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axp2yvl: hi12:55
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pgulleyhey, replaceafill16:34
replaceafillgood morning pgulley16:34
pgulleyI've encountered a bug on the deployment, with the skillset rules feature16:35
pgulleyit looks like it's in a validator function- the traceback doesn't touch any code in schooltool.quiz16:35
replaceafillcan you paste the traceback somewhere?16:37
replaceafillpgulley, where is that coming from?16:43
replaceafillthe gctaa server?16:43
replaceafillyour local dev env?16:44
* replaceafill is setting up a local instance, trying to reproduce16:49
pgulleyI've just reproduced it on my local instance16:54
pgulleywhen adding a skill rule16:57
replaceafilli found the solution17:05
replaceafillbut i'm trying to understand "when" it happened :)17:05
replaceafilli'll push the fix in a minute17:05
replaceafillthe signature for the .validate() method has changed in z3c.form17:05
replaceafillfrom .validate(value) to .validate(value, force)17:05
replaceafillpgulley, we have to options17:16
replaceafillpin down the z3c.form version to 2.817:16
replaceafill(which i don't like)17:17
replaceafillor simply update the validator signature in browser/preferences.py17:17
pgulleythe latter is much simpler17:17
pgulleyat the same time, I don't think I understand how to do that17:22
replaceafillpgulley, fix pushed17:23
replaceafillinstance update17:23
replaceafilltry again and let me know if it works17:23
replaceafillgreat! :)17:34
pgulleyOkay, so one last question for today:17:34
pgulleyAm I going to need any funky evolve scripts when I update the gctaa instance17:35
pgulleywith the IAssignments container?17:35
replaceafilli don't think so17:35
replaceafillhold on17:35
replaceafilllook for QuizContainerInit and QuizContainerAppStartup in quiz.py17:36
replaceafillif your container is going to be global, that's what you need to do17:36
replaceafillinit is used for "fresh" databases17:36
replaceafilland startup checks for the container every time the server is started17:36
pgulleyokay, cool. I think I am going to push the new container to the server when I update the validation thing17:38
pgulleyjust to avoid version conflict issues17:38
pgulleyso I'll go ahead and do that17:38
replaceafillupdate the validation thing?17:39
replaceafillalso, where can i take a look at your code?17:40
pgulleyPull your most recent edit to the gctta server17:40
pgulleylet me make a branch, I'll push to it17:40
replaceafilli already did17:40
replaceafillthe gctaa server is running the latest quiz trunk17:40
pgulleyoh, perfect then.17:42
replaceafillwhy do you need history in the assignments container?17:45
pgulleyI saw that there was history in evaluations17:47
pgulleyand I didn't entierly understand why they had it17:48
pgulleybut figured it was important to zope in some way.17:48
pgulleyI didn't impliment it all the way.17:48
replaceafillit's unnecessary for this imho17:48
pgulleyOkay, cool. That's a relief, actually17:48
pgulleyShould the assignment stuff go in its own file, evenually/17:49
pgulleyI felt a bit weird about just tacking it on at the end of deployed quiz.17:49
replaceafillyou should move it to its own file17:50
replaceafilli wouldn't deploy this as it is17:50
replaceafilli know jelkner wants to "move fast" etc17:50
replaceafillbut i think there's much unnecessary code for the task17:51
replaceafilldef AssignedTo?17:51
replaceafillok, pgulley i need to go17:54
replaceafilli'll send you an email with my review after i come back17:54
pgulleyalright, thanks17:55
pgulleyhave a good afternoon17:55
replaceafillu 217:55
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floundersIs there a facility to generate custom reports? Or do I need to manipulate the database to do that myself?18:17
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th1aHi flounders.21:12
th1aYou can lay out custom reports using the RML markup language and add them to the system.21:14
th1aYou could look at:
th1aAnd we could wire in the database part for you.21:14
th1aThat is if you're talking about PDF reports.21:14
th1aWhat do you have in mind exactly?21:15
floundersth1a: Basically we need a way to get the roster for all the students we have for the semester, and also transcripts. But I don't all the specifics yet.21:45
floundersdon't know*21:45
th1aIn printable/pdf form?21:45
th1aThe transcript is something we'll be working on because there are actually a few pieces to add to the data model to get that right.21:46
th1aBut it is a big priority for the next six months.21:46
floundersI am in the process of trying to replace School Minder, I don't know if you are familiar with it or not. It is a priority over the next year, but we can live with it for a little while longer.21:47
th1aYou'd be planning on changing Fall 2014?21:49
floundersIt sounds like you may already have something planned for the reports that I need custom made.21:50
th1aOK.  We'll have transcripts by then, and we're trying to add more reports in general ourselves.21:50
th1aAlso, we've finally got some tools in place to quickly make PDF reports based on HTML reports without much re-coding.21:50
floundersVery nice.21:51
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