, I'm thinking.22:36
th1aSo 5 is the worst?22:37
th1aI think someone else had this issue before, and the more we thought about it, it seemed like the only real problem was when you went to indicate what the minimum passing score was.22:38
Martin______Yes, i think its similar to F in US school22:38
th1aSo we created an option in the score system to set a maximum passing score instead of minimum.22:38
th1aOtherwise, if you just make everything a 5 point assignment, I'm not sure that anything breaks.22:39
th1aAnd then you'll need a custom score system for the final grade that knows that higher numbers are bad,22:40
th1aMaybe it breaks somewhere but I can't think of why offhand.22:40
th1areplaceafill:  I don't seem to be able to replicate Glenda's bug on her instance.22:41
replaceafillth1a, me neither22:41
replaceafilli'm not sure if i'll get the bug if i try a new trunk instance now22:43
Martin______Oh yes, combination of score system and option of activity, possibly can solve this problem...22:43
th1aYou're lucky you're using numbers.22:43
th1aYou just have to set each activity to 5 points, which is a little annoying.22:43
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th1areplaceafill:  I think she just got confused/crossed up somehow.22:44
replaceafillth1a, probably22:44
th1aLet me try one more thing.22:45
Martin______I go try this...22:46
th1aOK, thanks Martin______.22:46
th1aOK, I think I understand, replaceafill.22:46
replaceafilli wish i had a command for "get me a new trunk sandbox with this, this and this component enabled"...22:46
* replaceafill listens th1a 22:46
th1aIt is just that she can't wrap her head around the idea that the site manager is just the sys admin.22:47
th1aSo yes "For now, manager has to be in School Administrator to access individual sections. Removed manager from site manager and I still have access."22:47
replaceafillmanager as the "super user"?22:47
th1aBecause hypothetically, you don't really want your sys admin digging around sections.22:47
th1aBut of course he can elevate himself anyhow, so it is a minor point at best.22:48
replaceafillgot it22:48
replaceafillmaybe now that we have permissions working better for different tasks, we should suggest not using manager so much anymore22:49
replaceafilli mean "the super user"22:49
th1aClearly saying over and over again "manager should be in Site Managers and Clerks" just doesn't make sense to people.22:49
Martin______Thank you for help, I try it tomorow... Thank you...22:51
replaceafillth1a, did you see Pujendra's reply to my mail?22:55
replaceafillit was just a data problem22:55
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th1aThe space.22:57
th1aThey also have a CanDo bug I need to forward.22:57
th1areplaceafill:  Can you queue up the schooltool package in the dev PPA?23:06
replaceafilllet me look23:06
replaceafilloh, this is *dev*23:07
replaceafilli don't think there's a recipe for dev23:08
replaceafillno th1a, i don't see the option to build23:09
replaceafilli think these are not built automatically23:10
th1aDo you mean ONLY built automatically?23:10
th1aHow are they built?23:11
replaceafilli mean, menesis probably needs to upload the packages to that ppa23:11
th1aOh, ok.23:11

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