IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-07-22

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pgulleyreplaceafill, good morning!16:21
replaceafillgood morning pgulley16:21
replaceafillpgulley, i reviewed your branch16:22
replaceafilljust a few comments:16:22
replaceafill1. remove all the logic in the Assignments container16:23
replaceafillas far as i can tell, it only needs the implements16:23
replaceafill2. move the assignment logic (persistent stuff) to its own module16:24
replaceafilldid we talk about this before?16:24
pgulleyWe had talked about 2, that was a thing I wanted to do today. I just had figured that everything should work first.16:25
replaceafillah ok16:26
replaceafillother than that i think it's fine for merging it16:27
pgulleyso with regards to that first thing16:27
pgulleywait, nevermind, I'll just play with it.16:28
pgulleyI can do that16:28
replaceafillby remove all the logic i just meant, remove most of the methods, except addAssignment16:29
pgulleyright, that makes sense. Most of the dunder methods must already be defined under BTree16:29
pgulleyokay, perfect. I'll do all that! thanks!16:30
replaceafillthanks pgulley16:30
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th1aSorry I'm late.16:37
th1ahi menesis, replaceafill, yvl.16:37
yvlgood morning :)16:37
th1aGetting this in before a 7 hour drive back from Grandma's.16:38
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:39
th1aWould you like to start replaceafill?16:40
replaceafilli finished the script for the malawi school16:40
replaceafillyvl suggestions worked pretty well :)16:40
yvlya y\o/16:40
th1aUnfortunately we haven't heard back from him, right?16:41
replaceafillth1a, right :(16:41
replaceafillthe script is here:16:41
th1aWell, it won't be the last time we have a case like this.16:41
replaceafillon friday i started working on jelkner's request for managing images in schooltool quiz16:42
replaceafilli think i'll be done with it today16:43
replaceafilland.. i think that's it from me16:43
th1aTomorrow, back to report cards?16:43
th1aOK Cool.16:45
th1aThanks replaceafill .16:45
yvlplumbing is pretty much done16:45
yvlwe'll need an evolution though16:45
yvlstarted working on UI16:46
yvlnot sure how it's supposed to work though :)16:46
th1aFor student enrollment.16:46
yvllet's say yes16:47
yvlwe have:16:47
yvlgroup membership, student enrollment, section instructors and resource leaders16:47
yvlthese are candidates for relationship statuses IMHO16:47
yvladding removing in section (edit students)16:48
yvlI guess they should add/remove a person today16:48
th1aActually in terms of those kinds of memberships student membership in sections is by far the most important.16:49
yvlof course16:49
yvl(I also think it's worth hooking up year statuses to student-level relationships, but that's another story for later)16:49
th1aTo be clear -- "student enrollment" refers to any person's status as a student in relationship to the school.16:49
th1a"section enrollment" is primarily the student in relationship to the section.16:50
yvlstudent enrollment is group enrollment16:50
th1aAnd year statuses is by far the most wide ranging in terms of the way it affects the rest of the application.16:51
th1aOK, practically they are the same then.16:51
yvlfrom my point of view - yes :)16:51
th1aOK.  That's not a bad thing.16:52
yvlbut group enrollment is also valid for teachers, school managers and so on and so forth16:52
th1aI'll think about it that way.16:52
th1aObviously it kills several birds with one stone.16:52
yvlyes :)16:53
yvlso there are few things to think about16:53
th1aCan you just review briefly how statuses work as you've actually implemented them?16:53
yvla relationship between two objects is now conditional16:54
yvlit has a status, which is essentially a string16:54
yvleach status is applicable from a date16:54
yvland before the first status, the relationship does not exist16:55
yvlif you add a student to a section today, he's not there yesterday16:55
yvlfrom today16:56
yvlwhen you iterate through students of the section16:56
yvlfor a certain date16:56
yvl(by default - for todays date)16:56
yvl(and by default - active status)16:56
yvlhe will be in section16:57
yvlthere's no UI yet, but you can set his status to inactive from say Aug 116:57
yvland until Aug 1, all queries (active by default, todays date) will return him in section16:57
yvlfrom Aug 1 he will dissappear16:58
yvlstatuses are arbitrary and can be anything that is hardwired to the system16:58
yvland at the moment I only use active / inactive16:58
yvland always use today's dates, since there's only UI for that :)16:58
th1aI'm thinking we need a system like the excuse customization status customization.16:58
yvlexcuse customization?16:59
th1aMaybe we have three hardwired "pending" "enrolled" "withdrawn" and then you can add other strings which must be equivalent to one of the three.16:59
th1aLike, you can make a new string that is more specific but to the system equivalent to "absent" "excused" or whatever.17:00
th1aSo you add a string "Moved away" and have to select "withdrawn" next to it.17:01
yvlmakes sense17:01
th1aThat's probably the next step and maybe we should talk about other parts of the UI tomorrow after I'm home?17:02
yvllet me just enumerate what parts are unclear to me17:02
yvlwhen persons are pending or withdrawn, they probably should be displayed in relevant tables somehow17:02
yvlmaybe strikeout, maybe gray out17:03
th1aIt may be somewhat view specific.17:03
yvlso a thing to think about17:03
yvlsame for person views17:03
th1aIt is going to need to be a switch in the grade book views.17:03
yvl(the view of your sections)17:03
yvlwhat else17:04
yvlmodifying the status17:04
yvlprobably the simplest thing is to have a separate view17:04
th1aYeah… we just need to go through these.17:05
yvlyou'd need to select a date, an action and click on a person's button?17:05
yvlalso importer sheets could become more complicated17:05
th1aTrue, yes.17:05
yvland then - the reports17:05
yvlso these are main things I think17:06
th1aRight.  It touches a lot of places, but mostly just adding filters and fairly straightforward elaboration.17:06
yvlbut still17:06
th1aYes, lots of decisions.17:07
yvlyep :)17:07
th1aI've just got a chaotic scene here today, so we'll focus tomorrow.17:07
yvlmeanwhile I'll keep myself busy :)17:08
th1aOK.  Sounds good.  Glad it is moving fast enough to catch me flat footed.  ;-)17:08
th1aThanks yvl.17:09
menesisI have submitted my updated supervisor package to debian17:10
th1aAh, good.17:10
menesisnext I have to make proper releases of all the schooltool projects17:11
th1aWell, we're shooting for a feature freeze and then a release around the end of the month -- when we get these statuses and the new report cards settled.17:12
th1aIs that what you're referring to?17:12
menesisup to now all the celery, permissions, and journal scoresystems are available only as automatically built packages17:13
th1aOh, ok.17:13
th1aShould that just wait for the statuses and report cards?17:13
menesisbut celery work has settled 6 weeks ago, scoresystems also done a few weeks ago17:14
th1aI don't know if you need to get the celery parts packaged.17:14
menesisand I never made releases at these milestones17:15
th1aYou know better than I do what needs to be done packaging-wise.17:15
th1aAs long as we're on the same page that we're doing the feature freeze around the 1st, and then will be squaring that stuff up for a real release in advance of the October Ubuntu release.17:16
menesiswell, I'm getting anxious and want to upload some of the last several months work to ubuntu17:18
th1a(that is, trying to get the final release with everything up to enrollment/report cards out in September)17:18
menesisto have smaller uploads later17:18
th1aThat is fine.17:18
th1aI'm just checking to make sure we17:19
th1a're on the same page.17:19
th1aGood.  :-)17:20
th1aOK.  Anything else?17:21
menesisno, that's all17:21
th1aTime to pack up the car and chuck in the kids?17:21
th1aThanks guys.17:22
th1aTalk to you tomorrow, yvl.17:22
th1aAnd Wednesday for everyone.17:22
th1aHave a great week!17:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:23
yvlsee you soon :)17:23
replaceafillthanks everybody, have a good week17:23
replaceafillhave a good trip th1a17:23
pgulleyreplaceafill- I've gotten everything moved as you asked.17:24
pgulleyBut I don't think I can remove those dunder methods- the "IKeyReference" thing is nessecary17:24
pgulleyThe BTree object wants inputs as strings.17:27
pgulleyUnless I'm seriously misunderstanding (which is very possible)17:27
replaceafillah true17:28
replaceafilland you're using...17:28
replaceafillthe item?17:28
pgulleyThat could be restructured?17:28
replaceafillwell, you could use the item's __name__17:28
pgulleyThat's not unique, though?17:29
replaceafillit is17:29
replaceafillitem's live in the item's container17:29
replaceafillthey all get a different __name__ when they're put there17:30
pgulleyoh! okay, in that case17:30
pgulleyyeah. that should work17:30
replaceafillimho it makes the container code a lot simpler17:30
pgulleyI agree.17:31
replaceafillno need to understand ikeyreference and such17:31
pgulleymhm. Less to sift through.17:31
replaceafillor plain btrees17:31
replaceafillthe one you copied from is a very specialized container17:31
replaceafillthat's why all that logic is needed17:31
replaceafillalso, install pyflakes in your ubuntu17:32
replaceafilland run:17:33
replaceafillpyflakes /path/to/your/quiz/branch17:33
replaceafillit should tell you about some unused imports, redefinitions, etc17:33
pgulleyreplaceafill, pushed latest revisions18:08
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