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th1amenesis: ayt?13:43
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th1amenesis:  Where are we with the precise dev PPA builds?15:02
menesisth1a: I have copied the schooltool packages and some other packages that are needed on precise15:03
menesisthey are there15:04
th1aOK, it should work.15:04
menesisthey are done an hour ago15:04
menesisI have installed on a staging machine15:04
menesisand see one problem15:04
menesisthat celery_report process is EXITED15:05
th1aYeah, I saw a lot of things built an hour ago but it is hard to tell if everything is ready for a given distribution from the LP UI.15:05
menesiswith Permission denied error15:05
menesisit should be ready15:06
menesisbut I do see a problem.15:07
th1aUh... so how much of a problem is the celery_report problem?15:07
menesisreports are not generated15:07
th1aDo you know what is going on?15:08
th1aThese packages should be the same as the trunk packages that work on precise?  Or were we not testing them on precise?15:09
menesisno, not sure yet what is being written that results in permission denied15:10
menesisI copied schooltool packages from raring, and precise packages from the trunk ppa15:10
menesisthe resulting set should be the same as in the trunk ppa15:10
menesisthat has been tested15:11
menesisinvestigating now15:11
th1aOK, keep at that.15:11
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.15:31
replaceafillgood afternoon15:31
th1amenesis is trying to find a file permissions bug in the precise packages.15:31
th1aI don't know if replaceafill could help...15:32
th1aJust getting CanDo out the door is the most important thing right now.15:32
yvlgood afternoon? :)15:32
th1aOh... I forgot yvl existed.15:33
th1aHow was vacation?15:33
yvltook you long enough :D15:33
yvlvery good, thank you :)15:34
th1aOK... now what does yvl need to work on next...15:35
yvleither bugs15:35
yvlor realtionship dialogs15:35
yvlany specific ones?15:36
th1aThat's what I'm looking at.15:36
th1aOK, I don't see any that aren't already critical for you.15:39
th1aI just had a burst of paranoia.15:39
th1aI'd like to get that unlinked self contact one cleaned up.15:39
yvlI do not understand that one15:40
th1aDid you try to replicate it?15:40
th1aYou know what I mean by a "self contact"?15:41
yvlnot at all15:41
replaceafillit's a subscriber that autovivifies the boundcontact for a basicperson i think15:41
th1aA contact which is the same as the student, essentially.15:41
th1aFor K-12 mostly the contact is a parent or guardian.15:41
th1aFor adults you want to contact the student him or herself.15:42
th1aThe importer seems to be automatically making a blank "self" contact by default, which is pointless.15:44
replaceafillit's not just the importer, it's any procedure that adds a person15:44
th1aAnd I also threw in as a comment that I couldn't make a "self" contact through the web either.15:44
yvlor tries to look at contact information of a person15:45
th1aAh, ok, well, that seems unnecessary to me.15:45
th1aIs it just kind of a hack to keep the system from throwing errors?15:45
yvlso here's the thing15:45
yvlit's designed as "users can have contact information filled in"15:46
yvlnot as "contacts can be created"15:46
yvlas in - users always have their contact information, like demographics15:46
yvlso I can kill the autovivification15:47
yvlno idea what and where it will affect though15:47
th1aWell, let me look at it again.15:47
th1aHaving tried this again.15:48
th1aThrough the web the self contact isn't created, and when I try to create a self contact nothing happens.15:49
th1aOr, the contact is created by not linked.15:49
th1abut not linked.15:49
th1aSo something is wonky.15:50
th1aI guess I could be convinced that always creating the self contact is not a bad idea.15:50
yvljust checked15:50
yvladded a new person15:51
yvlwent to school -> contacts15:51
yvlI've always looked at self contact not as something you create15:52
yvlbut as something you fill in15:52
yvllike First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone15:52
yvlGender, ID15:52
th1aThe self contact needs to be linked to the person.15:54
th1aListed under contacts.15:55
th1aFor the person.15:55
th1aContacts in the person accordion?15:55
yvlsorry, does not make much sense to me:15:56
yvlI am not my own contact15:56
yvlI have my contact information15:56
yvlfor me that information would look best right in General Information tab15:57
th1aYou could give it a separate slot in the accordion, but then you're confusing the primary use case.15:57
yvlDemographics and other personal data:15:57
yvllist demographics15:57
th1aFor our target users, they don't have self contact info.15:57
yvllist other personal data (photo, phone, email)15:57
th1aK-12 students don't.15:57
th1aBut ok, if you want to put it there, if it exists, fine.15:57
th1aI think it is less ambiguous if it is under contacts.15:58
th1aWe don't want clerks by default adding parent info under self contacts.15:59
yvlI can put it there too15:59
yvl* instead of General Info15:59
th1aI'd prefer it was all under Contacts.15:59
th1aRight now it doesn't seem to be there at all, which is the main problem.16:01
th1a(because of not linking, I think?)16:01
yvlbecause of not implemented16:02
yvlI think we missed that one somehow :(16:02
yvlalso internally, user's contact information is not linked as "contact of self"16:03
yvlit's stored in annotations as "extra information about self"16:03
yvlso via adaptation you can take an user16:04
yvland look at it if he was an contact16:04
th1aOK, so there's clearly a bug there.16:05
yvlbut that's internals16:05
th1aYou understand the task then yvl?16:05
yvldisplay contact information under Contacts in home page if it is filled in16:06
yvldo not touch the "Add -> Mister Misterson as Contact" link in "Manage Contacts"16:06
th1aWell, if you use that link then the results should be visible in the person's accordion.16:07
yvlcan do :)16:07
th1aOK.  I'll look over the other bugs as well and let you know what to do next.16:08
yvlmy other higher ranked bugs also fall into category "don't clearly know what to do" :|16:08
yvlthanks th1a!16:08
th1aYeah, let me look at them tonight.16:09
th1aI have to go exactly at 2:30 today.16:09
yvlthanks again!16:09
th1aI think some of your bugs need to be culled, yvl.16:10
replaceafilli've started working on the name sorting change16:10
replaceafilli merged the revision from menesis branch about the title change16:11
replaceafilland i'm working on splitting the Name column in the gradebook right now16:11
replaceafillth1a, i'll check today Pujendra's bug16:11
replaceafilland if i understand your idea correctly, we need a preference for the sorting16:12
th1aAh, yes.16:12
replaceafilli was wondering one thing though16:12
replaceafillsay we add the preference16:12
replaceafillshould we show *that* column as the first column everywhere?16:12
replaceafilli mean16:12
th1aWe want to change the sort, not the order.16:13
replaceafillbut it looks funny to me having First name, Last name sorted by the second column16:13
replaceafillbut it's probably just me16:13
replaceafillth1a, where should i put the setting?16:14
replaceafillnew link in School -> Customize?16:14
th1aYou have a point replaceafill.16:15
replaceafillth1a, right16:15
replaceafillit's because i've been testing my gradebook change16:15
replaceafilland that was the first thing i noticed :D16:15
th1aI guess if you're sorting by last name it should be the first column.16:15
replaceafill"hmm this looks unsorted"16:15
replaceafillth1a, +116:15
th1aWhen you first said that I thought you meant something else.16:16
replaceafillwhat about the title method16:16
replaceafilldo we also want it to display "Last name, First name" in that case?16:16
th1aServer > Settings > Name Order?16:17
replaceafillah okk16:17
th1aOr Sorting Names ?16:17
replaceafilli was using "name sorting order" :D16:17
replaceafillwhich didn't make sense after a while ;)16:18
th1aName Sorting ?16:18
replaceafilli think we can add some hint later, right?16:18
replaceafilli'll have something to show on wednesday for sure16:19
th1aOK. Great.  Pujendara will be happy.16:19
replaceafilllast thing from me16:19
replaceafilli also helped dwelsh to get his 2011 reports16:19
replaceafilland jelkner/isaac to get their skills set16:20
* replaceafill done16:20
th1aOK, thanks.16:20
th1aAny progress?16:20
th1aOK, I gotta go.16:22
th1aThanks guys.16:22
replaceafillth1a, same time wed?16:22
menesisI have made the release16:23
th1amenesis:  I did you find the bug?16:23
menesisfixed a few tests, not much16:23
menesistoday, copied the 2.5.3 releases to the dev ppa for precise16:23
menesisbut am seeing a permission denied bug in celery_rport process16:24
menesisnot yet found what file is being created16:24
menesissome lock16:24
th1aCan yvl or replaceafill help?16:24
th1aThey're really, justifiably antsy to get this out.16:24
menesisit puzzles me why this worked on the trunk ppa16:24
th1aWhat can replaceafill or yvl do to help?16:25
menesisdo you have any precise box to test?16:25
menesismaybe that doesn't happen elsewhere16:25
replaceafilli can set up a VM16:26
th1aOK.  Try that replaceafill.16:26
menesisapt-get install schooltool16:26
menesisservice schooltool status16:26
menesisI see redis_server as exited16:26
replaceafillmenesis, using the dev ppa, correcT?16:26
replaceafillok, i'll set that up now16:26
th1aOK, thanks guys.16:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:27
th1aSame time Wednesday.16:27
replaceafillth1a, kk16:27
replaceafilli don't have a precise iso16:30
replaceafillprecise is 12.04, correct?16:30
replaceafillit's what cando people use16:30
* replaceafill goes to download it16:30
menesisfound the cause17:01
menesisrelated to the migration to /run17:01
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menesisafter reboot it works17:02
replaceafilland i'm still at 35% downloading :D17:02
replaceafillglad you found it menesis :)17:03
menesisso there is nothing I need to do17:03
menesisit should work17:03
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th1amenesis: ayt?18:31
menesisth1a: yes18:32
th1aWhat's the status of the permission issue?18:33
menesisit was a problem on that specific virtual server18:33
menesissolved by a reboot18:33
menesisdon't think I need to do anything to prevent it18:34
menesisrelated bug is
menesison a fresh precise install, enable precise-updates, upgrade18:35
menesisone of packages upgraded is initscripts18:36
menesisinstall schooltool, and you may hit this bug18:36
menesisneed to reboot18:36
menesisand schooltool will start successfully18:37
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