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th1ahi yvl, replaceafill.16:10
yvlgood morning!16:10
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:10
th1aOK... can we have a very quick meeting now?  My schedule has changed.16:11
th1aOK, yvl, go!16:12
yvlok, so permission tweaks are in progress16:12
yvlone question16:13
yvlI think we need a similar tab like Journal for clerks16:13
yvlCanDo for clerks16:13
yvland for that matter, Gradebook for clerks16:13
th1aIs it a different tab or just they get a different view with the tab?16:13
yvlshould be same tab16:14
th1aYes, they need a different view under the same tab.16:14
yvlI'd like to build similar radio button style switch as in Journal16:14
yvlwhere applicable16:14
th1aYes, that'll work.16:14
yvli.e. for teacher/clerks16:14
yvlanother thing - same needs to happen for school tab16:15
yvlit's more involved though16:15
th1aYes, unfortunately I've gotten the message that the school tab situation is "involved."16:15
yvlbut we need an abridged version for admins16:16
yvlwith access to people, sections and courses16:16
yvlproblem is that it was hooked on being able to edit ISchoolToolApplication16:16
yvland let's admit it, that was a hack16:16
yvlseems I'm on a right track then16:16
th1aYes, that hack may need to be untangled.16:17
yvlbtw I really think you're doing the right thing here th1a :)16:17
yvlswitching to permission cleanup that is16:17
th1aOK, good.  I'm just making up for my own poor QA discipline.16:17
yvlwell, this is the best time to do QA actually16:18
* yvl done16:18
th1aThanks yvl!16:18
replaceafillok, i worked on glenda's spreadsheet, met briefly with dwelsh16:19
replaceafillupdated the autocomplete combobox16:19
replaceafillif you have time :)16:19
replaceafilli removed the return capture16:20
th1aYes, I like it.16:20
replaceafillremoved the round borders and used flourish color16:20
replaceafillah cool, i should land that now to trunk then?16:20
replaceafillah damn, ping?16:22
th1aDo you want to try styling it even more like the other pop-ups in the gradebook?16:22
th1aThe dark gray?16:22
th1aSame margins/padding?16:22
replaceafilli noticed the font-size is bigger16:22
replaceafilldidn't think of the margin/padding16:23
th1aYeah, it is still just a little off.16:23
th1aLooks blocky.16:23
replaceafilli'll match the popups16:23
th1aNot horrible.16:23
replaceafilli agree16:23
replaceafillmaybe options should have the same height of the rows16:23
replaceafilli'll fix it16:24
* replaceafill done16:24
replaceafillah th1a16:24
replaceafilli'm not good at this kind of support:
replaceafilli tried... :)16:25
replaceafillcould you take that one?16:25
th1aNot good at the "I have no idea" kind of support question.  ;-)16:25
replaceafillyes :D16:26
th1aOK, I'll give it a crack.16:26
yvlerror looks unrelated16:27
yvlmaybe it's wrong start/end dates16:28
yvlwrong year, or wrong term16:28
replaceafilli thought wrong section :D16:28
yvlmore likely :)16:28
yvlif it's not in calendar, it's likely not the right section16:28
th1aMaybe yvl could ask a follow up question though.  ;-)16:30
yvlok :D16:30
th1aI'm trying to answer Glenda's last email before flying out the door.16:30
th1aOK thanks guys.16:30
th1aHave a good week/end.  See you Monday!16:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:31
replaceafillthanks everybody16:31
yvlthanks guys16:31
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pgulleyreplaceafill, learner_sections only returns sections from the current term, yes?17:01
pgulley(sorry to just jump in like this)17:02
replaceafillhey pgulley17:02
replaceafilllet me check17:02
replaceafillthe "original" ILearner adapter returns everything iirc17:03
replaceafilllearner_sections is in quiz, right?17:03
replaceafill learner_sections = list(ILearner(person).sections())17:03
replaceafillno, that's every section the user is related to17:04
replaceafillno matter term or year17:04
pgulleyokay, cool. this is good.17:04
pgulleyI thought it would be nice to have an additional option to filter quizzes by section17:04
pgulleybut didn't want to clutter the form with sections which don't apply to a given term.17:05
replaceafillhhmm i was thinking more of the course + term17:05
pgulleyI couldn't find a simple way to filter quizzes by course- doing so by section is simple, and is essentially equivalent, no?17:05
replaceafillnot really, in jelkner case for example, you have multiterm sections17:06
replaceafilli mean, for math and algebra17:06
replaceafillyou'll have 4 different sections17:06
replaceafilli think this should be jelkner's call17:08
replaceafillthe gradebook uses sections17:08
replaceafillbut filtered by term17:09
* replaceafill is trying to think what students are used to...17:09
replaceafilli know teachers are used to the gradebook17:09
pgulleyI imagine that students want to be able to filter by, from their perspective, classes.17:10
pgulleyand then terms.17:10
replaceafillin my head student says "i want to see quizzes for this course for this term"17:11
replaceafillsaying "i want quizzes for this section for this term" doesn't have sense17:12
replaceafillsince section and term are linked17:12
pgulleybut the students belong to a section, not a course, right?17:12
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replaceafillwell, they're related directly to the section17:12
replaceafilland the section is related directly to the course17:12
pgulleyAnd the quizzes are also related directly to sections, not courses.17:13
replaceafillone of jelkner's main use case is also students that join the class in the 3rd term for example17:13
replaceafillhe doesn't want those students seeing term 1-2 quizzes17:14
replaceafillmy solution would be course dropdown + term checkboxes17:15
replaceafillonly the current term is marked in the checkboxes17:15
replaceafillthat's why i pointed you to the /sections view and its filter17:15
replaceafill(although there every term is marked by default iirc)17:16
pgulleyRight now I have section checkboxes and term radios sort of working17:18
pgulleyI'll talk to jelkner about his preference.17:19
pgulleyI can imagine cases where a student wants to be able to see quizzes from more than one course at once17:19
pgulleyOkay, I just spoke to Jeff18:43
pgulleyreplaceafill, jelker prefers your method-18:44
replaceafillah ok18:44
pgulleyIt make sense, the course-context thing is a good thing to preserve18:44
pgulleyI have a question, however18:44
pgulleyI was fooling with getting filtering by term to work- the method I found which makes sense is just to filter by creation time18:45
pgulleydoes this make sense to you, or is it too complex?18:45
replaceafillhhmm not so much18:46
replaceafillok, you have the user quizzes, right?18:46
pgulleyby one token, it gives more flexibility, potentially: show me quizzes from the current term, show me quizzes from the last week, etc.18:46
replaceafillah sure, if you want that kind of functionality (by date), creation time makes sense18:46
replaceafillhowever for filtering by TERM18:47
replaceafillyou just get the section where the quiz was deployed18:47
replaceafilland adapt the section to ITerm18:47
pgulleyAh, I wasn't aware we had that adapter.18:47
pgulleythat's convenient18:48
replaceafillterm = ITerm(a_section)18:48
pgulleycool, I'll do that then. (I may add by time too- jeff seemed to like that idea a lot)18:48
pgulleythanks a bunch18:48
pgulleyhey, replaceafill, is there any reason the filter can't go in the sidebar, like it is in the gradebook?20:57
replaceafillfor the type of filter you're using yes20:57
replaceafillit's because the filter has to be part of the form20:58
replaceafillso you can handle the submit20:58
replaceafilland redraw the form "ajaxy"20:58
pgulleyalright- that makes sense.20:58
replaceafillthe gradebook doesn't work that way20:58
replaceafillit's kind of "old style" now20:58
replaceafillthere are some cando reports that have it20:59
replaceafillbut imho it's too much trouble for little20:59
replaceafill(in the quiz case)20:59
pgulleyThat's a much nicer interface layout20:59
pgulleybut, yeah, a lot of trouble to work out20:59
replaceafilllog in to jelkner's instance as a manager21:01
replaceafilland go to/schoolyears/Summer2013/gctaa-summer-2013/skills_completion_report.html21:01
replaceafill(only if you're curious) ;)21:01
replaceafillthere's extra JS to attach the filter events to the form being refreshed21:02
replaceafill(by form i mean table in this case=21:02
pgulleythat's so fancy21:02
pgulleythat's soooo fancy21:04
pgulleywould it be as simple as copying that extra js into what I have?21:04
pgulleywait, no, I imagine not- I'd have to render it in the sidebar, too.21:04
replaceafillhhmm i don't think so21:04
replaceafillmy advice is to use basic filters for now21:05
replaceafillat the end is just a matter of helping the user find stuff21:05
replaceafilland the basic one does it imho21:06
pgulleyyeah, it does.21:07
pgulleyalright, I'll just stick with this then, as you say.21:07
pgulleyalso, what should be the default course? none?21:08
replaceafillunless jelkner likes those tables empty by default21:10
pgulleyI doubt he does.21:11
pgulleyexcept- since we're going with the drop-down for courses, it just occurs to me that it's weird to have a default behavior that you can't get back to.21:12
replaceafillwhy can't you back to it?21:12
pgulleyI have to move into another room, brb21:12
replaceafillgo back*21:12
pgulleybecause 'all courses' isn't an option in the drop down menu21:15
replaceafillyes, it should be the first option and default option21:16
replaceafillsee /sections21:16
pgulleyahh, alright. cool!21:16
replaceafillcheck schooltool/course/browser/templates/f_section_table_filter.pt21:19
replaceafillto see how the default is set21:19
replaceafillyou'll see no value attribute for it21:20
replaceafilland the filter method checks for its presence in the request21:20
replaceafill(if self.search_course_id in self.request)21:21
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~1h21:52
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?23:38
replaceafillth1a, yes23:38
th1aI think Glenda now has multiple versions of competencies with the same matching attributes.23:39
th1aFor auto-association.23:39
replaceafilli thought she meant the skills container23:40
th1aWell, I'm guessing that's what's happening.23:41
th1aI'm afraid my clever hack may have run its course.23:43
replaceafillit's been 3 nice years working with ST23:46
replaceafilland i still don't understand why the ids of skills have to be different!23:46
replaceafillit's the same thing!23:46
th1aIs it?23:47
th1aI guess it may not be the matching, just the new and the old skills attached to the same course.23:47
replaceafillseveral skillsets are "the same"23:47
replaceafillor at least i can't see the difference....23:47
th1aOK... we need an explanation of what has changed at all.23:49
replaceafilli bet is just the damn id23:49
th1aDid they give them new id's for some reason?23:49
replaceafillwhich before was 6617-201223:49
th1aOh, ok.23:50
th1aAnd... they're connected to the same course?23:50
replaceafillbecause of the matching you said23:50
replaceafillcourse id is the same23:50
replaceafillfor both23:50
th1aWell, are they connected to the same course node?23:50
th1aThat would cause the same result.23:50
replaceafillcourse nodes look fine23:51
replaceafillthere's one for 2012 and one for 201323:52
th1aOK.  It is just matching them both.23:52
replaceafilli wonder if Glenda copied the courses over23:52
replaceafilli mean ST courses23:52
replaceafillfrom one year to the other23:52
replaceafillmind if i investigate? :)23:53
replaceafillnow i'm curious :D23:53
th1aBasically, if they are versioning the course nodes they should probably version the ST Courses.23:53
replaceafilli was like "i'll wait for glenda's reply..."23:53
th1aGo ahead.23:53
replaceafillok, i'll set up a new year using the ACC database23:54
th1aOr, they could just add the year in some other course attribute for doing the matching.23:54

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