IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-06-12

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yvlgood morning :)16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon :)16:31
th1ayvl, replaceafill, menesis.16:31
th1aSo we did have a meeting with Liberia Monday.16:32
th1aActually, I think he was in the US at the time.16:32
th1aAnyhow, Issac and I spoke to the vice-minister of education for teacher training.  He's Issac's brother in law or something.16:33
th1aHe wants to try to get a pilot going for the Monrovia (capitol) school district, which is 28 schools.16:33
th1aA reasonable number.16:33
th1aIdeally, this would start in August, when school starts, but that seems pretty unlikely.16:34
th1aWe'll see.16:34
th1aOK, replaceafill?16:34
replaceafillScore Systems sheet16:35
replaceafilli changed the autocomplete for discrete score systems16:36
replaceafillas we discussed yesterday16:36
th1aI like that it lists options if you put a wrong character in.16:37
th1aOr does it.16:37
th1aI see.16:37
th1aIf I do "a" in Pass Fail, it guesses that a is in both, so it might be one of them.16:37
th1aCan you make it list everything if I put in a character in none of them?16:38
replaceafilli think so16:38
th1aI think that would be very helpful.16:38
th1aComputers are good at logic, so it should be possible.  ;-)16:39
th1aNOT AND OR16:39
th1aMarbles rolling through gates.16:39
replaceafillthe plugin is very flexible and has many options, i think it can be done16:39
replaceafilli read an example also, that you can match only the beginning of the values16:39
replaceafilli'll tweak it to do that16:40
replaceafillsince i (ab)used a data-... attribute, the js part is a lot simpler16:40
replaceafillth1a, my only concern about it right now is keyboard navigation16:41
replaceafilldisplaying the menu kind of gets in your way16:41
replaceafilldown arrow mostly16:42
th1aYou pretty much just have to use return.16:42
replaceafillbecause it tries to display the menu instead of moving down16:42
th1aI don't see any way around that.16:42
th1aCan you make the tab work?16:42
replaceafillah, i could try that16:43
yvlmaybe it can display menu only when user tries to enter anything16:43
th1aI think showing the title in the menu without putting it in the cell looks fine.16:43
yvlas in presses a button other than arrow16:43
yvl* a key16:43
replaceafillbut basically the menu options are ok now, right?16:44
replaceafilli mean, the basic functionality16:44
th1aIt looks good to me.16:44
th1aDo you like it yvl?16:44
yvlbut I'd also like other options visible16:45
menesisI like it16:45
yvlwrite 216:45
yvlsee 2: Practicing16:46
yvlI'd rather see all options listed and 2 selected16:46
yvlsame when entering wrong score16:46
yvllike entering A in pass/fail16:46
replaceafillthat sounds nice16:47
yvlor "Q" in F-A scale16:47
replaceafillsolves both requests, right?16:47
yvlI guess16:47
th1aWell, in general teachers will be really, really, really familiar with the full range of choices.16:47
yvlth1a, menesis?16:47
th1aSo you don't have to remind them of all of them all the time.16:47
yvlof course16:48
yvlit's more of a thing16:48
th1aOh, sorry.16:48
th1aYou mean just when you have the wrong thing.16:48
th1aYeah, that's reasonable.16:48
th1aAny red cell should show you all the options.16:48
replaceafillgot it16:49
replaceafilli'll try to do it that way16:49
* replaceafill done16:49
replaceafillthanks for the feedback :)16:49
yvloh, noticed a small thing16:50
yvlwhen quickly typing scores and hitting enter16:50
yvlyou can accidentaly save all grades16:50
yvlinstead of just getting to the next cell16:50
yvlI think that happens because of ajaxy request lateness16:50
yvlnot a huge issue though I guess16:51
replaceafilli think it's because it's not preventing default on "return"16:51
replaceafillbecause there's no ajaxy requests for the scores options16:52
menesisI'd like TAB to work. but it is the same in current gradebook.16:52
replaceafillyvl, confirmed16:52
replaceafilli'll try to adjust the keyboard navigation (including use of return)16:52
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:56
th1areplaceafill:  We want these to be consistent across all gradebooks, ofc.16:56
replaceafillth1a, got it16:57
yvl'm still working on clerk school attendance view16:57
yvlat the moment:16:58
yvl the gradebook is displayed, person search works16:58
yvlyear/month picker works16:58
th1aIt is an important/complicated one.16:58
yvlno working dropdowns, no other filters16:58
yvlcan enter attendance though16:58
yvldata save warning does not work16:59
yvlit's bound to on-leave-page16:59
yvland with ajaxy requests one does not leave the page :)16:59
yvlso we'll have to do something about that16:59
th1aYeah, you'll need to fill in those details.17:00
th1aWhat do you mean?17:00
th1aYou're saving on entry?17:00
yvlnot yet17:00
yvlATM if you search for persons or click to get the next page17:01
yvlscores are just lost17:01
yvlbut if you try to close FFox or go to some other tab, you still get the warning "there are unsaved data in the page"17:01
th1aOh, ok.17:02
yvlreplacing part of HTML is not the same as going to a different url addresss17:02
th1aThe ajaxy filtering doesn't leave the page.17:02
th1aOK, I'll let you sort that out.17:02
yvlso there's still a lot of work to do17:03
th1aYes.  Understood.  It is complicated new view that will be used daily.17:03
yvlBut, you know.  Progress.17:03
yvloh, and it's not that slow17:03
yvlsame speed as attendance in journal17:03
th1aOK, good.17:04
th1aGlad we don't have to go rooting around the plumbing.17:04
yvlcatalogs FTW! ;)17:04
* yvl done17:04
th1aThanks yvl.17:06
menesisI have little to say17:07
menesiswas busy with a few urgent requests from a needy client on another project17:08
menesisonly started with release stuff two hours ago17:08
menesistweaking init script, e.g. start when already running, restart did not work17:09
menesisthe main schooltool process was not runnign for some reason, and there is no paste.log file17:09
menesisso have to resurrect it17:09
menesisstill playing with it17:10
menesisbut hope to have the main package released today17:11
* menesis done17:11
th1aOK, cool.17:12
th1aIf we do this Liberia thing, we'll have to incorporate some sys-admin-y features.17:12
th1aLike maybe backing up to USB drive through the web interface.17:12
th1aAnd we'll have to push updates over sneakernet.17:13
th1aIn some kind of straightforward way.17:13
menesiswth is sneakernet?17:13
th1aManually distributing usb drive.17:13
th1aWalking in your sneakers with the files in your hand.  ;-)17:14
menesisha :017:14
menesisbackup was never sorted, time to do something about it17:14
th1aYeah.  We'll have to if we get the pilot.17:15
menesisusing ZEO, like we do in trunk, helps17:15
menesisthere is a tool for distributing updates through physical media, APTonCD17:16
th1aAh, yes.17:16
th1aYeah, I know it is a pretty well understood problem.17:16
th1aSince I used to install Debian from floppies...17:16
menesisat the start I used netinst.iso to install Debian unstable from the ftp mirror accross the street :p17:19
th1aAnything else, menesis?17:21
menesisbut ok, so they don't have internet at the Liberian schools17:21
menesisI don't think that's a problem for running schooltool17:21
th1aNo... nor reliable electricity.17:22
th1aSo probably we'll be running it on netbooks.17:23
th1aOr getting UPS.17:23
th1aFor schools with some computers and mostly reliable electricity we can use an ARM server and a UPS.17:23
th1aI'm eyeing these:
th1aThey have an external SATA port, which I think is important.17:28
th1aFanless, 3 watts.17:28
menesiswow, that's tiny17:29
th1aAn ups is $50, but you can't charge an UPS from a solar panel.  :-(17:29
th1aI mean, you can't routinely use the computer that way.17:30
th1aI wonder how long a 3w computer would run off an UPS.17:30
th1aWell, basically I can think about ways to jerry-rig it, or just give up and get a netbook.  ;-)17:31
menesisyeah, a netbook itself has a battery17:32
th1aANyhow, that's what I'm thinking about for Liberia.17:36
th1aThanks guys.17:36
th1aThanks menesis.17:36
th1aLet me know when the packages are ready.17:36
th1aHave a good week/end guys.17:37
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:37
yvlgood luck guys17:37
yvlhave a great rest of the week17:37
replaceafillthanks everybody17:37
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th1aThe runtime chart for a $50 UPS doesn't go down to 5 watts.17:41
th1aI'd guess at least 5 hours.  Recharging it from a solar panel might be tricky...17:42
th1aBasically you'd still need another battery and power converter.17:43
th1aotoh, you'd want a netbook that can be recharged via USB, which might be tricky itself.17:43
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