IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-07-10

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pgulleyHey, replaceafill16:03
replaceafillgood morning pgulley16:03
pgulleyI don't know where jelkner is, yet again.16:04
pgulleyI don't have any particular problems this morning- I was able to jump through all the Zope to get IAssignments set up yesterday, and it's all running smoothly16:04
replaceafillwere you able to upload the new skills list?16:04
pgulleyI also have a parking problem that I need to solve asap16:06
replaceafillgo go go!16:06
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floundersI know this isn't a development question, but how do I go about resetting the password of a SchoolTool account?16:31
th1aA user account?16:34
th1ahi flounders.16:37
floundersYes a user account.16:38
th1aThe manager can go to School, then People, find the person and then they can change the password from the person view.16:38
floundersUnfortunately that is the password I am trying to recover.16:39
th1aThe manager password.16:40
th1amenesis: What's the process for that again?16:40
yvlmenesis is missing16:44
yvlwas here before16:44
th1aThis doesn't seem to work on my version: "schooltool-server -c /etc/schooltool/standard/schooltool.conf --reset-manager -"16:44
th1aYeah... that's what I just tried.16:45
th1aI got "option --reset-manager not recognized"16:46
th1aBut that's on trunk.16:46
floundersI could reinstall it again, as I am just testing SchoolTool out, but this may be a good thing to know how to do anyway.16:47
th1aWell, we should have an answer for you more quickly.  ;-)16:48
floundersDon't worry about it. Take your time.16:48
yvlthis should work:16:48
yvlsudo python -m -c /etc/schooltool/standard/schooltool.conf --restore-manager -16:48
yvl(in terminal)16:48
floundersIt will take a moment before I can run that.16:49
th1aWe're going to start our meeting.  Feel free to interrupt after you've tried it.16:50
th1ahi yvl, replaceafill, menesis.16:50
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:50
th1areplaceafill:  Would you like to start?16:51
replaceafilli made the fixes to the report card request view we discussed on monday16:52
replaceafillnow it only uses the activity info to get the right sections16:52
replaceafillinstead of asking the user for the terms16:52
replaceafillit also works now with the journal trunk16:52
replaceafillyvl, quick question16:52
replaceafilli guess this is just a left over16:53
replaceafillth1a, i should now make the changes we discussed to the layout view, right?16:54
replaceafill1. removing outline items16:54
yvlyes, replaceafill16:54
replaceafillyvl, np, i removed it in my branch16:55
replaceafillyvl, another quick question :D16:55
replaceafillyou have no more changes to gradebook.js, corrrect?16:55
replaceafilli want to merge the combobox and navigation change to gradebook.js16:55
th1aYes, replaceafill, I'd first like to see the combobox in the new journal.16:56
replaceafillth1a, ah ok, i'll do that first16:56
replaceafillthat's it from me i think16:57
replaceafillyesterday i updated the file in schooltool.quiz16:57
replaceafillto avoid a setuptools version error16:57
replaceafillthanks to pgulley for finding it ;)16:57
* replaceafill done16:58
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:59
yvlI'm working on egg16:59
yvlgot most of lazr.restful hooked up to our machinery17:00
yvlbut there are few things left17:00
floundersI ran it, it complained about this: "zc.lockfile.LockError: Couldn't lock '/var/lib/schooltool/Data.fs.lock'"17:00
yvlit needs to publish itself to paste, for one17:00
yvlflounders, right, sorry17:00
yvlsudo /etc/init.d/schooltool stop17:01
yvlthen the script17:01
yvlafter a while the script should show Startup time or something like that17:02
yvlyou can then hit CTRL+C17:02
yvland run17:02
yvlsudo /etc/init.d/schooltool start17:02
yvlok, so now I17:03
yvlI'm trying out some simple REST api for persons17:03
floundersThanks that did the trick.17:03
yvljust the basices17:03
yvlglad to help, flounders :)17:03
yvl* basics17:03
th1aflounders:  I'll get that into the documentation.17:04
yvlI'd like to have somewhat simple and separate implementation of REST for SchoolTool17:04
th1ayvl:  Yes, I saw your idea of making a separate server.17:04
yvlwell, now it will be same server, different publication17:04
th1aOK... explain that?17:04
yvlwhen you traverse into localhost:7080/api17:05
yvlyou get into the part handled by lazr.restful17:05
yvlit will be run in the same process for now17:06
yvlbut it will not have views or other things available in web part of schooltool17:06
yvlit will have security though17:07
th1aSo... from the developer's point of view?17:07
yvlit will look like you have access to pure objects17:07
yvlwell, at least it should look like that17:07
yvlI'm actually undecided yet on how it will look in the end17:08
th1aI guess if it was a separate server we'd lose security?17:08
th1aThat's not actually stored at the db level, right?17:08
yvlno, it's in zcml  configs17:08
yvlbut we can load them in separate "service" too17:09
th1aSince we've gone to the trouble of keeping them in XML.  ;-)17:09
yvlpro - http views don't get killed when somebody bombards it with REST17:09
yvlcons - memory consumption17:09
yvlwell, we'll see17:10
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yvlI just did not expect lazr to take that extra time to hook up17:11
yvloh well17:11
th1aIs it pretty much done?17:11
yvlI think so17:11
yvlthen again, I thought so yesterday too :)17:12
th1aOK.  It is definitely worth a day or two if we can hand it off to a competent developer.17:12
* yvl agrees17:12
th1aHopefully it will be a good investment.17:12
th1aThe lack of a web API is getting a bit embarassing.17:12
th1aI can't tell whether people don't get back to me about it because they're not serious or if they think we're not serious.17:13
yvlit's been bugging me for a while now too17:14
replaceafillnot having an API was the reason why we needed to convert schooltool quiz into a standard plugin :(17:15
th1aYou just need to fix the journal not remembering which month you're looking at.17:15
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th1aOtherwise it all looks good.17:17
yvlglad to hear!17:18
th1aIt's certainly a big upgrade to the journal.17:18
yvlit might be even useful now ;)17:18
th1aOK, menesis?17:20
yvlmenesis still seems to be missing :|17:21
th1aOK.  Guess we're done then.17:21
th1aThanks guys.17:22
th1aSee you Monday.17:22
th1aCan we do Tuesday?17:23
replaceafilli was going to ask for permission for monday!17:23
replaceafilli need to take Marcela to the doc again17:23
replaceafilltuesday +117:23
th1aOK.  Tuesday it is.17:23
th1aHave a good week/end guys.17:24
replaceafillthanks everybody17:24
yvlsee you guys Tue :)17:25
menesissorry to miss the meeting17:28
menesisnot much to report17:29
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menesiswas fixing tests failing on ubuntu jenkins17:29
th1aAh, I forgot to drop the gravel anyhow menesis, so the meeting is still "officially" going on.  ;-)17:29
menesisubuntu has recently changed process of migration from proposed to archive17:30
menesisif a package has autopkgtest enabled17:30
menesisit runs tests after upload17:31
menesisand only migrates to the archive (universe, main) if the tests pass17:31
menesisI had tests enabled for a dozen zope packages, and it catched newly failing tests17:31
menesisbut this is helpful for me17:32
menesisI can also enable tests for schooltool17:32
menesisonce they pass17:32
th1aOK.  Seems worthwhile.17:32
menesisand be sure that nothing breaks17:32
menesisbecause schooltool has around 130 direct or indirect dependencies17:33
menesisand for example in the raring cycle17:34
menesisschooltool was not working for almost two months17:34
menesisbecause someone uploaded new z3c.rml, reportlab, z3c.form packages17:35
menesisand I didn't knew that until I noticed new versions and tested with them17:35
menesisso good news about ubuntu infrastructure17:36
menesisand no news about schooltool itself from me17:37
* menesis done17:37
th1aOK, thanks menesis.17:38
th1aI count on you to sort out this kind of minutia.  ;-)17:38
menesiswe are still in alpha.17:41
menesis7 weeks until Saucy feature freeze17:41
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th1aOK.  I'd like to freeze at the end of the month.17:42
th1aThat's what we discussed a while ago, right?17:42
menesisright time to sort things out17:42
th1aOK.  Cool.17:42
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jelknerth1a, are you here?20:50
th1aHi jelkner.20:50
jelkneri've found another "bug"20:50
jelknerwanted to talk to you before filing it.20:50
jelknerwe created three sections for the summer class20:51
jelknerfor reasons unimportant here, we needed to rearrange their schedules20:51
jelknerST allowed me to do that just fine20:51
jelknerbut the attendance data i had in the journal for the first 3 days is gone20:52
th1aOK, so what should happen?20:52
jelknerwell, as a teacher in public schools i've seen this kind of thing happen often in the beginning of a year20:53
jelknerand the attendance data can't be lost20:53
jelknersince i'm required by law to keep it20:53
jelkneri wanted my attendance data to remain20:53
th1aI'm just trying to get you to clearly state your desired behaviour, not be difficult.  ;-)20:53
jelknersame course, same section20:53
jelkneronly the schedule of the section was changed20:54
jelknerso the facts about who attended on the previous days didn't change20:54
jelknerit's only day 320:54
jelknerso in this case i can recreate the data without difficulty20:54
th1aBut literally, what you actually want is a schedule change to not change section meetings prior to the actual date.20:55
jelknerbut i thought i should bring it up20:55
th1aOr to be prompted to choolse.20:55
th1aOK, I'll file a bug.20:56
jelknerthanks, sir!20:56
jelkneri'll get to recreating the data ;-)20:56
th1aOK.  Thanks jelkner.20:57
jelknerbtw.  when do you leave for scotland?20:57
th1aAugust 12.20:57
jelknerfor a full year?20:57
jelknerdo you have a minute to talk about something else?20:58
th1aIt will be cooler.  At least 10 degrees.20:58
jelknerKhady Lusby is sitting in on my Web Design I class this Summer.20:59
jelknerThis is good for two reasons.20:59
jelknerShe will learn enough HTML / CSS to help update her website and to create a new one for her school.20:59
jelknerThe other cool thing is she will learn to use ST from a student's perspective.20:59
jelknerThere are 2 exams in Senegal that are extremely important21:00
jelkner9th grade and 12th grade21:00
jelknerbb in 3 minutes21:00
jelknerstudent with question...21:00
jelkneri'm back21:01
jelkneranyway the 9th and 12th grade exams are critical21:01
jelkneryou fail to pass the 9th grade exam and you can not go to 10 th grade21:02
jelknerfail to pass the 12th grade exam and you can't go to university21:02
jelknershe thinks we can get volunteers in Senegal to help create a database of quiz items in ST quiz aligned to the exam21:04
th1aAh, now I have to go for a while.21:04
jelknerlet's talk later...21:04
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