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yvlgood morning th1a  :)16:30
th1aHi yvl.16:30
yvlhow was the trip back?16:30
th1aLong.  ;-)16:31
th1aThe girls handle it better than can be reasonably expected.16:31
yvlbtw, in case you missed the news:
th1aYes, they had that idea floating around a few years ago.  I guess they're going to have to try it on their own.16:33
yvlit's a bit crazy to try raising $32M16:33
yvlcurrent crowdfunded records are for Pebble ($10M) and Ouya ($8.5M)16:34
th1aWell, it will attract attention at least.16:34
th1aI have to have Vivian at dance lessons in an hour and a half.16:34
yvlit did - $3.4M attention overnight ;)16:34
th1aSo we'd better get started.16:34
th1aThe next three weeks of my life are going to be insane.16:35
yvlI can't even imagine16:35
yvlhmm, maybe you16:35
yvlyou'd like to do a hangout?16:36
yvlor IRC is fine?16:36
th1aIRC for the moment.16:36
th1aThe girls are running around the room.16:36
th1aJennifer is at principal interviews for Vivian's school all day.16:37
th1aotoh, I'll have few distractions in Scotland!16:37
yvlso here are some thoughts since yesterday16:37
yvlI think we can reuse the old relationship edit views16:38
yvladd a popup dialog after clicking (+)16:38
yvldropdown of state16:38
yvland radio choice of16:38
yvl[enter date]16:38
yvlreplace (-) with edit pencil icon16:39
yvlso instead of say, removing students from section16:39
yvlyou change their status to "withdrawn", "enrolled", "pending" with "since date"16:40
yvlthe popup dialog should also display state history16:41
yvlpre-enrolled 2013-07-1516:41
yvlenrolled 2013-07-2016:41
yvland so on16:41
yvl"view" views are a bit tricky16:42
th1aSo one thing I was thinking about on the long drive is that the hard-wired enrollment states really only need to be enrolled/not-enrolled.16:42
th1aSince we really aren't enforcing workflows.16:42
th1apre- and post- are only necessary if you have a basic workflow.16:43
yvlI was having doubts if yes/no is enough16:43
yvlit makes sense that it is16:43
yvland makes customization views easier16:44
yvljust lines of titles with a checkbox16:44
th1aMakes it a bit cleaner.16:45
yvlmuch cleaner16:45
yvlso another thing is displaying16:46
yvlsay... section pupils16:46
yvlfirst name, last name, username, ???16:46
th1aDisplaying where?16:47
yvlI guess it makes sence to display (instead of all state history)16:47
yvlthe students table when viewing the section16:47
th1aState history is not generally something you'd need to look at.16:47
th1aState would generally be more of a sort/filter thing.16:47
yvlso, for sorting16:48
yvlshould we display the active state only16:48
yvlor also the next state (if any)16:48
th1aIf we're looking at the members of a group, just the main view, correct?16:49
th1aI would want to see16:49
th1aLike that.16:50
th1aI guess the question is you need to see the history SOMEWHERE?16:50
yvlwe could do a popup I guess16:51
yvllike the edit button16:51
yvlbut just view16:51
yvlinfo (i) icon or something16:51
th1aThat's probably as clean as anything.16:51
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th1aPerhaps if you really want to see the detailed history directly that's in the Person's group accordion.16:52
th1aThat would be the view that would show you history by default.16:52
yvllet's just keep it the simple tree view16:52
th1aAnother level in there?16:53
yvlin persons accordion16:53
yvlI mean - don't change it16:53
th1aYes, that's good.16:53
yvlif you're in students group today, it is displayed and that's it16:53
yvlif you're withdrawn it's not there16:54
yvlif you're pending, it's not there16:54
yvlit has edit group memberships16:55
yvlwe can display all the pending, pre-enrolled and such groups16:55
yvlbtw, about the state / <list>16:56
yvlI'm not sure I get entirely how it should work16:56
yvlI mean - it makes sense that user would want to see that16:56
yvlbut maybe "state" dropdown would be good enough?16:57
* yvl is a bit worried about many tables for each state16:57
th1aI guess my main concern would be splitting enrolled and not enrolled.16:58
th1aThat's probably sufficient.16:58
yvlmakes sense16:58
th1aThen you need another column to specify the string.16:58
yvland date16:59
yvlspeaking of dates16:59
yvlthere is a state that is active today16:59
yvlit became active some time ago16:59
yvland may change some time in the future16:59
yvle.g. you're pending today16:59
yvl(since last week)16:59
yvl(until next month)16:59
yvlbecause a clerk set enrolled, on next month17:00
* yvl is wondering which information would be usefull where17:00
yvl* useful17:00
th1aI would say generally people don't want to see that.17:01
yvlso, it should look:17:01
yvlenrolled (i)17:01
yvlmuch cleaner17:01
yvlpending (i)17:02
th1aFrom, say, Jeff Elkner's point of view, the purpose of this feature is to remove irrelevant stuff (withdrawn students) from his gradebook.17:02
yvlok then17:02
th1aMaybe just make the status string the info link.17:02
yvlwell, I think I have enough work for a week :D17:03
th1aOK. ;-)17:03
yvlwe can call it a day if you want :)17:03
yvlit was really helpful17:04
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th1aYes... and while I partly just procrastinate on this stuff, when I try to do very many steps in my head on this stuff without actually coding, I just don't do a very good job.17:05
th1aIf I was coding, I'd be understanding it as I went.17:05
th1aSo we just have to kind of mind-meld on those processes.17:05
yvlwell said :)17:06
th1aOK, super.17:06
th1aSee you tomorrow.17:06
th1areplaceafill:  I'll catch up with you later today.17:06
yvlsee you soon17:06
th1aI have to get Vivian into her leotard.  ;-)17:07
replaceafillth1a, cool17:07
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